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Gloomy Winter’s Now Awa’

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Gloomy Winter’s Now Awa’. 

Words by Tannahill. 

Arranged by John S. Macgregor. 


Gloomy winter’s now awa’, 

Saft the westlin’ breezes blaw; 

‘Mang the birks o’’ Stanly shaw, 

The mavis sings fu’ cheerie, O. 

Sweet the crawflow’rs early bell, 

Decks Gleniffer’s dewy dell, 

Blooming like thy bonny sel’, 

My young my artless dearie, O. 

Come my lassie let us stray, 

O’er Glenkilloch’s sunny brae; 

Blythely spend the gowden day, 

Mid’st joys that never weary, O. 


Tow’ring o’er the Newton woods, 

Lav’rocks fan the snaw white clouds; 

Siller saughs wi’ downie buds, 

Adorn the banks saw brierie, O. 

Round the sylvan fairy nooks, 

Feath’ry brechans fringe the rocks; 

‘Neath the brae, the burnie jouks, 

And ilka thing is cheerie, O. 

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