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Here’s a Health to ane I Lo’e Dear

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Here’s a Health to ane I Lo’e Dear. 

Words by Burns. 

Arranged by Finlay Dun. 


Here’s a health to ane I lo’e dear, 

Here’s a health to ane I lo’e dear; 

Thou art sweet as the smile when fond lovers meet, 

And soft as their parting tear, Jessie! 

Although thou maun never be mine, 

Although even hope is denied, 

‘Tis sweeter for thee despairing, 

Than aught in the world beside, Jessie! 


I mourn through the gay gaudy day, 

As hopeless I muse on thy charms; 

But welcome the dream of sweet slumber; 

For then I am lock’d in thy arms, Jessie! 

I guess by the dear angel smile, 

I guess by the love-rolling e’e; 

But why urge the tender confession, 

Gainst fortune’s fell cruel decree? Jessie! 

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