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I want to help combat the dearth of knowledge Scots at home and abroad have of their own history as it’s a complaint I’ve heard often for Scotland’s residents who are fully briefed on British history as it pertains to the Royal lineage but how many Scots know we had 3 King Alexanders or Constantines?

While researching to compile a book of folklore I’ve come across a lot of very surprising, funny and often frustrating moments from our country’s past. From both Scots and foreign viewpoints but in a super random order, literally from whatever book I happen to take from the shelf.

As far as the source material is concerned, I’m a collector of publications ranging from 1733-1900 and it’s from these I get my info. Every book is referenced both to do it properly and so the individual quotes can be found easily later for anyone wanting to know more.

Spelling can seem a little off sometimes but I can assure you they just didn’t care too much back in the day for such things. Every chapter has been directly transcribed from the original book along with the original spelling. I find it helps sometimes to read it aloud. I’ve tried to clarify some parts when necessary. Please also feel free to make full use of the Glossary, which is updated often.

Any notes or information I’ve added to the transcribed material will be marked in purple.

I hope the information I come across proves to be as interesting and useful to visitors to my page as it has been for myself.

Take care, enjoy and if you have any suggestions for any info to be researched and posted let me know. Any questions please don’t hesitate. I hope you find this an enlightening page and that you leave it feeling like you know more of your heritage. Thanks for taking the time.

“The victory of antiquarian research is the conquest of new truth in old fact.” – ‘Scots Lore‘ (1895), p.2.

Any photos or scans uploaded by me on this page, unless otherwise stated, have been taken or scanned by me. The books shown in the photos are from my personal collection and every page scanned has been referenced to the book it came from.

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