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We have a goal of publishing John F. Campbell’s collected Gaelic folktales in an up-to-date and illustrated format. Patrons of Random Scottish History will be able to obtain associated prints and/or a copy of the final product in either Gaelic or English, with Child-friendly or more Gory illustrations.

They’re fantastic stories. We have a fairytales where Person (X) needs aid and obtains it from Supernatural Being (Y) on the condition that their First-Born (Z) is given in trade. Then the story becomes how X avoided handing Z to Y, however, that’s only the first page of an original Gaelic tale. In the Gaelic tales X obtains aid from Y, tries and fails to avoid handing over Z, then the story follows Z and his life with Y, sometimes continuing until the story ends with Z’s children perhaps achieving some goal.

The stories themselves, as you’ll see when they’re uploaded to the site, aren’t what you may have been brought up with. In the original fairytale story of Cinderella the two ugly sisters cut off bits of their feet in order that they might fit into the dainty glass slipper. The Gaelic tales are of the same ilk. They tended to contain warnings about how life really was and didn’t shy away from distasteful scenarios. I’ll leave it up to yourselves whether the final copy ends up being read to your children or kept out of reach.

RSH patrons will, however, be able to claim a copy of any book published by us without subscribing to any associated Crowdfunder. Notices and updates will be posted to the Patreon site.


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