‘A History of the Highlands’ (1850)

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Volume 1

  • Preface, pp.vii-viii.
  • Chapter I. – History of the Highlands; Roman Period, pp.1-35. 
    • OF the Aboriginal Tribes of North Britain at the period of Agricola’s invasion – Their names and topographical positions – State of civilization – Religion – Modes of sepulture – Barrows, Cairns, Cistvaens and Urns – War weapons – Canoes and Currachs – Invasion and Campaigns of Agricola – Battle of the Grampians – Recal and death of Agricola – Succeeded by Lollius Urbicus – Wall of Antoninus – Roman Iter through the North – Roman highways, and stations or forts – Campaign of Severus – The Picts, Scots, and Attacots – Roman abdication of North Britain.
  • Chapter II. – Poetry of the Celts – Antiquity and Authenticity of the Poems of Ossian, pp.36-59.
  • Chapter III. – Pictish Period, Anno 446 to 843, pp.60-78.
    • PICTS and Caledonians – Chronological Table of the Pictish Kings – The Scoto-Irish or Dalriads – Settlement of the Dalriads in Argyle, in five hundred and three, under Lorn, Fergus, and Angus – Conversion of the Caledonians, or Picts, to Christianity by St. Columba – Inauguration of Aidan, King of Scots, in lona – Death of St. Columba – Summary of Pictish History – Wars with the Scots – Arrival of the Vikingr or Pirate Kings – Summary of the history of the Scoto-Irish Kings – Accession of Kenneth to the Pictish Throne – Government of the Scoto-Irish – Their Judges and Laws – Courts of Justice – Mode of Living – Practice of Fosterage – Genealogy and Chronology of the Scoto-Irish Kings.