History of Glasgow and of Paisley, Greenock, and Port-Glasgow (1795)

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Here, while around, the wave-subjected soil 

Impels the native to repeated toil, 

Industrious habits in each bosom reign, 

And industry begets a love of gain. 

Hence all the good from opulence that springs, 

With all those ills superfluous treasure brings, 

Arc here display’d. Their much lov’d wealth imparts 

Convenience, plenty, elegance, and arts. 


Ecclesiastical History of Glasgow, from the earliest accounts, to the period of the Revolution, in 1688.1 

End of Book First. 

1 The materials of this Introduction are extracted, partly from Coote’s history of England, and Heron’s history of Scotland, but chiefly from the Rev. Lachlan Shaw’s history of Moray.