Old Scottish Music

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Colleague and a good friend of Random Scottish History, Paul Burns, fiddler extraordinaire, has been producing some of the old Scottish tunes for us and I’m excited to be able to bring you his work, to be able to hear some old, possibly forgotten, music from Scotland’s past.

Please Thank Paul for his Contribution to the preservation of Scottish History by

Buying Him a Coffee ☕

These arrangements are created and played for us by Paul and if you’d like to use them for any purpose please cite him and link to this page to ensure he receives the credit for his hard work on our behalf.

“I have recorded a new tune, my own composition, however, I have tried to capture the essence of the old music of 17th & 18th century Scots music.

The title is The Streets Where I Lived and I would also like to dedicate this to Suzanne for her kindness and all the good she does on here, twitter, and everywhere.” – Paul Burns