Old Scottish Recipes

If anyone is brave enough to try any of these recipes out, give me a wee shout either in the comments to let us know how it went, or contact me via the Contacts Page to send any pictures or videos of your attempts or results. We’d be really interested to see if anyone takes the notion off the back of a recipe they feel might be interesting to make.

Firstly, those I’ve gleaned from the Scottish Press between 1742 & 1877;


Secondly, those from ‘Complete Confectioner and Family Cook’ (1809);

Part I. – The Complete Confectioner

Part II. – Pastry, Baking, Pickling, Sauces, &c.

Part III. – The Family Cook.

   “In order to make good servants, they have only to attend to three simple rules: 

     To do every thing in its proper time. 

     To keep every thing to its proper use; and, 

     To put every thing in its proper place.” 

                                                                                       ‘Cottagers of Glenburnie.’