RSH with IndyLive

Marlene requested any info I could give them on the Battle of Loudoun Hill and I was, of course, happy to oblige. Always a fun conversation to be had with the IndyLive girls.

Chatting with Marlene, of the Mibbes Aye team, regarding the historical reasons why Land Reform might be such an important issue to us now – *Hint* the Clearances…

Chatting with Marlene, on her & Fiona’s Indy Jigsaw Show – ‘A Constitution for the Common Good?’

Thank you to Kev and John for having me on their The Nation Talks Show, at 19:00, Wednesday 26th January, 2022.

Thank you to Fiona & Stephen at YesCowal & IndyLive, who have have become instrumental in spreading the good word of Random Scottish History and our ‘Treaty of Union Articles.’ I listen to these using the Podbean App.