Random Scottish Goblins

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Hi there, I’m resident artist Alex Eeles and my NFT project has now gone live in order to directly contribute to Random Scottish History’s growing library of resources. Random Scottish Goblins (RSG) is a series of images of wee Goblins and in true RSH style they will be themed entirely randomly. From History, Fantasy and Sci-fi, the growing collection of NFTs to choose from should cater to a number of different tastes and will primarily help to fund and promote RSH.

I have been a qualified illustrator since 2005 gaining my HND from the College of Building and Printing in Glasgow. I also spent 2 years with the Visual Arts Studio at the tramway where I learned about folio preparation, photography, model making, print making and painting. I did 3 years of life drawing classes during both these endeavours (which was tremendously helpful). I have extensive photoshop experience both in illustration & digital painting but also some photo manipulation & graphic design. I have won a few portrait competitions over the years and have developed a firm passion for portraiture. In my free time I decided to learn how to tattoo and pursued that for a while plus I’m getting pretty decent at painting miniatures too. My path, in true RSH style, was a bit random. But it has been driven by a passion similar to Jen’s and it’s very rewarding to arrive here in RSH HQ.

Our old friend Gareth is working away behind the scenes on the technical aspects of RSG for me (a man who knows how to speak fluently to the machines and has real knowledge of the NFT and crypto game) & has prepared a great platform for this project.

Thanks for visiting the site and please feel free to check out Random Scottish Goblins too, even if it’s just for window shopping I hope you enjoy the Artwork I’ve been working on over these last few months.

Alex ☺️

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