21st of August

Saints Bonosus and Maximilian, martyrs, 363. St Richard, bishop of Andria, confessor, 12th century. St Bernard Ptolemy, founder of the Olivetans, 1348. St Jane Frances de Chantal, widow and abbess, 1641.   Born. - James Crichton (The Admirable), celebrated scholar, 1561;* St Francis de Sales, celebrated Catholic divine, 1567, Sales, Savoy; Dionysius Petau, chronologer (De … Continue reading 21st of August

20th of August

St Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, 1153.   Born. - Louis Bourdaloue, celebrated preacher, 1632, Bourges. Died. - Count Ricimer, celebrated Roman general, 472; Pope4 John XIV., 984; St Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, 1153; Jerome Osorio, Portuguese prelate and author, 1580, Tavila; Martin Optiz, poet and philologist, 1639, Dantzic; Pope Pius VII., 1823; William Maginn, LL.D., … Continue reading 20th of August

19th of August

Saints Timothy, Agapius, and Thecla, martyrs, 304. St Mochteus, bishop and confessor, 535. St Cumin, bishop in Ireland, 7th century. St Lewis, bishop of Toulouse, confessor, 1297.   Born. - Elizabeth Stuart, Electress-Palatine of the Rhine, queen of Bohemia, daughter of James VI. of Scotland, 1596; Gerbrant Vander Eeckhout, painter, 1621, Amsterdam; Francis I., king … Continue reading 19th of August

18th of August

St Agapetus, martyr, about 275. St Clare of Monte Falco, virgin, 1308.   Died. - Empress Helena, mother of Constantine, 328, Rome; Pope Paul IV., 1559; Guido Reni, celebrated painter, 1642, Bologna; William Boyd, Earl of Kilmarnock, and Arthur, Lord Balmerino, beheaded for high treason, 1746, London; Francis I., Emperor of Germany, 1765, Innspruck; Dr … Continue reading 18th of August

17th of August

St Mamas, martyr, about 275. Saints Liberatus, Abbot, and six monks, martyrs, 483.   Born. - Richard Lalor Shiel, politician and dramatist, 1791, Dublin.  Died. - Carloman of Austrasia, eldest son of Charles Martel, 755, Vienne, Dauphiné; Madame Anne le Fevre Dacier, translator of Homer and other classic authors, 1720; Frederick II. (the Great) of … Continue reading 17th of August

16th of August

St Hyacinth, confessor, 1257. St Roch, confessor, 14th century.   Born. - Pierre Mechain, mathematician and astronomer, 1744, Laon.  Died. - Jacques Bernouilli, mathematician and natural philosopher, 1705, Basel; Bartholomew Joubert, French general, killed at Novi, 1799.   On this Day in Other Sources.   Thane Donald added to the family possessions the level fields … Continue reading 16th of August

15th of August – Feast of the Assumption

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Alipius, bishop and confessor, 5th century. St Mac-cartin, Aid or Aed, bishop and confessor in Ireland, 506. St Arnoul or Arnulphus, confessor and bishop of Soissons, 1087.   Born. - Gilles Menage, miscellaneous writer (Dictionnaire Etymologique), 1613, Angers; Frederick William I. of Prussia, 1688; Napoleon Bonaparte, French … Continue reading 15th of August – Feast of the Assumption