20th of June – St Fillan’s Day

St Silverius, pope and martyr, 538. St Gobain, priest and martyr, 7th century. St Bain, Bishop of Terouanne, or St Omer, about 711.   Born. - Dr Adam Ferguson, historian, 1723, Logierait, Perthshire.  Died. - Charles Coffin, French poet, 1749; Charles Frederick Abel, musical composer, 1787; William IV., King of Great Britain, 1837, Windsor.   … Continue reading 20th of June – St Fillan’s Day

19th of June

Saints Gervasius and Protasius, martyrs, 1st century. St Die or Deodatus, Bishop of Nevers and Abbot of Jointures, 679 or 680. St Boniface, Archbishop of Magdeburg, Apostle of Russia and martyr, 1009. St Juliano Falconieri, virgin, 1340.   Born. - James VI. of Scotland, I. of Great Britain, 1566, Edinburgh Castle; Blaise Pascal, French religious … Continue reading 19th of June

18th of June

Saints Marcus and Marcellianus, martyrs, 286. St Armand, Bishop of Bordeaux. St Marina, of Bithynia, virgin, 8th century. St Elizabeth, of Sconauge, virgin and abbess, 1165.   Born. - Karl Wenceslaus Rodecker von Rotteck, historian, 1775, Frieburg, in Breisgau.  Died. - Caliph Othman, assassinated at Medina, 655; Gerard Van Swieten, eminent physician and teacher of … Continue reading 18th of June

17th of June

Saints Nicander and Marcian, martyrs, about 303. St Prior, hermit in Egypt, 4th century. St Avitus, or Avy, abbot, near Orleans, about 530. St Molingus, or Dairchilla, bishop and confessor in Ireland, 697.   Born. - Ferdinand Freiligrath, German poet, 1810.  Died. - John Sobieski (John III. of Poland), 1696, Warsaw; Louis Hector, Duke de … Continue reading 17th of June

16th of June

Saints Ferreolus, or Fargeau, and Ferrutius, martyrs, 211 or 212. Saints Quiricus, or Cyr, and Julitta, martyrs, 304. St Aurelian Archbishop of Arles, confessor, 552. St John Francis Regis, confessor, 1640.   Born. - Louis, Duc de Saint-Simon, author of Memoirs of the Court of France, 1675, Paris.  Died. - Hugo the Great, father of … Continue reading 16th of June

15th of June

Saints Vitus, or Guy, Crescentia, and Modestus, martyrs, 4th century. St Landelin, Abbot of Crespin, 686. St Bernard of Menthon, confessor, 1008. Blessed Gregory Lewis Barbadigo, Cardinal Bishop of Padua, confessor, 1697.   Born. - Anthony Francis de Fourcroy, eminent French chemist, 1755, Paris.  Died. - Philip the Good, of Burgundy, 1467, Bruges; René Aubert … Continue reading 15th of June

14th of June

St Basil the Great, Archbishop of Cæsarea, confessor, 379. Saints Rufinus and Valerius, martyrs. St Docmael, or Toël, confessor, 6th century. St Nennus, or Nehemias, abbot, 7th century. St Psalmodius, hermit, 7th century. St Methodius, confessor, Patriarch of Constantinople, 846.   Died. - Father Garasse, French Jesuit controversialist, 1631, Poitiers; Marin Leroi, sieur de Gombervile, … Continue reading 14th of June