‘Scottish Chiefs’ (1840)

This is a rather battered copy of 'Scottish Chiefs,' but the illustrations within are great and will be uploaded along with their respective chapters, when I get round to it. I think these books will make for a really interesting read and I was surprised to see it was authored by a English female historian, … Continue reading ‘Scottish Chiefs’ (1840)

‘Gazetteer of Scotland’ (1847)

I'm surprised this publication hasn't made it into any site posts yet. It's helped me out a lot in the past. These volumes gives an alphabetically listed city-by-city, town-by-town, account of Scotland. I've almost done a couple of projects based around the information in these books but other, more pressing, projects were taken on instead. … Continue reading ‘Gazetteer of Scotland’ (1847)

September 1903

HORRIBLE AFFAIR IN DUNDEE. ————— DETERMINED SUICIDE ON THE RAILWAY. ————— MAN CUT TO PIECES.    Another railway tragedy took place on the Caledonian Railway line at the west end of Dundee this morning.     The decapitated remains of a middle-aged man were found lying between the lines in the early hours of the morning.  … Continue reading September 1903