23rd of October

St Theodoret, priest and martyr, 362. St Severin, archbishop of Cologne, confessor, 400. Another St Severin or Surin, bishop. St Romanus, archbishop of Rouen, confessor, 639. St Ignatius, patriarch of Constantinople, confessor, 878. St John Capistran, confessor, 1456.   Born. - Marshal Andoche Junot, French commander, 1771, Bussy-les-Forges; Francis, Lord Jeffrey, eminent critic, 1773, Edinburgh. … Continue reading 23rd of October

22nd of October

St Mark, bishop of Jerusalem, confessor, 2d century. St Philip, bishop of Heraclea, and companions, martyrs, 304. Saints Nunilo and Alodia, virgins and martyrs, in Spain, 9th century. St Donatus, bishop of Fiesoli, in Tuscany, confessor, 9th century.   Born. - John Reinhold Forster, traveller and naturalist, 1729, Dirschau, West Prussia; Sir Philip Francis, reputed … Continue reading 22nd of October

21st of October

St Hilarion, abbot, about 371. St Ursula and her companions, virgins and martyrs, 5th century. St Fintan, surnamed Munnu, or Mundus, abbot, in Ireland, 634.   Born. - Marshal Augereau, Duke of Castiglione, Bonapartist general, 1757, Paris; George Combe, phrenologist, 1788, Edinburgh. Died. - Julius Cæsar Scalinger, scholar and critic, 1558, Agen on the Garonne; … Continue reading 21st of October

20th of October

St Barsabias, abbot, and his companions, martyrs, in Persia, 342. St Artemius, martyr, 362. St Zenobius, bishop of Florence, confessor, 5th century. St Sindulphus or Sendou, of Rheims, 7th century. St Aidan, bishop of Mayo, 768.   Born. - Stanislaus Leczinski, king of Poland, 1677.  Died. - Charles VI., king of France, 1422; Henri Basnage … Continue reading 20th of October

19th of October

Saints Ptolemy, Lucius, and a companion, 166. St Peter of Alcantara, confessor, 1562.   Born. - James Gronovius, scholar and author (Thesaurus Antiquitatum Græcarum), 1645, Deventer; John Adams, distinguished American statesman, 1735, Braintree, Massachusetts. Died. - Jacobus Arminius (Jacob Harmensen), celebrated Dutch theologian, 1609, Norwich; Dean Jonathan Swift, humorous and political writer, 1745, Dublin; Francis … Continue reading 19th of October

18th of October

St Luke the Evangelist. St Justin, martyr, in France, 4th century. St Julian Sabas, hermit. St Monan, martyr, 7th century.   Born. - Pope Pius II. (Æneas Silvius), 1405, Corsignano; Justus Lipsius, miscellaneous writer, 1547, Isch, Brabant; François de Sovoie, Prince Eugene, celebrated imperial general, 1663, Paris; Richard Nash (Beau Nash), celebrated master of the … Continue reading 18th of October

17th of October

St Anstrudis or Austru, abbess at Laon, 688. St Andrew of Crete, 761. St Hedwiges or Avoice, Duchess of Poland, widow, 1243.   Born. - Augustus III., king of Poland, 1696. Died. - Pope John VII., 707; Philip de Comines, historian, 1509, Argenton, in Poitou; Andrew Osiander, eminent Lutheran divine, 1552, Königsberg; Ninon de Lenclos, … Continue reading 17th of October