Abel Banks’ Music

[Old Scottish Music Contents] Paul Burns has given us some wonderfully reproduced music originally by Abel Banks. - This slow strathspey is from Keith Norman MacDonald's 'Skye Collection' (1886). It is known as Abel Banks' Strathspey. – Please Thank Paul for his Contribution to the preservation of Scottish History by Buying Him a Coffee 

Robert Archibald Smith’s Music

[Old Scottish Music Contents] Paul Burns has provided some music, as composed by Robert Archibald Smith, for us. - Firstly we have On wi' the Tartan, as composed by R. A. Smith, from 1843. Words as per Hugh Ainslie. Can ye lo'e, my dear lassie,⁠The hills wild and free,Whar the sang o' the shepherd⁠Gars a' ring … Continue reading Robert Archibald Smith’s Music

Scotish Minstrel Miscellany

[Old Scottish Music Contents] The music here is from a series of books I lent Paul Burns out the RSH archive, 'Scotish Minstrel' (undated 19thC publications). He has very wonderfully provided these for us from them. - Jenny has kindly loaned to me some rare books in her ‘Scotish Minstrel’ collection of Vocal melodies. This tune … Continue reading Scotish Minstrel Miscellany

James Scott Skinner’s Music

[Old Scottish Music Contents] Paul Burns has reproduced in his inimitable way for us some of James Scott Skinner's Music. - This tune is by James Scott Skinner (5th August, 1843 - 17th March, 1927), who was a Scottish dancing master, violinist, fiddler and composer. He is considered to be one of the most influential fiddlers in Scottish traditional music, … Continue reading James Scott Skinner’s Music

William Marshall’s Music

[Old Scottish Music Contents] Here Paul Burns has given us his brilliant reproductions of William Marshall's music. - After corresponding upon the topic of Ballindalloch Castle, Paul sent me these with the notes attached; I can now give you the two tunes with that name. Tune 1 is by William Marshall (27th December, 1748 - 29th … Continue reading William Marshall’s Music

Niel Gow’s Music

[Old Scottish Music Contents] Here we have some excellent examples from Paul Burns of Niel Gow's music. - Firstly, Paul has for us, Coilsfield House, for which he gives some background, "Coilsfield House, Ayrshire - The estate was acquired circa 1640 by the 6th Earl of Eglinton for his fourth son, the Honourable Colonel James … Continue reading Niel Gow’s Music