21st of July

St Praxedes, virgin, 2d century. St Zoticus, bishop and martyr, about 204. St Victor of Marseilles, martyr, beginning of 4th century. St Barhadbeschiabas, deacon and martyr, 354. St Arbogastus, bishop of Strasburg, confessor, about 678.   Died. - Darius III., king of Persia, murdered by Bessus, 330 B.C.; Pope Nicholas II., 1061; Daniel Sennertus, learned … Continue reading 21st of July

20th of July

St Joseph Barsabas, confessor, 1st century. Saints Justa and Rufina, martyrs, 304. St Margaret, virgin and martyr, beginning of 4th century. St Aurelius, archbishop of Carthage, confessor, 423. St Ulmar, or Wulmar, abbot of Samer, 710. St Ceslas, confessor, of the order of St Dominic, 1242. St Jerom Aemiliani, confessor, 1537.   Born. - Petrach, … Continue reading 20th of July

19th of July

St Macrina, virgin, 379. St Arsenius, anchoret, 449. St Symmachus, pope and confessor, 514. St Vincent de Paul, founder of the Lazarites, confessor, 1660.   Born. - Conrad Vorstius, or Vorst, celebrated German divine, 1569, Cologne.  Died. - Professor John Playfair, writings in natural philosophy, geology, &c., 1819, Edinburgh; Iturbide, Mexican leader, shot at Padillo, … Continue reading 19th of July

18th of July

St Symphorosa, and her seven sons, martyrs, 120. St Philastrius, bishop of Brescia, confessor, 4th century. St Arnoul martyr, about 534. St Arnoul, bishop of Metz, confessor, 640. St Fredericm bishop of Utrecht, martyr, 838. St Odulph, canon of Utrecht, confessor, 9th century. St Bruno, bishop of Segni, confessor, 1125.   Born. - Zachary Ursinus, … Continue reading 18th of July

🌈 Pride in Scottish History 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

After Pride month, celebrated in June, commemorating the Stonewall riots in New York, with pictures and videos of varying parades filling folk’s social media feeds, as well as the upcoming Pride marches in Glasgow, we at RSH felt a wee bit of research was necessary into how those found to be attracted to the same … Continue reading 🌈 Pride in Scottish History 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

17th of July

Saints Speratus and his companions, martyrs, 3d century. St Marcellina, eldest sister of St Ambrose, about 400. St Alexius, confessor, 5th century. St Ennodius, bishop of Pavia, confessor, 521. St Turninus, confessor, 8th century. St Leo IV., pope and confessor, 855.   Born. - Adrian Reland, oriental scholar and author, 1676, Ryp, North Holland.  Died. … Continue reading 17th of July

16th of July

St Eustathius, confessor, patriarch of Antioch, 338. St Elier, or Helier, hermit and martyr.   Born. - Carneades, founder of the ‘New Academy’ school of philosophy, 217 B.C., Cyrene.  Died. - Tommaso Aniello (by contraction Masaniello), celebrated revolutionary leader, murdered by the populace at Naples, 1647; François Le Tellier, Marquis de Louvois, chancellor of France, … Continue reading 16th of July