‘Legal & Other Lyrics’ (1888)

  While compiling the Articles relating to the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England there was an article detailing a Scottish Treaty of Union-themed shindig devised and held by George Outram at his Scott street, Glasgow, residence. But this brought him a wee spot of bother; “ ‘THE CASSIN O’ THE UNION.’    THURSDAY … Continue reading ‘Legal & Other Lyrics’ (1888)

16th of September

St Cornelius, pope and martyr, 252. St Cyprian, archbishop of Carthage, martyr, 258. Saints Lucia and Germinianus, martyrs, about 303. St Euphemia, virgin and martyr, about 307. St Ninian or Ninyas, bishop and confessor, and apostle of the southern Picts, 432.   Died. - Pope Martin I., 655; Pope Victor III., 1087; Charles V. the … Continue reading 16th of September

15th of September

St Nicomedes, martyr, about 90. St Nicetas, martyr, 4th century. St John the Dwarf, anchoret of Scete. St Aper or Evre, bishop and confessor, 5th century. St Aicard or Achart, abbot and confessor, about 687.   Born. - Jean Sylvain Bailly, distinguished astronomer, 1736, Paris; James Fenimore Cooper, American novelist, 1789, Burlington, New Jersey; John, … Continue reading 15th of September

14th of September – Rood Day

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 629. St Cormac, bishop of Cashel, 908. St Catherine of Genoa, widow, 1510.   Born. - Henry Cornelius Agrippa, alchemist and author, 1486, Cologne; Alexander Baron von Humboldt, celebrated traveller and natural philosopher, 1769, Berlin.  Died. - St Cyprian, archbishop of Carthage, Christian writer and martyr, 258, Carthage; St … Continue reading 14th of September – Rood Day

13th of September – Rood E’en

St Maurilius, bishop of Angers, confessor, 5th century. St Eulogius, confessor and patriarch of Alexandria, 608. St Amatus, abbot and confessor, about 627. Another St Amatus, bishop and confessor, about 690.   Died. - Titus, Roman emperor, 81 A.D.; William Farel, coadjutor of Calvin, 1565, Neufchatel; Michael de Montaigne, celebrated essayist, 1592, Montaigne, near Bordeaux; … Continue reading 13th of September – Rood E’en