‘History of Glasgow’ (1830)

So this came through my door in October of 2018, see the Updates, with no note attached or return address. No-one ever claimed responsibility for having sent it and therefore I didn't really feel I could claim ownership. It's been a wee while now though and so I thought I'd finally scan in some of … Continue reading ‘History of Glasgow’ (1830)

Vellum Affidavit of Heirship (1853)

So I obtained an interesting thing. It's a deed confirming John Baxter as the heir of James Baxter. It was pretty difficult to decipher and any remaining "[?]"s were left after the old eyes started hurting from staring at the words too long. It's handwritten in ink on vellum, which is so transparent I had … Continue reading Vellum Affidavit of Heirship (1853)

‘Poetical Works of the Ettrick Shepherd’ (1838)

I love this wee set of books. The illustrations are great but the author has a style about him that makes me want to read more. They're a bit battered, not to falling apart, but the spines have faded away and the pages, as you can see, are super foxed and have dark stains all … Continue reading ‘Poetical Works of the Ettrick Shepherd’ (1838)

December 1903

   RAILWAY ACCIDENT. - About half-past eight last night, a somewhat serious accident occurred on the Caledonian Railway near Whifflet Station. It seems that a Pole, residing in Langloan, whose name were unable to ascertain prior to going to press, had been knocked down by a passing train and rendered unconscious. The man was removed … Continue reading December 1903