‘How Scotland Lost Her Parliament and what came of it’ (1891)

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  • Introduction, pp.v-vii. [Reading]
  • Chapter I., pp.1-9. [Reading]
    • The State of Scotland previous to the Union and what led up to the departure of Commissioners to negotiate a Union with England.
  • Chapter II., pp.10-17. [Reading]
    • Indignation of the Scots at the terms of the Union – Petition of the Convention of Royal Burghs against it – Tumult in Glasgow and Dumfries – Soldiers called in to overawe the people.
  • Chapter III., pp.18-30. [Reading]
    • The Protests of the National Party against the Treaty – Extracts from Lord Belhaven’s famous speech – Duke of Hamilton’s protest – Lockhart of Carnwath and Duke of Athole’s protests – Black-List of the bribed – Examples of true Scots.
  • Chapter IV., pp.31-42. [Reading]
    • Gloom and Despondency of the Scots after the Union – Trouble with Customs and Excise – Poverty and Bankruptcy of Edinburgh Merchants – Contemptuous Treatment of Scotland’s Representatives – Trouble in the Church – Jacobite Rebellion – Prince Charles takes Edinburgh.
  • Chapter V., pp.43-47. [Reading]
    • The Battle of Prestonpans – March into England – Retreat from Derby – Battle of Falkirk – Defeat of Prince Charles at Culloden – Character of Cumberland – His Cruelty – Trial and Execution of the Rebels.
  • Chapter VI., pp.48-57. [Reading]
    • Review of the state of Scotland during the latter half of the Eighteenth century – Forfeited Estates – State of Agriculture – Poverty of the people – The Dear Years – Degraded political condition of the people – Corruption and tyranny of the Bench – State Trials.
  • Chapter VII., pp.58-73. [Reading]
    • The state of the Highlands after 1745 – The lands of the people confiscated – Sheep farms bring about first clearances – Example of tyranny – Sutherland clearances – Evil effect of the new Poor Law – Deer forests and grouse moors depopulate the country.
  • Chapter VIII., pp.74-80. [Reading]
    • Contention in Scotch Parliament for light taxation – Inequalities of taxation – Examples of overtaxation during the last thirty years – Loss on Government expenditure – The Union a financial loss to Scotland.
  • Chapter IX., pp.81-89. [Reading]
    • The rise of Scotland’s prosperity – Free Education – Literary activity of Scotsmen – Scottish Philosophy – Invention of the Steam Engine, Coal Gas, Steam Navigation, Macadamised Roads – Prosperity due to the genius of her sons.
  • Chapter X., pp.90-102. [Reading]
    • The Causes of the Formation of the Map of Europe – Patriotism – Constitutional rights of a Nation – The Principle of National and Federal Government – Administrative and Executive Powers – Private Bills – Examples of Public and Private Bills – Powers of the Federal Government – Raising of the Scottish Standard and the lesson taught by it.
  • Appendix

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