‘Scottish Railway Incidents: 1904-1907,’ (2022)

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Scottish Railway Incidents: 1904-1907,‘ [Illustrated] (Aug., 2022)




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During newspaper research for a project supporter, I came across so much information, with regard railway incidents, that I thought was, yes, sometimes gruesome in the detailed reports, but super interesting too and that others would like to be able to read and search through the information for themselves. The smaller incidents that were merely responsible for delays aren’t included; though incidents of derailing, without injury, where substantial damage has been done, are. There are parliamentary reports keeping up with legislation surrounding making railways a safer work environment that seems to be fairly stalled in talks when it becomes apparent the Railway companies don’t want to foot the bill for the proposed changes, e.g., the addition of automatic couplings to make life easier and safer for shunters, &c. I’m aware of how useful this information could be for those seeking information on ancestors as articles include, names, ages, and addresses of victims as well as witnesses, on occasion. So the article(s) for each event are chosen for their information. Sometimes a couple of articles relating to the same incident will be necessary in order to flesh it out more as well as follow-up articles for those unfortunates who died or had a change in circumstances later on. Sometimes two separate articles can have a differing spellings of names, too, so it can be helpful to have all options. There’s also the odd, interesting, anecdote included. Together they give us the story of Scotland’s railways.

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All research completed using the BritishNewspaperArchive‘s resources.

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