Railway Incidents 1900-1915

I had begun research from 1900-1910 for a Patron who was looking for an article detailing his ancestor’s demise. I ended up coming across so much information that I thought was, yes, sometimes gruesome in the detailed reports, but super interesting too and that others would like to be able to read and search through the information for themselves. There are parliamentary reports keeping up with legislation surrounding making railways a safer work environment that seems to be fairly stalled in talks when it becomes apparent the Railway companies don’t want to foot the bill for the proposed changes, e.g., the addition of automatic couplings to make life easier and safer for shunters, &c. It’s taken me nights to complete the finding, and typing up, of the articles just for the first three months of 1900 that I feel like adding to this group of posts may be more sporadic than I’d like. I’ll do my best to get it completed as quickly as possible.