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16th of February

St Onesimus, disciple of St Paul, martyr, 95. Saints Elias, Jeremy, Isaias, Samuel, and Daniel, Egyptian martyrs, 309. St Juliana, virgin martyr at Nicomedia, about 309. St Tanco (or Tatto), of Scotland, bishop, martyr at Verdun, about 815. St Gregory X. (Pope), 1276.   Born. - Philip Melanchthon, reformer, 1497, Bretten; Gaspard de Coligny, Admiral … Continue reading 16th of February

15th of February

Saints Faustinus and Jovita, martyrs at Brescia, about 121. St Sigefride of York, apostle in Sweden, 1002.   Born. - Galilea Galilei, astronomer, 1564, Pisa; Louis XV. (of France), 1710.  Died. - Oswy (of Northumbria), 670; Charles Andrew Vanloo, historical painter, 1765.   EXTRAORDINARY MARRIAGES. Among the many remarkable marriages on record, none are more … Continue reading 15th of February

14th of February – St Valentine’s Day

St Valentine, priest and martyr, circ. 270. St Abraames, bishop of Carres, 422. St Maro, abbot in Syria, 433. St Auxentius, hermit, of Bithynia, circ. 470. St Conran, bishop of Orkney, 7th century.   Born. - Camille, Duke de Tallard, 1652, Dauphiné.  Died. - Pope Innocent I., 417.   ST VALENTINE’S DAY. ALENTINE’S DAY is … Continue reading 14th of February – St Valentine’s Day

13th of February

St Polyeuctus, martyr at Melitine, 250. St Martinianus, hermit, of Athens, circ. 4th century. St Medomnoc (or Dominic), bishop of Ossory, 6th century. St Stephen, abbot in Italy, 6th century. St Licinius, bishop of Augers, 618. St Gregory II. (Pope), 631. Roger, abbot of Elan in Champagne, circ. 1175. St Catherine de Ricci, virgin, 1589. … Continue reading 13th of February

12th of February

St Eulalia, virgin of Barcelona, martyr, about 305. St Meletius, patriarch of Antioch, 381. St Benedict, of Anian, abbot, 821. St Anthony Cauleas, patriarch of Constantinople, 896.   Born. - Gabriel Naudé, littérateur, 1600, Paris; Dr Cotton Mather (writer on Witchcraft), 1663, Boston, N. A.; Elias de Crebillon, French romancist, 1707, Paris; Edward Forbes, naturalist, … Continue reading 12th of February

11th of February

Saints Saturninus, Dativus, and others, martyrs of Africa, 304. St Severinus, 507. St Theodora, empress, 867.   Born. - Bernard de Bovier de Fontenelle, littérateur, 1657, Rouen.  Died. - The Emperor Heraclius, 641; René Descartes, French philosopher, 1650, Stockholm; Macvey Napier, editor of the Encyclopædia Britannica, 1847.   On this Day in Other Sources.   … Continue reading 11th of February

10th of February

St Soteris, virgin-martyr, 4th century. St Scholastica, virgin, 543. St Erlulph, of Scotland, bishop, martyr at Verdun, 830. St William of Maleval, 1157.   Died. - Sir William Dugdale, historian and antiquary, 1686, Shustoke; Isaac Vossius, scholar, of Leyden, 1689, Windsor; Montesquieu, French jurist, 1755, Paris.   THE UMBRELLA. In all the large towns of … Continue reading 10th of February