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Glasgow’s Eastern Necropolis

Janefield Cemetery A Heritage Walk of Janefield Cemetery by Thomas McCann   Janefield's History Eastern Necropolis In 1758 Robert McNair bought the lands of Little Hill of Tollcross from Patrick Tod for £100, reputedly paying the transaction in cash, with notes kept in an old satchel. McNair was a successful grocer in 18th century Glasgow. … Continue reading Glasgow’s Eastern Necropolis

Reign of James the Sixth, 1578-1585, pp.81-98.

VERY soon after Morton had demitted the regency, he partly recovered his power, and this he continued for some time to exercise. They young king remained in Stirling Castle, under considerable restraint. With a view to acquire some control over him, as the only means of resisting the English or Protestant interest, his mother and … Continue reading Reign of James the Sixth, 1578-1585, pp.81-98.