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6th of December – St Nicholas’ Day

St Theophilus, bishop of Antioch, confessor, 190. St Nicholas, confessor, archbishop of Myra, 342. Saints Dionysia, Dativa, Aemilianus, Boniface, Leontin, Tertius, and Majoricus, martyrs, 484. St Peter Paschal, bishop and martyr, 1300.   Born. - Baldassarre Castiglione, diplomatist and man of letters, 1478, Casatico, near Mantua; Sir David Baird, hero of Seringapatam, 1757, Newbyth, Scotland. … Continue reading 6th of December – St Nicholas’ Day

5th of December

St Crispina, martyr, 304. St Sabas, abbot, 532. St Nicetus, bishop of Triers, confessor, about 566.   Died. - Francis II. of France, husband of [Mary,] Queen of Scots, 1560; Johann Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart, celebrated composer, 1792, Vienna; Carlo Giovanni Maria Denina, historical writer, 1813, Paris; Leopold Frederick, Count Stolberg, poet and miscellaneous writer, 1819, … Continue reading 5th of December

4th of December

St Clement of Alexandria, father of the church, beginning of 3d century. St Barbara, virgin and martyr, about 306. St Maruthas, bishop and confessor, 5th century. St Peter Chrysologus, archbishop of Ravenna, confessor, 450. St Siran or Sigirannus, abbot in Berry, confessor, 655. St Anno, archbishop of Cologne, confessor, 1075.   Born. - Thomas Carlyle, … Continue reading 4th of December

3rd of December

St Lucius, king and confessor, end of second century. St Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, confessor, 1552.   Born. - Luigi Pulci, Italian poet, 1431, Florence; John Gruter, eminent scholar and critic, 1560, Antwerp. Died. - Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, distinguished commander, 1592; Giovanni Belzoni, explorer of Egyptian antiquities, 1823, Gato, in Guinea; … Continue reading 3rd of December

2nd of December

St Bibiana, virgin and martyr, 363.   Born. - Francis Xavier Quadrio, learned Jesuit, and historical writer, 1695, Valtellina. Died. - Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, 1547, near Seville; Margaret of Navarre, grandmother of Henri IV., 1549; St Francis Xavier, Catholic missionary, 1552, China; Gerard Mercator (Kaufmann), geographer, 1594, Doesburg; Philip, Duke of Orleans, Regent … Continue reading 2nd of December

1st of December

St Eligius or Eloy, bishop of Noyon, confessor, 659.    Born. - Princess Anna Comnena, historian, 1083, Constantinople; John Keill, mathematician and natural philosopher, 1671, Edinburgh. Died. - Pope Leo X., 1521; Sir James Ware, antiquary, 1666, Dublin; Alexander I., Emperor of Russia, 1825, Taganrog.   THE YOUNG ROSCIUS. Precocity of genius or of ability, … Continue reading 1st of December