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7th of November

 St Prosdecimus, first bishop of Padua, confessor, 2d century.   Born. - Leopold Frederick, Count Stolberg, miscellaneous writer, 1750, Bramstedt, Holstein. Died. - Caius Cilnius Mæcenas, patron of literature and art, 8 B.C.; Gaspar Tagliacozzi, celebrated surgeon, 1599, Bologna; Jean André Deluc, geologist and natural philosopher, 1817, Windsor; Karl Gottlieb Reissiger, composer (Weber’s Last Waltz), … Continue reading 7th of November

6th of November

St Iltutus, abbot. St Leonard, hermit and confessor, 6th century. St Winoc, abbot, 8th century.   Born. - Julian, Roman emperor, 331, Constantinople; James Gregory, inventor of the reflecting-telescope, 1638, Aberdeen. Died. - Caliph Omar, assassinated at Jerusalem, 644; Pope Innocent VII., 1406; Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, killed at battle of Lutzen, 1632; John … Continue reading 6th of November

5th of November

St Bertille, abbess of Chelles, 692.   Born. - Hans Sachs, German poet, 1494, Nuremberg. Died. - Maria Angelica Kaufmann, portrait-painter, 1807, Rome.   THE REVOLUTION OF 1688: POLITICAL SERVILITY. On 5th November 1688, William, Prince of Orange, landed in Torbay,.. The privy-council of Scotland express themselves thus: ‘We shall on this, as on all … Continue reading 5th of November

4th of November

Saints Vitalis and Agricola, martyrs, about 304. St Joannicius, abbot, 845. St Clarus, martyr, 894. St Emeric, Hungarian prince, 11th century. St Charles Borromeo, cardinal, archbishop of Milan, and confessor, 1584.   Born. - James Montgomery, poet, 1771, Irvine, Ayrshire. Died. - Josiah Tucker, D.D., dean of Gloucester, political economist, 1799; Paul Delaroche, celebrated painter, … Continue reading 4th of November

3rd of November

St Papoul or Papulus, priest and martyr, 3d century. St Flour, bishop and confessor, about 389. St Wenefride or Winifred, virgin and martyr, in Wales. St Hubert, bishop of Liege, confessor, 727. St Malachy, archbishop of Armagh, confessor, 1148.   Born. - Lucan, Latin poet, 39 A.D., Cordova. Died. - Constantius, Roman emperor, 361, Mopsucrene, … Continue reading 3rd of November

2nd of November – All Souls’ Day

All Souls, or the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. St Victorinus, bishop and martyr, about 304. St Marcian, anchoret and confessor, about 387. St Vulgan, confessor, 7th century.   Born. - Marie Antoinette, queen of Louis XVI, 1755, Vienna; Field-Marshal Radetzky, celebrated Austrian commander, 1766, Castle of Trebnitz, Bohemia. Died. - Alexander Menzikoff, Russia statesman … Continue reading 2nd of November – All Souls’ Day

1st of November – All Saints’ Day

The Festival of All-Saints. St Benignus, apostle of Burgundy, martyr, 3d century. St Austremonius, 3d century. St Cæsarius, martyr, 300. St Mary, martyr, 4th century. St Marcellus, bishop of Paris, confessor, beginning of 5th century. St Harold, king of Denmark, martyr, 980.   Born. - Benvenuto Cellini, celebrated silversmith and sculptor in metal, 1500, Florence; … Continue reading 1st of November – All Saints’ Day