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If anyone decides to go ahead and make any recipes from our Old Scottish Recipes section, at all, please let us know about it. Even better if you’ve pictures or videos you’d be willing to share. Or even just a wee note of how it turned out for you and if the result was at least edible. These are what we’ve attempted, ourselves, so far. The chapters they come from can be found under the videos, both here and within the YouTube description.

Not from an old recipe, just a common drink in Scotland, which can be made in a variety of ways, though I’m set on making the similar drink, the ‘Wassail Bowl,’ the recipe for which can be found in the footnotes to the ‘Book of Days’ chapter for New Years, just above the “On This Day from Other Sources” section.

Also not from an old recipe, but something I thought I’d make randomly one day and it’s become very much a household favourite.

Based on this Recipe. Mistakes were made. The Raspberry Jam was made for later recipes, see below.

A wee shot at making Hallowe’en mould Cgerry Jelly sweets. Not necessarily from any old recipe, more just because I wanted to.

Based on this Recipe. These were a nightmare. I recommend heading straight for the blender for your almond mix.

Based on this Recipe. Turned out brilliantly.

Based on this Recipe. Loved these but didn’t quite boil the sugar for quite long enough and the sweets had to remain in the moulds, in the fridge, so as not to melt. Very tasty!

Based on this pastry Recipe & this filling Recipe. This has been a favourite, so far.

Not from an old recipe but commonly made in Scotland. While Alex ate all the tarts, I made this for myself using the same tart filling as above. Delicious.

Based on this Recipe. I’ve pans to make varying versions of boozey cherry chocolates with the finished brandied cherries. Also made an excellent cherry sorbet with the sauce the cherries came in.

Random spot of chocolate bar making using the formerly Brandied Cherries as a centre. Once again, I ask that you learn from my mistakes.

Part 2 to the above video. Milk chocolate, sparkly, individual, chocolates with a cherry brandy jelly filling with brandied cherry centre. These did not last long. They were excellent, if I’m allowed to say so myself.

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