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21st of December

St Thomas, apostle.   Born. - John Kepler, distinguished astronomer, 1571, Weil, Würtemberg.  Died. - Giovanni Boccaccio, celebrated tale-writer, 1375, Certaldo; Maximilien, Duke of Sully, minister of Henri IV., 1641, Villebon; Arnauld de Berquin, author of L’Ami des Enfants, 1791, Paris.   THE HALCYON DAYS. The seven days preceding, and the seven days following the … Continue reading 21st of December

20th of December

St Philogonius, bishop of Antioch, confessor, 322. St Paul of Latrus, or Latra, hermit, 956.   Born. - John Wilson Croker, reviewer and miscellaneous writer, 1780, Galway. Died. - Ignatius, bishop of Antioch, martyred at Rome, 107 A.D.; Bernard de Montfaucon, French antiquary, 1741; Louis the Dauphin, father of Louis XVI., 1765.   THE SUPPRESSION … Continue reading 20th of December

‘Treaty of Union Articles’ (2019)

'Treaty of Union Articles' [Illustrated] (Nov., 2019)     Paperback Kindle For Those Looking to Avoid Dealing with Amazon Click Here to Pay by Paypal [Please DON'T tick for goods or services - this means Paypal take a cut & I've to make up the remainder.] Please Ensure You also Contact Me with Your Address. … Continue reading ‘Treaty of Union Articles’ (2019)

19th of December

St Nemesion, and others, martyrs, 250. St Samthana, virgin and abbess, 738.   Born. - Charles William Scheele, distinguished chemist, 1742, Stralsund.  Died. - Frederick Melchior, Baron Grimm, statesman and wit, 1807, Gotha; Benjamin Smith Barton, American naturalist, 1815.   On this Day in Other Sources.   At the same time, [Sir James Douglas] bequeathed … Continue reading 19th of December

18th of December

Saints Rufus and Zozimus, martyrs, 116. St Gatian, first bishop of Tours, confessor, about 300.   Born. - Prince Rupert, military commander, 1619, Prague.  Died. - Robert Nanteuil, celebrated engraver, 1678, Paris; Veit Ludwig von Seekendorf, political and theological writer, 1692, Halle; Pierre Louis de Préville, celebrated French comedian, 1799; Johann Gottfried Von Herder, German … Continue reading 18th of December

Cruelty of the Duke of Cumberland after the Battle of Culloden, pp.322-323.

Clifford. - Is it possible that the Duke of Cumberland could have authorised such atrocities, as the hanging up innocent servants in the way you describe, Mr. Macpherson? Dominie [Macpherson]. - I am afraid that what I have asserted is but too true, sir. Author [Lauder]. - I am sorry to say, that I am … Continue reading Cruelty of the Duke of Cumberland after the Battle of Culloden, pp.322-323.

17th of December

St Olympias, widow, about 410. St Begga, widow and abbess, 698.   Born. - Gabrielle Emilie, Marquise du Chastelet, translator of Newton’s Principia, 1706; Ludwig Beethoven, eminent composer, 1770, Bonn.  Died. - Simon Bolivar, liberator of South America, 1831, Carthagena; Kaspar Hauser, mysterious foundling, from the stroke of an assassin on the 14th, 1833, Anspach, … Continue reading 17th of December

16th of December

St Ado, archbishop of Vienne, confessor, 875. St Alice or Adelaide, empress of Germany, 99.   Born. - Chrétien Guillaume Lamoignon de Malesherbes, minister and defender of Louis XVI., 1721, Paris; Bernard, Comte de Lacépède, eminent naturalist, 1756, Agen; Carl Maria Von Weber, composer of Der Freischütz, 1786, Eutin, in Holstein.  Died. - Abbé Desfontaines, … Continue reading 16th of December

15th of December

St Eusebius, bishop of Vercelli, 371.   Born. - Jerome Bonaparte, youngest brother of Napoleon, 1784, Ajaccio. Died. - Timoleon, liberator of Syracuse, 337 B.C.; Pope John VIII., 82 A.D.; George Adam Struvius, jurist, 1692, Jena; Jean Baptiste Carrier, revolutionary terrorist, guillotined, 1794; David Don, botanist, 1841, London; Leon Faucher, eminent French statesman and publicist, … Continue reading 15th of December

Legend of Serjeant John Smith’s Adventures Continued, pp.273-321.

You will remember, gentlemen, that when I was interrupted I was about to follow John Smith on his march with Captain McTaggart. Well, you see, Prince Charles Edward chanced to be at this time at Kilravock Castle, the ancient seat of the Roses. Thither the sagacious captain thought it good policy to present himself with … Continue reading Legend of Serjeant John Smith’s Adventures Continued, pp.273-321.

14th of December

St Spiridion, bishop and confessor, 348. Saints Nicasius, archbishop of Rheims, and his companions, martyrs, 5th century.   Born. - Michael Nostradamus, famous prophet, 1503, St Remy, in Provence; Tycho Brahe, astronomer, 1546, Knudsthorp, near the Baltic; Barthélemi d’Herbelot, orientalist, 1625, Paris; James Bruce, Abyssinian traveller, 1730, Kinnaird, Stirlingshire; Rev. Charles Wolfe, author of The … Continue reading 14th of December

13th of December – St Lucy’s Day

St Lucy, virgin and martyr, 340. St Jodoc or Josse, confessor, 666. St Aubert, bishop of Cambray and Arras, 669. St Othilia, virgin and abbess, 772. Blessed John Marinoni, confessor, 1562.   Born. - Pope Sixtus V., 1521, Montalto; Henri IV. of France, 1553, Pau; Maximilien de Bethune, Duke of Sully, minister of Henri IV., … Continue reading 13th of December – St Lucy’s Day

12th of December

Saints Epimachus, Alexander, and others, martyrs, 250. St Corentin, bishop and confessor, 5th century. St Columba, abbot in Ireland, 548. St Finian, or Finan, confessor, bishop of Clonard, in Ireland, 6th century. St Cormac, abbot in Ireland. St Valery, abbot, 622. St Colman, abbot in Ireland, 659.   Born. - Nicholas Sanson, geographer, 1599, Abbeville; … Continue reading 12th of December

Comforts of London Club-house, pp.271-273.

Author. - Pray, stop for one moment, Mr. Macpherson, if you please. Let me throw a few more peats on the fire. With the rain still beating thus without, and the picture of the half-drowned shivering chapman brought so vividly before our mind’s eyes by your description, we shall have our teeth rattling in our … Continue reading Comforts of London Club-house, pp.271-273.

11th of December

Saints Fuscian, Victoricus, and Gentian, martyrs, about 287. St Damasus, pope and confessor, 384. St Daniel the Stylite, confessor, about 494.   Born. - Dr William Cullen, illustrious professor of medicine, 1712, Hamilton; Paul Joseph Barthez, physiologist, 1734, Montpellier. Died. - Michael VIII. Palæologus, Greek emperor, 1282; Louis, Prince of Condé (the Great Condé), 1686, … Continue reading 11th of December

10th of December

St Eulalia, virgin and martyr, about 304. St Melchiades, pope, 314.   Born. - General Sir William Fenwick Williams, hero of Kars, 1800, Nova Scotia. Died. - Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, killed, 1282; Jean Joseph Sue, eminent physician, 1792, Paris; Casimir Delavigne, French dramatist, 1843, Lyon; Tommaso Grossi, Italian poet, 1853, Florence.   THE MISSISSIPPI … Continue reading 10th of December

9th of December

The Seven Martyrs at Samosata, 297. St Leocadia, virgin and martyr, 304.   Born. - Gutsavus Adolphus the Great, of Sweden, 1594; Philip V. of Spain, 1683, Versailles. Died. - Pope Pius IV., 1565; Sir Anthony Vandyke, painter, 1641, London; Pope Clement IX., 1669; John Reinhold Forster, naturalist, and voyager, 1798, Halle; Charles Macfarlane, historian, … Continue reading 9th of December

8th of December

The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Romaric, abbot, 653.   Born. - Mary, Queen of Scots, 1542, Linlithgow; Queen Christina of Sweden, 1626; Johann George Von Zimmermann, celebrated author of treatise on Solitude, 1728, Brug, Switzerland. Died. - Emperor Sigismund of Germany, 1437; Scaramouche, celebrated zany, 1694, Paris; Barthélemi d’Herbelot, distinguished orientalist, 1695, … Continue reading 8th of December

7th of December

St Ambrose, bishop and confessor, doctor of the church, 397. St Fara, virgin and abbess, 655.   Born. - Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, architect and sculptor, 1598, Naples; Rev. Richard Valpy, D.D., compiler of classic grammars, &c., 1754, Jersey. Died. - Cicero, Roman orator, assassinated 43 B.C.; Marshal Ney, general of Napoleon, shot at Paris, 1815; … Continue reading 7th of December

6th of December – St Nicholas’ Day

St Theophilus, bishop of Antioch, confessor, 190. St Nicholas, confessor, archbishop of Myra, 342. Saints Dionysia, Dativa, Aemilianus, Boniface, Leontin, Tertius, and Majoricus, martyrs, 484. St Peter Paschal, bishop and martyr, 1300.   Born. - Baldassarre Castiglione, diplomatist and man of letters, 1478, Casatico, near Mantua; Sir David Baird, hero of Seringapatam, 1757, Newbyth, Scotland. … Continue reading 6th of December – St Nicholas’ Day

5th of December

St Crispina, martyr, 304. St Sabas, abbot, 532. St Nicetus, bishop of Triers, confessor, about 566.   Died. - Francis II. of France, husband of [Mary,] Queen of Scots, 1560; Johann Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart, celebrated composer, 1792, Vienna; Carlo Giovanni Maria Denina, historical writer, 1813, Paris; Leopold Frederick, Count Stolberg, poet and miscellaneous writer, 1819, … Continue reading 5th of December

4th of December

St Clement of Alexandria, father of the church, beginning of 3d century. St Barbara, virgin and martyr, about 306. St Maruthas, bishop and confessor, 5th century. St Peter Chrysologus, archbishop of Ravenna, confessor, 450. St Siran or Sigirannus, abbot in Berry, confessor, 655. St Anno, archbishop of Cologne, confessor, 1075.   Born. - Thomas Carlyle, … Continue reading 4th of December

3rd of December

St Lucius, king and confessor, end of second century. St Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, confessor, 1552.   Born. - Luigi Pulci, Italian poet, 1431, Florence; John Gruter, eminent scholar and critic, 1560, Antwerp. Died. - Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, distinguished commander, 1592; Giovanni Belzoni, explorer of Egyptian antiquities, 1823, Gato, in Guinea; … Continue reading 3rd of December

2nd of December

St Bibiana, virgin and martyr, 363.   Born. - Francis Xavier Quadrio, learned Jesuit, and historical writer, 1695, Valtellina. Died. - Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, 1547, near Seville; Margaret of Navarre, grandmother of Henri IV., 1549; St Francis Xavier, Catholic missionary, 1552, China; Gerard Mercator (Kaufmann), geographer, 1594, Doesburg; Philip, Duke of Orleans, Regent … Continue reading 2nd of December

1st of December

St Eligius or Eloy, bishop of Noyon, confessor, 659.    Born. - Princess Anna Comnena, historian, 1083, Constantinople; John Keill, mathematician and natural philosopher, 1671, Edinburgh. Died. - Pope Leo X., 1521; Sir James Ware, antiquary, 1666, Dublin; Alexander I., Emperor of Russia, 1825, Taganrog.   THE YOUNG ROSCIUS. Precocity of genius or of ability, … Continue reading 1st of December

30th of November – St Andrew’s Day (Andersmas)

St Andrew, apostle. Saints Sapor and Isaac, bishops; Mahanes, Abraham, and Simeon, martyrs, 339. St Narses, bishop, and companions, martyrs, 343.   Born. - Jonathan Swift, humorous and political writer, 1667, Dublin; John Toland, sceptical writer, 1669, Ireland. Died. - Euripides, tragic dramatist, 406 B.C.; Maurice, Marshal Saxe, 1750, Castle of Chambord; James Sheridan Knowles, … Continue reading 30th of November – St Andrew’s Day (Andersmas)

29th of November

St Saturninus, bishop of Toulouse, martyr, 257. St Radbod, bishop of Utrecht, confessor, 918.   Born. - Margaret, daughter of Henry VII., and queen of James VI. of Scotland, 1489.  Died. - Pope Clement IV., 1268, Viterbo; Philippe le Bel, king of France, 1314, Fontainebleau; Charles IV., Emperor of Germany, 1378, Prague; Frederick, Elector Palatine, … Continue reading 29th of November

28th of November

St Stephen, the Younger, martyr, 764. St James of La Marca of Ancona, confessor, 1476.   Born. - Victor Cousin, moral philosopher, 1792. Died. - Pope Gregory III., 741; Dunois, the Bastard of Orleans, 1468; Cartouche, celebrated robber, executed at Paris, 1721; Washington Irving, eminent popular writer, 1859, Irvington, New York; Baron C. C. J. … Continue reading 28th of November

27th of November

St James, surnamed Intercisus, martyr, 421. St Maharsapor, martyr, 421. St Secundin or Seachnal, bishop of Dunseachlin or Dunsaghlin, in Meath, 447. St Maximus, bishop of Riez, confessor, about 460. St Virgil, bishop of Saltzburg, confessor, 784.   Born. - Françoise d’Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon, second consort of Louis XIV., 1635, Niort; Henri François d’Aguesseau, … Continue reading 27th of November

26th of November

St Peter, martyr, bishop of Alecandria, 311. St Conrad, bishop of Constance, confessor, 976. St Nicon, surnamed Metanoite, confessor, 998. St Sylvester Gozzolini, abbot of Osimo, instituter of the Sylvestrin monks, 1267.   Born. - Sir James Ware, antiquary, 1594, Dublin. Died. - John Spotswood or Spotiswood, archbishop of St Andrews, Scottish ecclesiastical historian, 1639; … Continue reading 26th of November

25th of November

St Catharine, virgin and martyr, 4th century. St Erasmus or Elme, bishop and martyr, 4th century.   Born. - Lopez de la Vega, great Spanish dramatist, 1562, Madrid. Died. - Pope Lucius III., 1185; Andrea Doria, Genoese admiral and patriot, 1560, Genoa; Thomas Amory, eccentric author, 1788; John Gibson Lockhart, son-in-law and biographer of Sir … Continue reading 25th of November

24th of November

St Chrysogonus, martyr, beginning of 4th century. St Cianan or Kenan, bishop of Duleek, in Ireland, 489. Saints Flora and Mary, virgins and martyrs, 851. St John of the Cross, confessor, 1591.   Born. - Laurence Sterne, sentimental writer and novelist, 1713, Clonmel. Died. - John Knox, Scottish Reformer, 1572, Edinburgh; Dr Robert Henry, historian, … Continue reading 24th of November

23rd of November

St Clement, pope and martyr, 100. St Amphilochius, bishop of Iconium, confessor, 100. St Daniel, bishop and confessor, 545. St Tron, confessor, 693.   Died. - Louis, Duke of Orleans, brother of Charles VI., assassinated at Paris, 1407; Antoine François Prevot, novelist, 1763, Forest of Chantilly; Thomas Henderson, professor of astronomy, &c., 1844.   On … Continue reading 23rd of November

22nd of November

Saints Philemon and Appia. St Cecilia, or Cecily, virgin and martyr, 230. St Theodorus the Studite, abbot, 9th century.   Born. - Professor Dugald Stewart, celebrated metaphysician, 1753, Edinburgh. Died. - Pope John XXIII., 1419, Florence; François Le Vaillant, African traveller, 1824, La Neve, near Lauzun; Professor George Wilson, author of various scientific works, 1859, … Continue reading 22nd of November

21st of November

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St Gelasius, pope and confessor, 496. St Columban, abbot and confessor, 615.   Died. - Marcus Licinius Crassus, Roman triumvir, slain in Mesopotamia, 53 B.C.; James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, poet and miscellaneous writer, 1835, Altrive, Selkirkshire.   On this Day in Other Sources.   When [Mary] departed, … Continue reading 21st of November

20th of November

St Maxentia, virgin and martyr. St Edmund, king and martyr, 870. St Bernard, bishop of Hildesheim, confessor, 1021. St Felix of Valois, confessor, 1212.   Born. - Jean Francois de la Harpe, miscellaneous writer (Lycée ou Cours de la Littérature); Louis Alexandre Brethier, Prince of Wagram, general of Napoleon, 1753, Versailles. Died. - Cardinal de … Continue reading 20th of November

19th of November

St Pontian, pope and martyr, about 235. St Barlaam, martyr, beginning of 4th century. St Elizabeth of Hungary, widow, 1231.   Born. - Charles I. of [Scotland, England, & Ireland], 1600, Dunfermline; Albert Thorwaldsen, great Danish sculptor, 1770.  Died. - Caspar Scioppius, scholar and polemical writer, 1649, Padua; Nicolas Poussin, painter, 1665, Rome; 'The Man … Continue reading 19th of November

18th of November

The Dedication of the Churches of Saints Peter and Paul, at Rome. Saints Alphæus, Zachæus, Romanus, and Barulas, martyrs, about 304. St Odo, abbot of Cluni, confessor, 942.   Born. - Pierre Bayle, celebrated critic and controversial writer, author of Dictionnaire Historique et Critique, 1647, Carla-en-Comté, Foix; Sir David Wilkie, painter, 1785, Manse of Cults, … Continue reading 18th of November

17th of November

St Dionysius, archbishop of Alexandria, confessor, 265. St Gregory Thaumaturgus, bishop and confessor, 270. St Anian or Agnan, bishop of Orleans, confessor, 453. St Gregory, bishop of Tours, confessor, 596.   Born. - Vespasian, Roman emperor, 9 A.D.; Jean Antoine Nollet, natural philosopher, 1700, Pimpré, in Noyon; Louis XVIII. of France, 1755, Versailles; Marshal Macdonald, … Continue reading 17th of November

‘Pictorial History of Scotland’ (1884-1888)

We, here at RSH, are very excited to have received a recent donation of books from Mr Graham Christie, a supporter of the site. This is a 'New and Enlarged' 6 volume set of a 2 volume set we were previously anonymously donated. The wealth of information in these books is astounding and I can't … Continue reading ‘Pictorial History of Scotland’ (1884-1888)

16th of November

St Eucherius, bishop of Lyon, confessor, 450.   Born. - Toberius, Roman Emperor, 42 B.C.; John Freinshemius, scholar and critic, 1608, Ulm; Jean le Rond d’Alembert, encyclopædist, 1717, Paris.  Died. - Margaret, queen of Malcolm Canmore of Scotland, 1093; Pierre Nicole, logician, of Port Royal, 1695, Chartres; James Ferguson, astronomer, 1776, London; Jean Lambert Tallien, … Continue reading 16th of November

15th of November

St Eugenius, martyr, 275. St Malo or Maclou, first bishop of Aleth in Brittany, 565. St Leopold, Marquis of Austria, confessor, 1136. St Gertrude, virgin and abbess, 1292.   Born. - Sir William Herschel, astronomer, 1738, Hanover; John Caspar Lavater, physiognomist, 1741, Zurich. Died. - Albertus Magnus, celebrated schoolman, 1280, Cologne; John Kepler, great astronomer, … Continue reading 15th of November

14th of November

St Laurence, confessor, archbishop of Dublin, 1180.   Born. - Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger, Danish poet, 1779, Copenhagen; Sir Charles Lyell, geologist, 1797, Kinnordy, Forfarshire. Died. - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, mathematician and moral philosopher, 1716, Hanover; George William Frederick Hegel, German philosopher, 1831, Berlin; Dr John Abercrombie, physician and moral writer, 1844, Edinburgh.   DISCOVERY OF … Continue reading 14th of November

13th of November

St Mitrius, martyr, beginning of 4th century. St Brice, bishop and confessor, 444. St Chillen or Killian, priest, 7th century. St Constant, 777. St Homobonus, merchant, confessor, 1197. St Didacus, confessor, 1463. St Stanislas Kostka, confessor, 1568.   Born. - St Augustine, bishop of Hippo, and father of the Church, 354, Tagaste, Numidia; Pelagius, celebrated … Continue reading 13th of November

12th of November

St Nilus, anchoret, father of the church, and confessor, 5th century. St Martin, pope and martyr, 655. St Livin, bishop and martyr, 7th century.   Died. - Pope Boniface III., 606; Peter Martyr, distinguished reformer, 1562, Zurich; John McDiarmid, miscellaneous writer, 1852.   On this Day in Other Sources.   An ancient biography of Saint … Continue reading 12th of November

11th of November – Martinmas

St Mennas, martyr, about 304. St Martin, bishop of Tours, confessor, 397.   Born. - John Albert Fabricus, scholar and editor, 1668, Leipsic; Firmin Abauzit, celebrated man of learning, 1679, Uzès, in Languedoc; Marie Francois Xavier Bichat, eminent French anatomist, 1771, Thoirette; Dr. John Abercrombie, physician and author, 1781, Aberdeen. Died. - Jean Sylvain Bailly, … Continue reading 11th of November – Martinmas

10th of November

Saints Trypho and Respicius, martyrs, and Nympha, virgin, 3d and 5th centuries. Saints Milles, bishop of Susa, Arbrosimus, priest, and Sina, deacon, martyrs in Persia, 341. St Andrew Avellino, confessor, 1608.   Born. - Mahomet, or Mohammed, Arabian prophet, founder of Islamism, 570, Mecca; Martin Luther, German reformer, 1483, Eisleben, Saxony; Oliver Goldsmith, poet and … Continue reading 10th of November

9th of November

The Four Crowned Brothers, martyrs, 304. St Godfrey, bishop of Amiens, confessor, 1118.   Died. - Pope Boniface II., 532; Louyis VIII., king of France, 1226, Mo0ntpensier; Duns Scotus, theologian and scholar, 1308, Cologne; Cardinal Ximenes, governor of Spain during minority of Charles V., 1517; Madame Roland, revolutionist, guillotined at Paris, 1793.   On this … Continue reading 9th of November

8th of November

The Four Crowned Brothers, martyrs, 304. St Godfrey, bishop of Amiens, confessor, 1118.   Died. - Pope Boniface II., 532; Louyis VIII., king of France, 1226, Mo0ntpensier; Duns Scotus, theologian and scholar, 1308, Cologne; Cardinal Ximenes, governor of Spain during minority of Charles V., 1517; Madame Roland, revolutionist, guillotined at Paris, 1793.   On this … Continue reading 8th of November

7th of November

 St Prosdecimus, first bishop of Padua, confessor, 2d century.   Born. - Leopold Frederick, Count Stolberg, miscellaneous writer, 1750, Bramstedt, Holstein. Died. - Caius Cilnius Mæcenas, patron of literature and art, 8 B.C.; Gaspar Tagliacozzi, celebrated surgeon, 1599, Bologna; Jean André Deluc, geologist and natural philosopher, 1817, Windsor; Karl Gottlieb Reissiger, composer (Weber’s Last Waltz), … Continue reading 7th of November

6th of November

St Iltutus, abbot. St Leonard, hermit and confessor, 6th century. St Winoc, abbot, 8th century.   Born. - Julian, Roman emperor, 331, Constantinople; James Gregory, inventor of the reflecting-telescope, 1638, Aberdeen. Died. - Caliph Omar, assassinated at Jerusalem, 644; Pope Innocent VII., 1406; Gustavus Adolphus, king of Sweden, killed at battle of Lutzen, 1632; John … Continue reading 6th of November

5th of November

St Bertille, abbess of Chelles, 692.   Born. - Hans Sachs, German poet, 1494, Nuremberg. Died. - Maria Angelica Kaufmann, portrait-painter, 1807, Rome.   THE REVOLUTION OF 1688: POLITICAL SERVILITY. On 5th November 1688, William, Prince of Orange, landed in Torbay,.. The privy-council of Scotland express themselves thus: ‘We shall on this, as on all … Continue reading 5th of November

4th of November

Saints Vitalis and Agricola, martyrs, about 304. St Joannicius, abbot, 845. St Clarus, martyr, 894. St Emeric, Hungarian prince, 11th century. St Charles Borromeo, cardinal, archbishop of Milan, and confessor, 1584.   Born. - James Montgomery, poet, 1771, Irvine, Ayrshire. Died. - Josiah Tucker, D.D., dean of Gloucester, political economist, 1799; Paul Delaroche, celebrated painter, … Continue reading 4th of November

3rd of November

St Papoul or Papulus, priest and martyr, 3d century. St Flour, bishop and confessor, about 389. St Wenefride or Winifred, virgin and martyr, in Wales. St Hubert, bishop of Liege, confessor, 727. St Malachy, archbishop of Armagh, confessor, 1148.   Born. - Lucan, Latin poet, 39 A.D., Cordova. Died. - Constantius, Roman emperor, 361, Mopsucrene, … Continue reading 3rd of November

2nd of November – All Souls’ Day

All Souls, or the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. St Victorinus, bishop and martyr, about 304. St Marcian, anchoret and confessor, about 387. St Vulgan, confessor, 7th century.   Born. - Marie Antoinette, queen of Louis XVI, 1755, Vienna; Field-Marshal Radetzky, celebrated Austrian commander, 1766, Castle of Trebnitz, Bohemia. Died. - Alexander Menzikoff, Russia statesman … Continue reading 2nd of November – All Souls’ Day

1st of November – All Saints’ Day

The Festival of All-Saints. St Benignus, apostle of Burgundy, martyr, 3d century. St Austremonius, 3d century. St Cæsarius, martyr, 300. St Mary, martyr, 4th century. St Marcellus, bishop of Paris, confessor, beginning of 5th century. St Harold, king of Denmark, martyr, 980.   Born. - Benvenuto Cellini, celebrated silversmith and sculptor in metal, 1500, Florence; … Continue reading 1st of November – All Saints’ Day

Real-Life Hallowe’en Stories from History

A wee pick of happenings from history that seem suited to being told at Hallowe'en.   The well-known superstitious observances connected with Halloween have been referred to Eastern solar worship. The Reverend James Robertson, minister of Callander, described them in 1791, and alluded to the stone circles of Scotland as to Druidical temples. He tells … Continue reading Real-Life Hallowe’en Stories from History

31st of October – Hallowe’en

St Quintin, martyr, 287. St Foillan, martyr, 655. St Wolfgang, bishop of Ratisbon, 994.   Born. - Pope Clement XIV., 1705. Died. - John Palæologus, Greek emperor, 1448; Victor Amadeus, first king of Sardinia, 1732; Jean Pierre Brissot, distinguished Girondist, guillotined, 1793.   HALLOWEEN. There is perhaps no night in the year which the popular … Continue reading 31st of October – Hallowe’en

30th of October

St Marcellus the Centurion, martyr, 298. St Germanus, bishop of Capua, confessor, about 540. St Asterius, bishop of Amasea in Pontus, beginning of 5th century.   Born - Jacques Amyot, translator of Plutarch, 1513, Melun; Cardinal Cæsar Baronius, historical writer, 1538, Sora; Richard Brinsley Sheridan, dramatist and politician, 1751, Dublin; James Perry, editor of the … Continue reading 30th of October

29th of October

St Narcissus, bishop of Jerusalem, 2d century. St Chef or Theuderius, abbot, about 575.   Born. - James Boswell, biographer of Johnson, 1740, Edinburgh. Died. - Jean le Rond d’Alembert, mathematician and encyclopædist, 1783, Paris; Allan Cunningham, poet and miscellaneous writer, 1842, London.   On this Day in Other Sources.   In 1574 there is … Continue reading 29th of October

28th of October

St Simon the Canaanite, apostle. St Jude, apostle. St Faro, bishop of Meaux, confessor, 672.   Born. - Desiderius Erasmus, distinguished scholar and writer, 1467, Rotterdam; Dr Nicholas Brady, versifier of the Psalms, 1659, Bandon, Cork; Sir David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes, historical writer, 1726, Edinburgh; Emanuel, Marshal Grouchy, Bonapartist commander, 1766, Paris. Died. - Maxentius, … Continue reading 28th of October

27th of October

St Frumentius, apostle of Ethiopia, bishop and confessor, 4th century. St Abban, abbot in Ireland, about 500. St Elesbaan, king of Ethiopia, confessor, 6th century.   Born. - Dr Andrew Combe, eminent physiologist, 1797, Edinburgh. Died. - Marcus Junius Brutus, assassin of Julius Cæsar, 42 B.C., Philippi; Pope Eugenius II., 827; Michael Servetus, burned for … Continue reading 27th of October

26th of October

St Evaristus, pope and martyr, 112. Saints Lucian and Marcian, martyrs, 250.   Born. - Charles François Dupuis, astronomer, 1742, Trie-Chateau, near Chaumont; George James Danton, revolutionary leader, 1759, Arcis-sur-Aube. Died. - Abulfeda, Mohammedan historian, 1331, Syria; Samuel Puffendorf, distinguished jurist, 1694, Berlin; Sir Godfrey Kneller, portrait-painter, 1723.   On this Day in Other Sources. … Continue reading 26th of October

25th of October

Saints Chrysanthus and Daria, martyrs, 3d century. Saints Crispin and Crispinian, martyrs, 287. St Gaudentius of Brescia, bishop and confessor, about 420. St Boniface I., pope and confessor, 422.   Born. - Dr James Beattie, poet, 1735, Laurenekirk, Kincardineshire. Died. - Demosthenes, great Athenian orator, 322, B.C., Isle of Calauria; William Elphinstone, founder of King’s … Continue reading 25th of October

24th of October

St Felix, bishop and martyr, 303. St Proclus, confessor, archbishop of Constantinople, 447. St Magloire, bishop and confessor, about 575.   Born. - Sir James Mackintosh, politician and miscellaneous writer, 1765, Aldourie, Inverness-shire. Died. - Hugh Capet, king of France, 996; Tycho Brahe, celebrated astronomer, 1601, Prague; Professor John McCullagh, scientific writer, 1847, Dublin; Daniel … Continue reading 24th of October

23rd of October

St Theodoret, priest and martyr, 362. St Severin, archbishop of Cologne, confessor, 400. Another St Severin or Surin, bishop. St Romanus, archbishop of Rouen, confessor, 639. St Ignatius, patriarch of Constantinople, confessor, 878. St John Capistran, confessor, 1456.   Born. - Marshal Andoche Junot, French commander, 1771, Bussy-les-Forges; Francis, Lord Jeffrey, eminent critic, 1773, Edinburgh. … Continue reading 23rd of October

22nd of October

St Mark, bishop of Jerusalem, confessor, 2d century. St Philip, bishop of Heraclea, and companions, martyrs, 304. Saints Nunilo and Alodia, virgins and martyrs, in Spain, 9th century. St Donatus, bishop of Fiesoli, in Tuscany, confessor, 9th century.   Born. - John Reinhold Forster, traveller and naturalist, 1729, Dirschau, West Prussia; Sir Philip Francis, reputed … Continue reading 22nd of October

21st of October

St Hilarion, abbot, about 371. St Ursula and her companions, virgins and martyrs, 5th century. St Fintan, surnamed Munnu, or Mundus, abbot, in Ireland, 634.   Born. - Marshal Augereau, Duke of Castiglione, Bonapartist general, 1757, Paris; George Combe, phrenologist, 1788, Edinburgh. Died. - Julius Cæsar Scalinger, scholar and critic, 1558, Agen on the Garonne; … Continue reading 21st of October

20th of October

St Barsabias, abbot, and his companions, martyrs, in Persia, 342. St Artemius, martyr, 362. St Zenobius, bishop of Florence, confessor, 5th century. St Sindulphus or Sendou, of Rheims, 7th century. St Aidan, bishop of Mayo, 768.   Born. - Stanislaus Leczinski, king of Poland, 1677.  Died. - Charles VI., king of France, 1422; Henri Basnage … Continue reading 20th of October

19th of October

Saints Ptolemy, Lucius, and a companion, 166. St Peter of Alcantara, confessor, 1562.   Born. - James Gronovius, scholar and author (Thesaurus Antiquitatum Græcarum), 1645, Deventer; John Adams, distinguished American statesman, 1735, Braintree, Massachusetts. Died. - Jacobus Arminius (Jacob Harmensen), celebrated Dutch theologian, 1609, Norwich; Dean Jonathan Swift, humorous and political writer, 1745, Dublin; Francis … Continue reading 19th of October

18th of October

St Luke the Evangelist. St Justin, martyr, in France, 4th century. St Julian Sabas, hermit. St Monan, martyr, 7th century.   Born. - Pope Pius II. (Æneas Silvius), 1405, Corsignano; Justus Lipsius, miscellaneous writer, 1547, Isch, Brabant; François de Sovoie, Prince Eugene, celebrated imperial general, 1663, Paris; Richard Nash (Beau Nash), celebrated master of the … Continue reading 18th of October

17th of October

St Anstrudis or Austru, abbess at Laon, 688. St Andrew of Crete, 761. St Hedwiges or Avoice, Duchess of Poland, widow, 1243.   Born. - Augustus III., king of Poland, 1696. Died. - Pope John VII., 707; Philip de Comines, historian, 1509, Argenton, in Poitou; Andrew Osiander, eminent Lutheran divine, 1552, Königsberg; Ninon de Lenclos, … Continue reading 17th of October

16th of October

St Gall, abbot, 646. St Mummolin or Mommolin, bishop of Noyon, confessor, 7th century.   Born. - Dr Albert Von Haller, distinguished physiologist, 1708, Berne; John George Sulzer, writer on the fine arts, 1720, Winterthur, in Zurich.  Died. - Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery, politician and versifier, 1679; Robert Fergusson, Scottish poet, 1774, Edinburgh; Marie … Continue reading 16th of October

15th of October

St Hospicius or Hospis, anchoret, about 580. St Tecla, virgin and abbess. St Teresa, virgin, foundress of the Reformation of the Barefooted Carmelites, 1582.   Born. - Virgil, Latin poet, 70 B.C., Andes, near Mantua; Evangelista Torricelli, inventor of the barometer, 1608, Piancaldoli, in Romagna; Allan Ramsay, Scottish poet, 1686, Leadhills, Lanarkshire; Alexander Fraser Tytler, … Continue reading 15th of October

14th of October

St Calixtus or Calistus, pope and martyr, 222. St Donatian, confessor, bishop of Rheims and patron of Bruges, 389. St Dominic, surnamed Loricatus, confessor, 1060.   Born. - James [VII. of Scotland & II. of England & Ireland], 1633.  Died. - Pierre Gassendi, mathematician and philosopher, 1655, Paris; Paul Scarron, humorous writer, 1660, Paris; James, … Continue reading 14th of October

13th of October

Saints Faustus, Januarius, and Martialis, martyrs, 304. St Gerald, Count of Aurillac or Orillac, confessor, 909. St Colman, martyr, 1012. Seven Friar Minors, martyrs in Marocco, 1220.   Born. - Sophia, Electress of Hanover, mother of George I., 1630, Mayence; Maurice, Marshal Saxe, eminent general, 1696, Dresden; Ferdinand VII., king of Spain, 1784.  Died. - … Continue reading 13th of October

Articles 1700-1750

   “Resolved, That the former Acts made in England and Scotland, relating to the Post-Office, be repealed; and that in lieu thereof, one General Act be made for Establishing a General-Post-Office for Great Britain, and other Her Majesty’s Dominions, and for Foreign Parts.”  - Dublin Intelligence, Tuesday 20th March, 1711.      “This Day the … Continue reading Articles 1700-1750

12th of October

Born. - Pedro I., emperor of Brazil, 1798; Hugh Miller, geologist, 1802, Cromarty.  Died. - Pope Honorius I., 638; Pope Boniface VIII., 1303; Maximilian II., emperor of Germany, 1576, Ratisbon; Duke of Palmella, Portuguese statesman, 1850, Lisbon.   DISCOVERY OF AMERICA. On 12th October 1492, Columbus with his followers landed at last on Watling’s Island, … Continue reading 12th of October

11th of October

Saints Tarachus, Probus, and Andronicus, martyrs, 304. St Canicus or Kenny, abbot in Ireland, 599. St Gummar or Gomer, confessor, 774.   Born. - Erasmus Reinhold, astronomer, 1511, Salfeldt, Thuringia; James Barry, historical painter, 1741, Cork. Died. - Louis V. emperor of Germany, 1347; Ulrich Zwingli, Swiss reformer, killed at Cappel, 1531.   On this … Continue reading 11th of October

10th of October

St Francis Borgia, confessor, 1572.   Born. - Pierre Nicole, logician, of Port Royal, 1625, Chartres; John, Duke of Argyll, statesman and commander, 1680; Benjamin West, painter, 1738, Springfield, Pennsylvania; Rev. Theobald Mathew, Irish apostle of temperance, 1790, Thomastown, Tipperary.  Died. - Dr William Wilkie, author of the Epigoniad, 1772, St Andrews; Henry Brooke, novelist, … Continue reading 10th of October

9th of October

St Dionysius, or Denis, bishop of Paris, and his Companions, martyrs, 272. St Domninus, martyr, 304. St Guislain, abbot, 681. St Lewis Bertrand, confessor, 1581.   Born. - Michael Cervantes de Saavedra, author of Don Quixote, 1547, Alcala de Henares; Jacob Augustus Thuanus (De Thou), historical writer, 1553, Paris; Charles Comte d’Artois, afterwards Charles X., … Continue reading 9th of October

8th of October

St Thias, the penitent, about 348. St Pelagia, the penitent, 5th century. St Bridget, widow, 1373.   Died. - Nicolo di Rienzi, tribune of Rome, assassinated, 1354; Vittorio Alfieri, great tragic dramatist of Italy, 1803, Florence; Henry Christophe, king of Hayti [Haiti], 1821; Charles Fourier, Socialist, 1837, Paris; Johann H. Dannecker, German sculptor, 1841, Stuttgardt. … Continue reading 8th of October

7th of October

St Justina of Padua, virgin and martyr. Saints Marcellus and Apuleius, martyrs at Rome. Saints Sergius and Bacchus, martyrs, 4th century. St Mark, pope and confessor, 336.    Died. - Charles III., the Simple, king of France, 929, Castle of Peronne; Margaret, Maid of Norway, 1290, Orkney; Giovanni Battista Guarini, author of the Pastor Fido, … Continue reading 7th of October

Scottish Ballads and Their Appropriation

   “HER ancient ballads form no inconsiderable part of the literary wealth of Scotland. They rank next in value to the songs of Burns and the romances of Scott. Some people would place them higher; and it may be that their existence made possible the poetry of Scott and Burns. Nobody, not even the envious … Continue reading Scottish Ballads and Their Appropriation

Why the English May Feel Free to Usurp Scottish Law

“ENGLISH IDEAS OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. Edinburgh, March 1, 1884.     SIR, - You have written much of late upon the Orr Ewing case, and you have pointed out, I think justly, that the legal mind in England has a certain insular character which makes it slow to think clearly and justly upon questions of international … Continue reading Why the English May Feel Free to Usurp Scottish Law

How much of a Blessing has the Union been for Scotland?

“HOME RULE - THE SCOTCH UNION - LETTER FROM MR. DAUNT. TO THE EDITOR OF THE NATION. Kilcascan, 18th Nov., 1871.      SIR - We frequently hear it said that the Irish people should rest contented with the deprivation of legislative independence, because the people of Scotland are contented with a similar deprivation. ‘You, Irish, … Continue reading How much of a Blessing has the Union been for Scotland?

Collection of William Burns on the Attempt of English Centralisation

“ ‘THE LAND WITHOUT A NAME.’ (To the Editor of the Spectator.)    SIR - In a Glasgow paper of Saturday last I observe an article under the above most appropriate title, as copied from the Spectator, in which my name appears somewhat conspicuously. If you are in use to open your columns for discussion, … Continue reading Collection of William Burns on the Attempt of English Centralisation

Scotland wasn’t Conquered, Ceded to, or Occupied by England

“Scottish Independence. _____ DECLARATION OF RIGHTS.    In commenting upon the movement in favour of Scottish Nationality, last week, we alluded to the ‘Address to the People of Scotland,’ issued by the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights - the chief object of which was to demonstrate the real basis upon which ‘the … Continue reading Scotland wasn’t Conquered, Ceded to, or Occupied by England

Currency Differences Between Scotland and England

“SCOTLAND - THE CURRENCY. ————— (Concluded from our last.)    If I were called on, Mr. Journalist, I think I could give some reasons why the system of banking well adapted for Scotland is not proper for England, and why there is no reason for inflicting upon us the intended remedy; in other words, why … Continue reading Currency Differences Between Scotland and England

6th of October

St Faith or Fides, virgin, and her companions, martyrs, 4th century. St Bruno, confessor, founder of the Carthusian monks, 1101.   Born. - Madame Campan, biographer of Marie Antoiette, 1752, Paris; Louis Philippe, king of France, 1377, Paris; Madame Jenny Lind Goldschmidt, vocalist, 1821, Stockholm. Died. - Charles the Bald, king of France, 877; Sir … Continue reading 6th of October

The Issue of Centralisation

“SCOTLAND SINCE THE UNION. ————— (From Blackwood for September.)    To say that Scottish nationality is a dream without an object, is to deny history, and to fly in the face of fact. The Union neither did nor could denationalise us. It left us in undisturbed possession of our national laws and of our national … Continue reading The Issue of Centralisation

Formation of the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights

“NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE VINDICATION OF SCOTTISH RIGHTS. (From the Edinburgh Advertiser.)    Since, somewhat to our surprise, it has been made a question whether or not the “Scottish Rights Association” is a good movement, we have no hesitation in taking part with those who maintain that it is a good one. And in order … Continue reading Formation of the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights

5th of October

St Placidus, abbot, and companions, martyrs, 546. St Galla, widow, about 550.   Born. - Jonathan Edwards, eminent Calvinistic divine, 1703, Windsor, Connecticut; Dr William Wilkie, author of the Epigoniad, 1721, Dalmeny, Linlithgowshire. Died. - Justin, Roman emperor, 578; Henry III., emperor of Germany, 1056; Philip III., the Bold, king of France, 1285; Edward Bruce, … Continue reading 5th of October