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3rd of December

St Lucius, king and confessor, end of second century. St Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, confessor, 1552.   Born. - Luigi Pulci, Italian poet, 1431, Florence; John Gruter, eminent scholar and critic, 1560, Antwerp. Died. - Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma, distinguished commander, 1592; Giovanni Belzoni, explorer of Egyptian antiquities, 1823, Gato, in Guinea; … Continue reading 3rd of December

2nd of December

St Bibiana, virgin and martyr, 363.   Born. - Francis Xavier Quadrio, learned Jesuit, and historical writer, 1695, Valtellina. Died. - Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, 1547, near Seville; Margaret of Navarre, grandmother of Henri IV., 1549; St Francis Xavier, Catholic missionary, 1552, China; Gerard Mercator (Kaufmann), geographer, 1594, Doesburg; Philip, Duke of Orleans, Regent … Continue reading 2nd of December

1st of December

St Eligius or Eloy, bishop of Noyon, confessor, 659.    Born. - Princess Anna Comnena, historian, 1083, Constantinople; John Keill, mathematician and natural philosopher, 1671, Edinburgh. Died. - Pope Leo X., 1521; Sir James Ware, antiquary, 1666, Dublin; Alexander I., Emperor of Russia, 1825, Taganrog.   THE YOUNG ROSCIUS. Precocity of genius or of ability, … Continue reading 1st of December

St Andrew’s Day – Andersmas

A Legend of St Andrew.   It is recorded that on Rood-day, the 14th of September, in the harvest of 1128, the weather being fine and beautiful, King David and his courtiers, after mass, left the Castle by that gate before which he was wont to dispense justice to his people, and issued forth to … Continue reading St Andrew’s Day – Andersmas

30th of November – St Andrew’s Day (Andersmas)

St Andrew, apostle. Saints Sapor and Isaac, bishops; Mahanes, Abraham, and Simeon, martyrs, 339. St Narses, bishop, and companions, martyrs, 343.   Born. - Jonathan Swift, humorous and political writer, 1667, Dublin; John Toland, sceptical writer, 1669, Ireland. Died. - Euripides, tragic dramatist, 406 B.C.; Maurice, Marshal Saxe, 1750, Castle of Chambord; James Sheridan Knowles, … Continue reading 30th of November – St Andrew’s Day (Andersmas)

29th of November

St Saturninus, bishop of Toulouse, martyr, 257. St Radbod, bishop of Utrecht, confessor, 918.   Born. - Margaret, daughter of Henry VII., and queen of James VI. of Scotland, 1489.  Died. - Pope Clement IV., 1268, Viterbo; Philippe le Bel, king of France, 1314, Fontainebleau; Charles IV., Emperor of Germany, 1378, Prague; Frederick, Elector Palatine, … Continue reading 29th of November