The Beetle and Ear-Wig, pp.344-345.

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   SCARABŒUS, is the generic name for the whole tribe of beetles. The characters of the genus are, two transparent wings, covered with cases; they are produced from eggs, in the shape of grubs, then change into chrysalises, and soon arrive at the form of beetle. There are many different species in the old and new continent, from the size of a pin’s head to upwards of four inches in length.

The Ear-Wig. 

   THE natural history of this insect is not yet properly known. Some are of opinion, that the common shape we see it in, is the first of its transformations. Yet we are of opinion, that having been hatched, as maggots, out of the eggs, they are like the ant, of the order of the hymenoptera, and only assume their wings in the love season. In the common appearance, the animal is very nimble, and perfectly harmless, notwithstanding the charge which has been brought against it of entering the human ear, and depositing its eggs there, which of course would cause intolerable pain when they are hatched, and the maggots begin to gnaw the inside of the ear; but we are happy to find that this is a mere supposition, and that the Ear-wig does not intrude itself in a place, the natural construction of which would certainly prevent such intrusion; or, that if such event ever happened, the insect was not entering there for any other purpose but to shelter itself from danger. 

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