My Boy Tammy

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My Boy Tammy. 

Words by Hector MacNeill Esq. 

Arranged by John S. Macgregor. 


Whaur hae ye been a’ day, My boy Tammy? 

Whaur hae ye been a’ day, My boy Tammy? 

I’ve been by burn and flow’ry brae, 

Meadow green and mountain grey, 

Courtin’ o’ this young thing, 

Just come frae her mammy. 


And whaur gat ye that young thing, 

My Boy Tammy? 

I gat her down in yonder howe, 

Smiling on a broomy knowe, 

Herding ae wee lamb and ewe, 

For her poor mammy. 


What said ye to the bonny bairn, 

My boy Tammy? 

I prais’d her een sae lovely blue, 

Her dimpled cheek and cherry mou; 

I pree’d it aft as ye may trow 

She said she’d tell her mammy. 


I held her to my beating heart 

My young my smilin’ lammie! 

I hae a house, it cost me dear, 

I’ve wealth o’ plenishen and gear; 

Ye’se get it a’ were’t ten times mair, 

Gin ye will leave your mammy. 


The smile gaed aff her bonny face, 

I manna’ leave my mammy, 

She’s gi’en me meat, she’s gi’en me claes, 

She’s been my comfort a’ my days; 

My faither’s death brought mony waes, 

I canna’ leave my mammy. 


We’ll tak her hame and mak her fain, 

My ain kind hearted lammie, 

We’ll gi’e her meat, we’ll gi’e her claes, 

We’ll be her comfort a’ her days. 

The wee thing gi’es her hand, and says 

There! gang and ask my mammy. 


Has she been to the kirk wi’ thee, 

My boy Tammy? 

She has been to the kirk wi’ me, 

And the tear was in her e’e; 

For O! she’s but a young thing 

Just come frae her mammy. 

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