‘Lohengrin’ (1913)

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I’ve mentioned my dear late friend Harry Hamilton, more than a few times, due to his having inspired me to really make a go of RSH and continue with my collection for the archive. A relative of his, Lorna, recently got in contact, having come to the end of their sorting of his affairs, to let me know she had a “book shaped parcel” she wanted to send me. What a book it was, too! An absolutely beautiful example of Art Nouveau illustrations. I don’t feel my words can truly convey quite the extent of just how wonderful this publication is. So, I’ll leave you with its scans and the Prelude to the operatic drama which inspired its creation.

 The Tale of Lohengrin, Knight of the Swan after the Drama of Richard Wagner by T.W. Rolleston. Presented by Willy Pogany.

“The entire book, including auto-lithographs, is printed by off-set lithography by Vincent Brooks, Day and Sons Ltd. London, the four-colour reproductions are the work of The Dux Engraving Co. Ltd. Glasgow.”

R. Wagner, ‘Lohengrin,’ Prelude.

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