The Auk, or Northern Penguin, p.216.

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IS reckoned by true observers of the wonderful operations of the Creator, a link between the bird and the fish, and we place here his description in order to exhibit more explicitly and conspicuously the uninterrupted chain of beings which constitute the whole sum of created nature. These birds have very short wings, not exceeding four inches and a quarter from the tip of the longest quill feather to the first joint; legs black, short, and placed near the vent. From the inability of these birds to fly or walk, they are seldom seen out of the water, and they never venture beyond soundings. It is a peculiarity belonging to this class of birds that the female lays one egg only, which she deposits and hatches upon a ledge close to the sea-mark; it is about six inches in length, white streaked with purple lines. When on shore this bird and all of the same species; stand upright on their rump and short legs, which give them a very aukward appearance. 

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