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NOTES., Various Contributors (Jul., 1895), pp.401-402.

St. Ninian’s Candida Casa.

“IN my article on St. Ninian’s Candida Casa, published in SCOTS LORE, page 192 ante, I hazarded the statement that the west wall of what I believed to be the old tower would be found by digging. I also ventured to make the further statement that an opening would be found in the centre of this wall, similar to the opening in the centre of the east wall. Mr. Galloway, who has had charge of the Marquess of Bute’s investigations at the Priory of Whithorn, has now reported to me (15th August) that he has seen the west wall, and that there is the opening in its centre. The distance between the walls, measuring from east to west, is the same as between the north and south walls. These ascertained facts, whilst they do not necessarily lend any support to my argument, do not discourage further investigation. The authorities and inhabitants of Whithorn could give their aid in this work. Will they do so? 


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