Dauid Second (1331-1370), King of Scotland, pp.104-124.


The 8 day of December, 1331, Dauid, about the 8 zeire of hes age, is solemly crowned and anoynted at Scone, by James Ben: Bischope of St. Andrewes, hauing receuid order to doe so, by a bull of Pope Johne the 22. This day, the young King, amongest others, knighted Johne Steuarte, Earle of Angus, and Thomas Tandell, Earle of Murray, sone Earle Thomas, the worthey Gouernoure.

In the beginning of this same zeire, after the death of the Gouernour, the Earle of Murray, Donald, Earle of Mar, wes chossen to be Gouernour of Scotland.



The batell of Dupleine, foughten this zeire, 1332, betuix the Gouernour, Donald, Earle of Mar, and Eduard Balioll, Dauid Comyne, Earle of Athole, Henrey de Beamont, with ther Scotts and Englishe adherents, quherin the Gouernour was killed, hes armey routted, and with him Thomas Randell, the zoung Earle of Murray, Murdack, Earle of Menteith, Robert Bruce, the basse sone of King Robert the first, and Sr Alexander Frasser; Duncane, Earle of Fyffe, was at this batell takin prissoner.

Imediatly after Dupleine batell, Eduard Balioll, with his adherents and armey, quher he causses himselue to be crouned by hes tuo prissoners, Duncane, Earle of Fyffe, and William St. Claire, the stoute Bis: of Dunkelden, at Scone, this same zeire.

This same zeire, after that vnhapey batell at Dupleine, K. Dauid, now aged 9, not able to remane in Scotland, from the machinations of hes enimies; still one tricke or other was in hand to put him off the way, since hes zeirs was not fitt for gouerniment; therfor, by the adwysse of his best frinds, Sr Androw Murray is established Gouernour, and the young King, with his trustey frind Sr Malcolme Fleiminge, captane of the castle of Dunbrittone, Rankeine Moure, and the Queine, takes shiping in Clyde, and sayles directly to France, quher he was kyndly welcomed by the Frenche King.



This zeir, 1333, the estaits fearing the malisse and fraud of K. Eduard of England, comitted the custodey of Beruick Castle to Patrick, Earle of Marche, and the toune to Sr Alexander Settone. This same zeire, in Anandaill, was William Douglas, Lord of Liddisdaill, takin by the Englishe, quho keipt him prissoner 2 zeires, and then sett him at liberty.

The 14 day of Agust, this zeire, was foughtin the infortunat batell at Halidon-hill, quherin maney Scotts perished, and Androw, the Gouernour, wes takin prissoner.



This zeire, Archbald, Earle of Douglas, made Gouernour.

Eduard Balioll, this zeire, 1334, gaue Dauid, Earle of Athole, ane inffeftment of all the lands belonging to the Grate Steuart of Scotland, at Renfrow; he made, lykwayes, Sr Allane Lyle, Shriffe of Aire and Bute, and Chamberlane of Scotland.



This zeire, 1335, Eduard the 3d of England, and Eduard Balioll, entred Scotland, this zeire, als fare as Glasgow, and made Dauid, Earle of Athole, Gouernour of Scotland for them.

This zeire was the batell of the Borrow Mure, foughtin betuix Johne, Earle of Murray, the Gouernour, and the Duck of Gelders, generall of the Englishe armey, quherin the Duck was takin, and in effecte all his armey ather killed or takin prissoners.



In this turbulent tyme, Sr Alexander Ramsay, Sr Laurence Prestone, Sr Johne Heringe, and Sr Johne Halybruntone, knights, stood firmily for the mantienence of K. Dauids right, and followed Johne, Earle of Murray, the Gouernour.

This zeire, Johne, Earle of Murray, the Gouernour, and James Douglas, brother to the Lord Liddisdaill are takin prissoners by the Englishe, and Sr Androw Murray agane made Gouernour.

This zeire was the batell of Kelblene foughtin betuix Sr Androw Murray, the Gouer: and Dauid, Earle of Athole, quherin Dauid was killed, wit Sr Robert Brade, and Sr Walter Comyne; and Sr Thomas Comyne being takin, his head was presently chopte off, and 3000 of his armey lay dead one the place.



After the infortunat batell of Holydone hill, as I formerly said, the Englishe gate maney of the cheiffe holds and strenths of Scotland in ther hands, except Dumbartane, keipt by Sr Malcolme Fleming; Lochleuin, kept by Sr Allane Wipont; Kildrumey, keipt by Christiana Bruce; Vrquart, by Sr Thomas Landore; Lochdin, or the Poeile, in East Louthean, kept by Johne Tounes.

This zeire the tenants of the Steuarts lands ray in armespoyles all the landes belonging to aney of the name of Comyne or ther allayeis.



This zeire, 1338, Androw Murray, the Gouernour, after the sedge of Edinbrughe Castle, being infirme and seikly, depairted to hes north countrey lands, and departed this lyffe at hes castle of Dawache, and wes interrid at Rosemarkyne; he was Gouernor 2 zeirs and 6 monthes. After quhosse death, Robert Steuart, the Kinges nephew, was made Gouernour till K. Dauids returne.



The Gouernour, Robert Steuart, William, Earle of Ross, Patrick, Earle of Marche and Maurice de Murray, Lord of Clidsdaill, and William Keth of Galstone, take the toune of Perth from the Englishe, and shortly losses it againe, in Ao 1339.



In the zeir 1341, Johne, Earle of Murray, the Gouernor, returns home to Scotland from the Englishe captiuitey, being exchanged by the Frenche King with William Montacute, Earle of Sarisburrey, takin in France bot laittly befor. And this same zeire, in Junij, K. Dauid and his Queine, arriue sauely from France, at Innerberuey.

This zeire, 1341, James and Simon Frasers, with Robert Keth, and ther followers, tooke the toune of Perth, and in it Duncane, Earle of Fyffe, Gouernour of the same for Eduard Balioll, with hes countesse and sone; in it was takin Androw Murray of Tullibardin, and ther condemned as a fals traitor to his prince, K. Dauid, and his natiue countrey, as Dupleine batell could wittnes; they leuelled the walles with the ground. This zeir, also, K. Dauid and his Queine, from France, 4 of the nons of Junij, returned.



The 17 day of Januarij, Johne Randell, Earle of Murray, Archbald Douglas, brother to noble Sr James, and Simon Frasser, with a 1000 men, ouerthrew Eduard Balioll and his haill armey, in a batell neir the toune of Irwyne. In it he liberat Alexander Bruce, Earle of Carrick and Galloway, quhom Eduard had constrained to follow him at Anan. In this conflict, Eduard Balioll himselue escaped by flight; zet he left dead one the place 1500 comon shouldiours, with Sr Johne Moubray, Sr Walter Comyne, and Sr Richard Kirbie, knights, in Ao 1342.

This zeire, also, Walter Bullock, quho first was chaplaine to Eduard Balioll, and by him made his chamberlaine, and therafter became counseller to K. Da: 2d. by quhome he was aduanced to be Grate Chamberlaine of Scotland, wes, after the said Kings returne, accussid of tresson, for that, in the Kings absence in France, he had twist – – – – – – – – – –



In the zeire 1343, the 14 day of Maij, K. Dauid conweined the haill estaits of his kingdome at Inchemurdache, of quhom he exacted ane particular othe of homage and fidelitey, wnder a certain forme set doune in wretting; and for exemple to all others hes subiects, he made hes auen nepheu, Robert Steuarte, Earle of Stratherne, first of all take the said othe one the holy Euangells, wich is by Fordoune sett done word by word.



Aboute the end of Februarij, 1344, deyed Johne Eglemore, Bischope of Murray; in quhosse place was elected Mr Alexander Bur, doctor of the canon law, and a chanon of the cathedrall churche of Elgyne.



In the zeire 1345, Joane, Queine of Napils, hauing wickedlie strangled her husband, Androw, of the blood royall of Hungarey, sho immediatlie therafter marries Lewes, sone to the Prince of Tarent, a braue young gallant.

This same zeire, the warre is renewed betuix the Englishe and Frenche in Gasconey, Normandy and Flanders.



This zeire, 1346, the Earle of Ross, wnder silence, caused murther Rynold, Lord of the Isles, neir the priorey of Elcho, in Stratherne.

This zeire wes foughtin the batell of Durseme, in England, quherein maney of the Scotts nobility perished, and K. Dauid himselue was takin prissoner. Ther were killed in this wnfortunate batell,

Johne, Earle of Murray,

Earle of Stretherne,

Hay, Grate Constable of Scotland,

Keith, Grate Marishall of Scotland,

Lord Chanceler,

Lord Chamberlaine,

Sr Dauid Lindesay, the zounger,

Sr Roger Cameron,

Sr Gilbert Inchemartyne,

Sr William Frasser,

Sr Andrew Buttergaske,

Sr Johne de Bonweill,

Sr Michaell Scot,

with diuers others; and ther ware takin prissoners with the King, at this tyme, men of marke and qualitey,

The Earle of Fyffe,

Earle of Sutherland,

Malcolme Fleming, the 1. Earle of Vigton,

Earle of Menteith,

Sr William Douglas,

Sr Walter Halybruntone,

and maney wthers of the nobility and gentrey.



In the zeire 1347, William Douglas, quho was the first Earle of Douglas, returnid this zeire out of France. This same zeire deyed the Emperour Lewes, of Bauaria, the eleuinthe day of October, by a fall from his horsse in hunting. Nauclerus Auentinus and Cuspiman, calls him the last of all the Roman Emperours that durst wage varre against the Pope and his cardinalls.

The secte of Flagellants first knowen to the worlde this zeire, bot shortley therafter condemned by the Pope.



The begining of Marche this zeir, 1348, by the Popes mediatione, ther was a peace concludit betuix Englishe and French.

Lewes, King of Hungarey, this zeire, also, the brother of Androw, late King of Naplis, murthered by his Queine, entres Naples by force of armes, and expells Queine Joane, that leued and licentious Princesse, Shoe fleies to Auinione, in Prowance, and ther shelters herselue wnder St. Peiters keyes, with the Pope, als olde baude as shoe was ane adulteresse.



In the zeire 1349, Humbert, Prince of Daulphinizie, leaues his principalitie to the eldest sonne of the croune of France for euer, with this especiall conditione and caueat, that the said eldest sone of France should for euer carey the tytill of Dolphin of Viennois, wich is the chieffe toune of this prouince, with the armes of the same, wich they doe to this day.

Aboute this same tyme deyes that suorne enimey to the Christiane name and republicke, Orchanes, King of the Turkes; and to him succeidit his sone Suleiman, ore Solyman.



In the zeir 1350, Sr Dauid Barclay, knight, was traiterously killed at Aberdeine, one Festrings eiuen, by Johne de St. Michell and hes complices, by the instigatione (as was thought) of Sr William Douglas, then a prissoner in England, in reuenge of hes brother, Johne Douglas, death, father to James Douglas of Dalkeith, quhom the said Sr Dauid Barclay caussed be killed at Hoswood.

This zeire, Johne, K. of France, institute the order of knighthood called the Star. The badge was, to weare a star on ther hatte of shoulder, with this motto, –

Monstrant regibus astra viam.



The zeire, 1351, begude the varre betuix the Venetians and Genuans, which continued with warious successe almost 5 full zeires.

The Englishe, this zeire, before the trewes expyred betuix the Frenche and them, by a strategeme, take the stronge castell of Guinesse.

This zeire, also, Charles of Spaine, of the housse of Casteille, is created Earle of Angolseme; and to him was giuen in marriage the daughter of the Earle of Blois. He was therafter killed by the King of Nauar, for some priuat quarrells amongest them.



In Ao 1352, Amurath, hauing succidit to his brother Solyman in the Turkishe kingdome, transports the seat of his empyre to Andrinople, in Europe, quher he infests the Greike empyre with continuall varre, to its daylie losse.

The Genuans ouerthrow the Venetian fleet, this zeire, in a grate batell at sea, neire the citey of Constantinople.

The 8 of the ids of December, this zeire, Pope Clement the 6 departis this lyffe at Auinione; and to him succids Stephane Alberti, Cardinall of Ostia, a Limowicin, by the name of Innocent the 6.



The zeire 1353, deyed the Ladey Maude, King Dauids sister, and was interrid at Dumfermling. Sho was married to one Thomas Isack, by quhom sho had issew 2 daughters. Joane, the eldest, was maried to Jhone, Lord of Lorne, and had a numerous issew. Catherine, the 2d daughter, was not married, nather left aney issew of her bodey, and deyed at Strewelin.

This same zeire, in Aguste, was William Douglas, Lord of Lidisdaill, killed by hes auen cousin, William, first Earle of Douglas, in Etrick forrest, neire Gladwood.



In this zeire, 1354, Eduard Balioll, that vsurper of the Scotts croune, being diffident of hes auen abilitey to possese the Scotts throne, quherinto he had, aganist all right, intrudit himselue, seing thesse that formerlie had partied and assisted him daylie make defectione from him to K. Dauid the 2d, reseings and ouergiues all right, be quhatsomeuer tytill he could pretend, of the Scotts croune and kingdome, in fauors of Eduard the 3d of England.

The Venetians receaue a notable ouerthrow this zeire, by sea, from the Genuans, neire a promontorey of Peloponesus, quherin they lost 28 shipes, and 35 trime gallies, with ther generall, Nicolas Pisani.



In the mounthe of Aguste, 1355, wes fought the batell of Nisbettmure, betuix the Scotts and Englishe, quherin the Englishe wer totally routted, and maney of them killed. The generalls of the Scotts armey wer, Patrick, Earle of Marche, and William, Earle of Douglas. No man of qualitey wes killed in this batell of the Scotts, bot Sr Johne Halyburtone.

This zeir, also, Thomas Steuart, Earle of Angus, tooke the toune of Berwick from the Englishe, and gaue the spoyle to hes shouldiours. William Touris was the first man that scalled the walles and entred the toune, and with hes auen handes killed 8 or 9 of the Englishe, amongest quhom wes the heir of Sr Robert Ogill.

This zeire, lykwayes, K. Dauid was liberat from his imprisonement in England, and returned home. Imediatly after quhosse returne, Johne Steuarte, Lord of Kyle, therafter Earle of Carricke, and King of Scotland, sone to Robert, Earle of Stratherne, then Regent of Scotland, defait the Englishe armey in Annandaill, and putt all ther garisons ther to the suard.



In the zeire 1356, Archbald Douglas, sone to noble Sr James, killed by the Moores in Spaine, quho afterwardes was Lord of Galloway and Earle of Douglas, was takin, this zeire, by the Englishe, with Johne, K. of France, in the batell of Poictiers; bot by the meins of Sr William Ramsay, of Colluthey, made his escape, and so fred himselue of ther handes.

This zeire, lykwayes, deyed the Ladey Christiana Bruce, the widow of Sr Androw Murray, the famous Gouernour of Scotland, and sister to K. Robert the first, and was interrid at Dumfermling.



This zeire, Queine Joane, by her husband K. Dauids permissone, went to England, quher she deyed, and neuer returned to Scotland.



This zeire, 1358, was werey ominous to the Frenche monarchey, being at this tyme much infested with intestine broyles; for the Parisians, led by Stephane Marcell, affected the gouerniment of the realme, and the comons raysing in armes eurey quher aganist ther gouernours, the King of Nauar was not idelle in acting of a pairt in this publicke tragidie; and the misiries of the realme wer not lessned, by the Dolphins proclaiming himselue Regent of the realme, and hauing hilled Marcell at the porte of St. Antoine, enters the citey of Paris.



This zeire, 1359, the trewes betuix the Englishe and Frenche expyre, and to armes againe they goe; amongest quhom ther was diuers batells and conflicts, the euent often prouing warious. Zet the French had the best of it. The King of Nauar, this same zeire, leaues the Englishe, and returns to the French obedience.

This zeire, Cologerius is creat Patriarche of Constantinople, by the name of Calictus.



This zeire, 1360, bringes furth a peace betuix the Englishe and Frenche; Eduard, the Black Prince, hauing cudgeled the Frenche to quhat conditions himselue pleassed to proposse. At last, by the mediatione and good counsell of the Duck of Glocester, especially, concludes it the 8 day of Maij, wich peace wes ratified and suorne at Calis, the 24 of October; and imediatlie is Johne, K. of France, releassed from the Englishe captiuitie, and returnes to Paris.



K. Eduard the 3d, of England, this zeire, 1361, makes a law, that all ciuell pleadings befor the chieffe courts of his realme of England, be done and performed in the Englishe tounge, and not in the Frenche and Norman tounges as formerly.

This zeire, also, Johne Paleologus, the Greeik Emperour, with the ayde of Bulgarians and Turkes, ouerruns and destroyes all Peloponesus.

This same zeire, lykwayes, Cassimire, King of Polland, founds the vniversitey of Crokow; and Calixtus, Patriarche of Constantinople, deyes, and in his sea, succidis, by election, Philotheus (by some historians) called Philetus.



In this zeire, 1362, Philipe, Duck of Burgundy, being dead, to him succidit Jhone, King of France, as neirest heire, being discendit from the Ladey Joane, quho was father sister to Ducke Philipe.

This zeir, also, deyed Pope Innocent, at Auignione, the 12 day of September; and to the Roman sea was elected, the 5 of Nouember, William de Grisaco, abbot of St. Victor of Massilia, a Thollessian, borne in France; and was called Pope Vrbane the 5.



This zeire, 1363, Amurath, King of the Turkes, by helpe of the ships of Genua, transports out of Asia into Greice 60000 men, weill armed wnder color to inwade the Greike Emperoure, bot in effecte to plant the cheiffe citties, as philippopolis and Andrinople; by wich acte he so crubed the Greeke Emperour, that euer therafter he scarsse burst looke abroad out of Constantinople; bot was forced to become ther tributarey, to his perpetuall shame, and the grate detriment of the Christian comonwealthe.

This same zeire, thesse discords betuix the Emperour Charles and the King of Polland, are wyslie composed by the Popes mediatione.



This zeire, 1364, after the death of Johne the Magnanimous, King of France, hes sone Charles, the 5 of that name, called the Wysse, wes solemly crouned at Rhemis, the 19 day of Maij; he warrd werey fortunatley at his tyme aganist his enimes the Englishe, by his brothers and cheiffe commanders; and quhateuer formerlie neglecte of eiuell fortune had lost or omitted, by his wisdome he prouidently forsaw and recouered.

By the Popes mediatione, lykwayes, this zeire, a peace is concludit betuix the Florentins and Pisans.



In this zeire, 1365, Cornelius Celsus, Duck of Venice, departes this mortall lyffe; and in his place is elected Marcus Cornerus.

This zeire the King of Cyprus wasts and destroyes Alexandria, in Ægypte, with fyre and suord.

Lewis, the Frenche Kings brother, this zeire, also, mediats a peace and concluds it, betuix the Duck of Montserrat, and the widow of the Earle of Blois; wich peace did muche awaill the Frenche Kings affaires, hauing receaued the homage of Montserrat for the dutchey of Britanzie, at Paris.



In this zeire, 1366, the Englishe warre in France, wich had some intermissione, begins now to burst out in a violent rupture.

This zeire, also, Henrey, Earle of Transtamara, the eldest of the 4 basse brothers of Peiter, King of Casteile, by a concubine, Eleonora Gusman, enters in a confederacey, this same tyme, with the Kinges of Arragone and Nauar; by quhosse auxiliarey forces, and by the returne of 12000 Maurishe shouldiors from France, he expells his brother Peiter, King of Casteile, (being hatted by his subiects, and declared incapable of gouerment by the Popes sentence) from his kingdome, and inthrons himselue therin.



This zeire, 1367, makes a reuolutione of the Castilian affaires; for Peiter, the lait detruded King, aided by Eduard, Prince of Valls, and a gallant Englishe armey, dethrons Henrey, and againe installs Peiter in the kingdome; bot Peiter no souner enthronid, bot he flatley refusses to pay the Princes armey, that wich he had wnder his othe and seall conditioned them. The Prince returns to Gasgoney, and Henrey, to be reuenged of his brother, finding that he was became odious to the Englishe, presently ariues, and fights a grate batell aganist King Peiter, his brother, quhom in batell he killed, and ouerthrew his haill armey; and so without aney contradiction, possesed himselue of the kingdome.



In this zeire, 1368, Charles, the Emperour, at the Popes sollicitatione, discends wnto Italie, and with him his Empress Augusta, Shoe was solemlie crouned at Rome: and after he had fynned he Florentins first, then the Pisans, this same zeire he returns to Germaney.

This zeire deyed Frederick, named the Simple, King of Sicilay, leuing one only daughter his heire.

This same zeire, lykwayes, deyed Marcus Cornerus, Ducke of Venice; and in his place was elected Androw Contareni.



This zeire, 1369, Charles the Wysse, the French King, institutes the gaurd of 200 Scottes archers to attend his persone day and night.

This same zeire Pope Vrbane returnid Auinione, out in ane earnist desyre to composse the Englishe varre, wich was at this tyme werey hotte in France.

This zeire, lykwayes, the principalities of Ferrara and Parma tooke ther beginings; and Lewes, after the death of his father, succeides him in the principalitey and dutchey of Mantua.



In this zeire, 1370, K. Dauid the Second departed this lyffe, at his castell of Edinbrughe, the 47 zeire of hes age, and 39 of hes rainge; and was interrid the abbey church of Holycrosse, befor the heigh altar, with grate solemitey.