Robert, Duck of Albaney, Gouernour, pp.144-152.


IN the zeire 1406, in the mounth of Nouember, deyes Pope Innocent the 6; in quhosse place was elected Angelus Corrarius, Cardinall of St. Marcke, a Venetiane borne, nou called Gregorey the 12. Onuphrins nottes that he was creat at Rome the last day of Nouember; aganist this Pope, sayes he, ther sat at Auignione, Petrus Luna, called Benedicte the 13. one quhosse maner of lyffe and conversatione differed werey much from his birthe.

This same zeire did Roberte, Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, keipe justice courtes in all the remotest pairtes of the kingdome, and did execut justice, to the no small benifitt of the laborers of the ground, quho ther after enioyed ther auen in peace.



The zeire 1407, Lewes, Ducke of Orleans, the Frenche Kinges brother, is killed in the citey of Paris, the 11 of December, be Johne, Duck of Burgundy and Flanders, quho imediatly after he had committed the facte, fled with all the speid he could to Flanders.

This zeire, also, deyes Henrey, 3d of that name, King of Castile; and to him suceids his young sone Johne, 2d of that name, left by his fathers will and testament wnder his mothers tutelage.

This zeire the religious order of Mont Oliuet had its begininge and primer institutione by one Bernarde Ptolomie.



In the zeire 1408, Valentiniana, the Ladey of the lait killed Duck of Orleans, and her childrene, sew for justice at the Kings hands, aganist the Duck of Burgundy; bot it was a labor how to catche the fox.

The 25 of Appryle, this zeir, Ladislaus, King of Naples, takes Rome, quhen, as the Florentins and Senans had refused him aide, in his returne home towardes Naples, he made them pay deire for ther refusall; the best of them behouing to lay doune his pursse, to redeme his disobedience, at the victors feeit.



Robert, the Gouernour, in the zeire 1409, restored to his dignities and lands George, the traiterous Earle of Marche; bot before Archbald, Earle of Douglas, vold consent therto, and quyte the Lordshipe and castell of Dumbar, he had for himselue and his heirs for euer seasing of the castell of Lochmabin and Lordshipe of Anandaill; and becausse Walter Halybruntone, Lord Dirltone, sone in law to the Gouernour, quho had maried his daughter, Ladey Isabell, countesse of Rosse, did mediat the reconciliatione betuix the Gouernour and the Earle of Marche, for his trauills he had the 40 lib land of Brigean, to him and hes heires for euer, ere the Earle could gett his pardon past: so went matters in court in thesse dayes.



The zeire 1410, Ruperte, the Germane Emperour, departs this lyffe, in the 10 zeire of his rainge.

This zeire, also, the 5 of the nons of Maij, deyes Pope Alexander at Bononia. After his death was elected Baltazar Cossa, Cardinall of St. Eustachius at Bononia, the 16 of Junij, and was named Johne the 21, by some the 23.

This zeir, also, Lewes, Ducke of Aniow, defaittes Ladislaus, King of Naples, in a grate batell, bot knew not how to wsse his victorey, wich made him losse all hope for euer of Naples.



In the zeir 1411, one St. James day, wes foughen that memorable batell of Harlaw, betuix Alexander Steuart, Earle of Mar, basse sone to Johne, Earle of Buchan, Alexander Ogiluey, Shriffe of Angus, being his Lieuetenant; and Donald, Lord of the Iles, with Mackleane, the chieffe leader of 10,000 Iylanders. One the Earle of Mars syde wer killed:-

Sr James Scrymgeour of Didope,

Sr Alexander Iruinge of Drum,

Sr Robert Melweill of Dyserte,

Sr Thomas Murray, Knight,

William Abernethey, sone and heire to the Lord Saltone, and nephew to the Gouernour,

Alexander Stratone of Laurestone,

George Ogiluey, sone and heire o the Shriffe of Angus,

James Louell, of Balumbie,

Alex: Streueling;

with diuers others gentlemen. And on Donalds syde, quho lost the batell and fled, Mackleane, with 900 of his best men, lay dead one the place.

The Earle of Mar, in gaining the victorey, lost about 500 of all sortes.

This zeire, also, the toune of Linlithgow was brunt by a casuall fyre; and the toune of Roxburghe wes brunt lykwayes, and the bridge broken by Sr William Douglas of Dramlanrige, and Sr Gawin Dumbar, knights.



This zeire, 1412, Archbald, 2d of that name, Earle of Douglas, and Henrey St. Claire, 2d of that name, Earle of Orknay, past to France with ane armey of gallant shouldiours, to assist the Frenche aganist the Englishe.



In the zeire 1413, Sr Jhone Drumond, of Concraige, knight, one St. Laurence day, traiterously killed Patrick Grhame, Earle of Stratherne, in the toune of Creiffe, notwithstanding that he had formerly oblidged himselue neuer to wronge the said Earle, by sacramentall othe, and his auen hand wreat; and for the better assurance of ther frindschipe, the Earles sister was giuen to the said Sr Jhone in marriage.



This zeire, 1414, the 5 of Nouember, begude the counsell of Constance, quherat was present the Emperor Sigismund, and Pope Johne. The occasione of this counsells meitting was to abolishe the schisme.



In the zeire 1415, K. Henrey the 5, of England, takes aduantage of the weake estait France at this tyme stood in, and with a pouerfull armey goes ouer thither, and imediatly after takes Harfleur; and one the 25 of October, this same zeire, he ouerthrowes the flouer of al the nobilitey, gentrey, and souldiorey of France, in a grate batell neire Azincourte pres Blangy. In this batell ther was killed 10,000 one the place, forby a grate maney of the chieffest of the nobilitie and gentrey; the Duckes of Orleans and Borbon wer bothe takin prissoners.



The zeire 1416, the Emperour Sigismund came himselue in persone to France, and from thence to England, in houpe to mediate a peace betuix thesse tuo kinges, bot seing small houpes that he could doe aney guide, he returnes be Arragon, exhorting all such princes as with him had aney interwiew, that they hold hand to remoue the schisme betuix the popes, out of the Roman churche.

This zeire, the Duck of Burgundy concludes a peace and leauge with England; without aney mention at all of France; about wich tyme deyes Ferdinand, King of Arragon, 2 of Appryle, and to him succeids his sone Alphonsus.



The zeir 1417, Otho Columna is creat Pope, the 3 of the ids of Nouember; then after his creatione, he was named Martine the 5, so was the schisme quyte takine away out of the Roman churche.

This zeire, also, deyes Lewes, Ducke of Aniow and Prouance; to quhome succidit his sone Lewes.

Henrey the 5, of England, this zeire passes ouer to France, with a new recrewt of men, and at his arriual takes diuers tounes and places of importance, and fortifies them with good garrisons.



In the zeire 1418, Henrey the 5, the Englishe King, hauing in effecte subdewed all Normandey, beseidges Rowan.

This zeire God flung a grate scourge (quherwith he had quhipt the Christians) in the fyre; to vitt, by remoueing from this lyffe Mahomet, King of the Turkes; to quhom succidit his sone, Amurathe, the second of that name, the first that institute the order of Janizars, being the tribut of Christian children.

About this same tyme, the Duck of Burgundy possesed himselue of the citey of Paris, wich was the causse of grate slaughters and bloodshed.



The zeire 1419, the 3d of the nons of September, Robert, Duck of Albaney, Gouernour of Scotland, departed this mortall lyffe, after he had gouerned the realme 10 zeirs, since the death of his brother, K. Robert the 3d, and wes solemly interrid at Dumfermling, in St. Maries Chapell; after quhosse death, his eldest sone Murdack, Duck of Albaney, Earle of Fyffe and Menteith, was, by the estaits of the realme, chosen Gouernour of Scotland.



The zeire 1420, Pope Martine, hauing experience of the Neapolitan Queins ingratitude towards him, he sturrs vpe aganist her to ware, Sforce, Duck of Millan; and transfers her right of that kingdome one Lewes, the 3d sone of Lewes, second Duck of Aniow.

One Pikard, this zeire, in Bohemia, reweiues the secte and heresey of the Adamites.



The zeire 1421, deyed the Greick Emperour, Manuell; to quhom succidit his brother Constantine, the last Christiane Emperour of Constantinople.

This zeire, also, Sigismund is crounid King od Bohemia; bot the imperiall armey is ouerthrowen by Zisca, generall of the Protestante armey.



In the zeire 1422, the constable of France came to Scotland and married the daughter of Archbald, 2d of that name, Earle of Douglas, quhom he persuadit to goe to France, wich he did with 10,000 braue men, to ayde the Frenche aganist Henry the 5 of England; beinng invitted by the kynd letters of the Frenche King, and a patent wnder the grate seall of France of the dutchey of Turraine, to him and his heires for euer, wich the Earle excepted.



About the latter end of this zeire, 1423, Prince James, being now a prissoner in England 18 zeires, hauing maried the Ladey Jeane, daughter to the Duck of Somerset, Marques Dorset, was fred from the Englishe captiuitey, and with his wyffe returned to Scotland, being accompanied with a grate traine of Englishe Lordes and Ladeyes to Beruick.

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