Robert the Second, First K. of the Steuartes, Nephew to K. Rob. I., pp.124-133.


AFTER the deathe of K. Dauid, in this same zeire, the estaits of the kingdome mett at Linlithgow, anent the successione of a new king. Robert Steuarte, the deceassed Kings nepheu, wes the man, both by blood and acte of parliament, ordained to rainge. Zet William, Earle of Douglas, opposed the same, with diuers of the nobility of hes factione, quho studied warre more then peace, and ther auen particular, befor the publick good. Zet Patrick Dumbar, Earle of Marche, and Johne his sone, Earle of Murray, with Sr Robert Erskyne, capitane of the castells of Dunbrittone, Edinbrughe, and Streueling, composed the matter so, that James Douglas, Earle Williams eldest sone, should marey K. Roberts eldest daughter, begotten in lawfull marriage; and so, without aney more bussines, K. Robert wes solemily crouned at Scone, with all requisite ceremoney.



In the zeire 1371, Euphame, daughter to Heu, Earle of Ross, K. Roberts wyffe, was crouned Queine of Scotland, with grate solemitey, at Scone; by the Bis: of Aberdeine sho was anoynted.

This same zeire, cam Johne Wickliffe out of England, and preached the gospell, both in Germaney and France.



The zeire 1372, Peiter, King of Cyprus, beinng killed, the affaires of that kingdome waxed daylie worsse and worsse.

Bertrand de Guesguiline, one of the brauest warriours France had, this zeire obteined maney notable victories of the Englishe, wntill that the Earle of Montforte made defectione to the Englishe; by doing quherof, he procured himselue to be declared a traitor by the courte of parliament of Paris, not onlie, bot lykways stopte the current of the French good fortune aganist the Englishe.



In the zeire 1373, deyes Amadey 6, Counte or Earle of Sauoy, to quhome succidit his sone Amadeua.

This zeire, also, ther arosse a secte of heretiques, called Turelupins, resembling the Cyniques, quho went all naked; ther wyffes and woomen in comon they wsed. They wer, by the Pope, condemned; and suche of them as could be apprehendit wer brunt.



About the end of the mounthe of Marche, 1374, Valter Wardlaw, Bischope and Cardinall of Glasgow, is sent ambassador to France, quher he renewes the ancient leauge and amitey betuix the said croune and that of Scotland.

This same zeire, Emanuell, Prince of Thessalonica, one of the sones of Jhone Paleologus, is accussed by Amurath, the Turkishe King, for a conspiracey aganist him, and depriued of his principalitey; at wich tyme Macarius Caloyerus is made Patriarche of Constantinople, in place of Philetus, laitlie decessed.

The 19 day of Julay, this zeire, deyed that famous poet, Francis Petrarcha, the restorer of the Latine tounge frome barbarissme, and the glorey of the Italiane and Hetruscan language, aged 70 zeires.



The zeire 1375, ther was a law made be Charles the Wysse, the French King, annent the coronatione of the Dolphins of France, ther fathers beinng dead, at the age of 14 zeirs; wich was ratified by the quholl courts of parliament in France, 12 day of Junij.

This same zeire, lykwayes, deyes that learnid and jocund Florentine poete and philosopher, Johne Boccatio, aboute the 62 zeire of his age; to the noe small regrate of all philosophers, poets, and astronomers.



In the zeire 1376, Johne Paleologus, the Greicke Emperour, beinng ouerthrowen by his wnnaturall sone Andronicus, ayded by the Genuois, is againe restored to his empyre, by helpe and aide of the Venetians, quhom he thankfully reuardit for ther good seruice with the Ile of Tenedos, wich he tooke from the Genuois.

This zeire, also, deyed that valliant and noble warrior, Eduard, Prince of Walles, (called the Back Prince,) the 10 day of Julij, leauing issew a sone, Richard, quho therafter succidit to his grandfather Eduard the 3d, after quhosse deathe he was Kinge of England.



The zeire of God 1377, deid that creuell tyrant, King Eduard the 3d, of England; to quhome succidit his grand chyld Richard, sone to Eduard, the Blacke Prince; no oppositione being made his entrey by his wnckells.

This zeire, also, Amurath, King of the Turkes, after he had subdewed the Seruians and Bulgarians, was by a priuat shouldiour, that had hid himselue amongest the dead, quhill that Amurath, in a blood thristey humor, weiwed the slaughtred Christians, he arryses as to seu to him for pardon, and kills him starke dead; to quhom succeids his sone Baiazet.



In Ao 1378, Dauid, eldest sone to Johne, Earle of Carrick, quho therafter wes Duck of Rothesay, was borne, the 9 of Nouember.



The zeire 1379, Joane, the laciuious Queine of Naples, hauing conwayed Pope Clement to Auinione, finding herselue to be wearing to age, and disparing to haue aney isshew of her auen bodey, adopes Lewes, Duck of Aniow, brother to Charles, the Frenche King, her heire, sone, and successor in the kingdome of Naples.

This same zeire Pandulphus Collenutius, generall of the Genuois, by sea, defait the Venetians; and from them (hauing folloued ther wictorey with good successe,) tooke the toune of Fossa Clodia, and some other pices of smaller importance.



The zeire 1380, Walter Wardlaw, Bischope of Glasgow, was, by Pope Gregorey the Eleuinth, created Cardinall de Capella Rubea, at Rome; and with maney recomendatorey bulls, was sent home to Scotland, in Aguste.



The zeire 1381, King Robert sent Cardinall Walter Wardlaw, Bis: of Glasgow, Sr James Douglas, embassadors to France, to renew the ancient amitey and leauge betuix the crouns of both realmes.



The zeire 1382, John Lyone, Lord Glamis, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, the Kings sone in law, was killed by James, Earle of Craufurde.

This zeire, also, deyed that noble knight, Sr Alexander Lindesay, in his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, in the Ile of Candey.

This zeir, lykwayes, Joane, Queine of Naples, by the persuasione of Lewes, King of Hungarey, is strangled, and her sister Marey, beheadit; and Charles of Aniow, by Pope Vrbane, is anoynted and crouned King of Naples. After the death of Michaell Maureceni, Duck of Venice, succidit, by electione, this zeire, Antonio Venerii.



To begin this zeire, 1383, deyes Ferdinand, King of Portugall, at Lisbone; leauing for heire, one only daughter, married to Johne, K. of Castille, quhom the Portugalls altogider refused to be ther king; bot sought after Johne, (some calls him Dynis) ther decessed kings brother to be their king.

Charles, Duck of Aniow, the French Kings brother, addopted by Joane, Queine of Naples, and crouned by the Pope, raisses ane armey, and warrs this zeire, for his kingdome, aganist Charles, Prince of Dyrachium, quhom Gandulphus in his Hist: says was ouerthrowen by the Duck of Aniow, and deyed in displeasure the following zeare.



This zeire Johne Paleologus (called Calo Johanes) the Greeke Emperour, and his sone Andronicus, contend for the imperiall throne, bot wnhapey Andronicus, by the ayde of Baiazet, the Turkishe Kinge, possesis himselue of Constantinople and the imperiall throne, and committs his father to prissone, after he had suorne himselue wassall to the enimey of Christ.

This zeire deyes Lewes, Earle of Flanders, to quhome succeidis hes onlie daughter, Margarette, wyffe to Philipe of Valois (called Audax), Duck of Burgundy. Sho was called Margarett the 3d.



In the zeire 1385, William, Earle of Douglas, departed this lyffe at his castell of Douglas, and was solemily interrid at Melrosse Abbey; to him succidit Sr James Douglas, knighte.



This zeire, 1386, Robert Steuarte, Earle of Fyffe, with the Earles of Douglas and Marche, leuied a grate armey of 40000 men, and beseidged the castle of Roxbrughe.



This zeire, 1387, deyed the Popes Legat, Walter, Cardinall of Glasgow.

This zeire, also, deyed Euphame, Queine of Scotland, K. Robert the 2ds wyffe, the daughter of Heu, Earle of Ross.

This same zeire, lykwayes, William, basse sone to Archbald Douglas, Lord of Galloway, for hes singular walor, and reiterat victories aganist the Englishe this zeire, bothe by sea and land, K. Robert did giue him his daughter Geilles, (a werey beutifull ladey) in marriage, with the Lordschipe of Niddisdaill to him and hes heires for euer, with the tytill and dignety of a Lord and Barron of Parliament.



In the zeire 1388, was foughten the batell of Otterburne, betuix the Scotts and Englishe: James, Earle of Douglas, being ther killed, deyed issewles, leauing the earldome to Archbald Douglas, Lord of Galloway. The Englishe quhyte ouerthrowen in this batell, and aboue 3000 left dead of them one the place: the generall of the Scotts armey returned home with grate triumphe and spoyle of his enimes, viz. George, Earle of Marche, and Johne Dumbar, Earle of Murray, hes brother. In this batell, of the Scotts wer killed, in effecte, none of qualitey, the Earle of Douglas except, bot only Sr Robert Heriote, Sr Johne Touris, and Sr William London, quho deyed of hes wounds some thre or foure dayes after the batell.



The zeire 1389, K. Robert the Second, being now brokin with age, and his eldest sone, Jhone, Earle of Carrick, being with a strocke of Sr James Douglas of Dalkeiths horsse, quyte leamd, and not able to trauell, made his 2d sone, Robert, Earle of Fyffe, by Sr Adam Mures daughter, Gouernour of the kingdome.



The 13 day of Maij, 1390, K. Robert the Second departed this mortall lyffe, at hes castell of Dundonald, after he had rainge King 19 zeires and 23 day; and wes solemly interrid at the monastarey of Scone.

This zeire, also, Alexander Steuarte, Earle of Buchane, King Robert the 2ds 3d sone, by Sr Adam Mures daughter, brunt the cathedrall churche of Elgyne.

This zeire, also, William Douglas, the noble Lord of Niddisdaill, wes traiterously killed by the Englishe, on Dantsicks bridge, in Sprusse.

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