Robert the Thrid (1390-1405), 2d of the Steuartes; Befor hes Coronation, called Johne, Earle of Carrick, pp.133-144.


ONE the day of the Assumptione of the Wirgin Marey, this same zeire, 1390, Johne, Earle of Carrick, was crouned King of Scotland, by the name of K. Roberte the 3d, at Scone, with grate solemitey, by the 3 estaits of the kingdome; and with him wes cround Queine, hes wyffe, Anabella, daughter to Sr Johne Drummond, knight.



In the zeire 1391, in the begining of the mounthe of Februarij, deyed Philipe, Duck of Orleans, issewles; and the dutchey, by the Frenche King, was giuen to his brother Lewes.

The 25 day of December, this same zeire, deyed Johne, King of Casteille, first of that name; and to him succidit his eldest sone Henrey, a chylde of 11 zeires of age, quho therafter became a verteous and worthey prince. His 2d brother, Don Ferdinand, became therafter, also, King of Arragon, and a most worthey and verteous prince.



This zeire, 1392, the French King, Charles, quhat throughe anger and distemper of his braine fell made; so that by his destractione France became a werey theatre of tragidies.

This same zeire, Galleas, Viscount, Duck of Millan and the Florentins, after much blood shed one bothe sydes, are reconceilled; and lykwayes, about this same tyme, the Poll, and Sigismund, King of Hungarey, are brought to thinke weill of peace, and so aggried.



The zeire 1393, Pope Clement the 7, the ante Pope, departed this lyffe at Auignione; and to him succidit Peiter de Luna, of Arragone, one noblie descendit, and after his electione was named Benete the 13.

This zeire was the 2d since Baiazet, the Turkishe King, layed seidge to the emperiall citey of Constantinople, wich seidge he continued 8 zeires more, aye and quill the walliant Tartarian Tamerlane came with a monstrous armey, and ouerthrew Baiazet, tooke him prissoner, and lyke a wylde beaste, copte upe in ane irone cadge, and to his grate infamey and derisione, carried him upe and doune Asia, making of his necke a footstoule, quhensoeuer he wolde leape one horsse backe.



This zeire, 1394, Richard, King of England, gifts his wnckell, Johne, Duck of Lancaster, with the dutchey of Aquitane and this same zeire, lykwayes, recalls that donatione, as not convenient for his affaires.

After the death of Frederick, King of Siciley, his onlie daughter was, this zeire, married one Martine Earle of Luna quho therafter became King of Aragone.



In Marche, 1395, about the begining of the said mounthe, Sigismund, King of Hungary , by aide of France, gaue the Turkes that had inwadit his kingdome a notable ouerthrow.

This zeire, also, Vinceslaus, the Emerour, for a grate soume of money, creats Johne Galeas, brother in law to the Duck of Orleans, Duck of Millan.

This zeire, also, Charles, the young K. of Nauar, getts the investiture of the dutchey of Nemours, in recompensse of hes territories hes father did posses in the dutchey of Normandy.



The zeire 1396, one the 19 of Maij, deyes Johne, K. of Arragone, the first of that name, of a fall from his horsse, to quhome succeidit Don Martin, Earle of Luna, his brother.

This zeire, Pope Boneface ordained the taking of annatts, or the first zeires reuenew of vacant churche benifices, to be payed to the apostolicke chaire, for mantin a simulat varre, proclaimed by him aganist the Turke: that so wnder the clocke of a Holy warre aganist the enimes of the cross of Christe, he might pycke the pursses of all suche as professed Chrisste. This inventione wes thought so gude by hes successors, that none of them could euer be moued to quyte it, bot ather by force or money.



The zeire of our saluation 1397, brought furthe muche jelosie of the Englishe aganist ther King, Richard, that he should in his harte fauor the Frenche too muche; bot he palliat with the wysest of them, and scorned the rest, sayes Frosart.

Baiazet, the Turkishe King, this zeire, wsses all the ingyns arte or witt could inwent aganist the citey of Constantinople, bot the resolutione of the defendants was such, that no thing could prewaill; for as zet the cupe of ther iniquities was not full; and the Lord, to see if they wold repent, did restraine the force and furey of that barbarous and merceyless enimey.



In the zeire 1398, at a parliament holdin by K. Robert the 3d, at Perth, 28 day of Appryle, from thence being convayed to Scone by the gratest pairt of the nobilitey, he solemly created his eldest sone, Dauid, Duck of Rothesay; his brother Robert, Earle of Fyffe and Menteith, he created Duck of Albaney; and Sr Dauid Lindesay, knight, he created Earle of Craufurd. After that, dewyne seruice was celebrat by Walter Traill, Bischope of St. Andrewes.



In Ao 1399, Dauid, Ducke of Rothesay, the Prince, contractes the Ladey Elizabeth, daughter to George, Earle of Marche and Dumbar; and for her dourie a grate soume of money is deliuered by the Earle her father to the King. Bot Archbald, Earle of Douglas, giues the King, with hes daughter Ladey Mariorey Douglas, a fare grater soume; to wich the facill Kinge and Prince assents, and without more adoe they are maried in Bothuell churche: at wich George, Earle of Marche, extremly stormes, and demands the redeliuerey of hes money from the King, wich is refusid to him, aganist all æquitey; wich makes the Earle so suell with reuenge, that forwith abandons Scotland and fleis into England, quher he combins with the Englishe, and therafter did werey much hurte and mischeiffe to his countrey.



This zeire, 1400, deyes Archbald, first of that name, Earle of Douglas, called Grim, from his fersse aspecte; being one of the wyssest, hardiest, and walliantest knights in his tyme. He subdewed the rebellious Gallouidians, and brought them to the Kings obedience; for wich grate seruice the King gaue the said prouince to him and his heires for euer, procreat of his auen bodey, with the tytill of lord of the same. He foundit the collegiat church of Lincluden, and nunrey of Bothuell.

This zeire, also, Henrey, King of England, entred Scotland with a grate armey, and beseidged the castell of Edinbrughe, keipt by Dauid, Ducke of Rothesay, and Archbald, 2d of that name, Earle of Douglas; bot not prewailling, returned home with shame and disgrace.



This zeire, 1401, deyed Anabella, Qeine of Scotland, at Scone; and was solemly interrid at Dumfermling.

This zeire, 1401, K. Robert being now old and decreptit, hering of the debosht lyffe and demanor of his eldest sone Dauid, Duck of Rothesay, Earle of Carricke, sendes hes tuo trustie counsellers, Sr William Lindesay of Rossey, and Sr Johne Ramorney, knight, with letters to the gouernour of the Duck of Albany, commanding him to apprehend the said Ducke, and imprisson him till he wer senssible of his guilt carriage, and promissed to amend. He was takin betuix Nydin and Strathtyrin, and led captiue to St. Andrewes castell; bot shortley therafter remoued to the castell of Falkland, quher he was comitted to the custodey of tuo of the Duck of Albaneyes ruffians, Johne Selkirke and Johne Wright, quho handled him so roughley, that he deyed ther the 7 of Appryle, as they gaue it out, of a dissenterey; bot the treuth was, that trough extreame hunger and famine, he eat off his auen fingers. Hes bodey wes interrid in the abbey churche of Londors.

Lindesay and Ramorne wer the tuo contriuers of this youthfull princes destructione. Ramorgney, becausse he had formerly counselled him to kill his wnckell the Gouernour; and at least he should now reweill him, assured the Gouernour secretly, with grate othes and attestations, that hes nephew wes to kill him. Sr William Lindesayes splene towards the Ducke was, that long befor he had affianced the Earle of Marche daughter, ore married the Earle of Douglasses, he repudiat his sister, Euphame Lindesay, quhom he had solemly affianced; a werey beutifull and comley ladey, of quhosse vnfortunate end, Thomas Lermont of Birlingtone, called the Rymer, spake thus; a comet appeiring that same day he was apprehendit, and still keipt a litill aboue the horizon till the day of his death, and then quyte euanished:

Psalletur gestis Dauid, luxuria, festis.
Quia tenet uxores uxore sua meliores,
Deficient mores; regales perdet honores.



This zeire, 1402, the batell of Nisbett was foughtin betuix Sr Patrick Hepburne of Hailles, knight, and George Dumbar, Earle of Marche, and Sr George Dumbar, his eldest sone, quherin Sr Patrick Hepburne was killed, and of prissoners ther was takin,

Sr Johne Halybruntone,

Sr Thomas Halybruntone, his brother,

Sr Robert Lauder of Basse,

Sr Johne Cockburne,

Sr William Cockburne;

with diuers vther gentlemen.

This same zeire, lykwayes, wes fought the batell of Hamildonne betuix Archbald, 2d of that name, Earle of Douglas, sone in law to K. Rob: the 3d, and Henrey Hotespure, and George, Earle of Marche, leaders of the Englishe armey. In this batell the Scotts wer ouerthrowen, and ther wer killed, of emminecy and vallor,

Sr Johne Syantone,

Sr Adam Gordone,

Sr Jo: Leuingstone of Callander,

Sr Alex: Ramsay of Dalhousie,

Sr Walter St. Claire,

Sr Roger Gordon,

Sr Walter Scott;

with diuers others gentlemen. And ther was takin prissoners in this batell,

Archbald, Earle of Douglas, Generall of the Scotts armey, who lost one of hes eiyes;

Murdack Steuarte, eldest sone to the Gouernour, Robert, Duck of Albaney;

Thomas, Earle of Murray;

George, Earle of Angus, quho quhill he was a prissoner in England, deyed of the plauge;

Sr Robert Erskyne of Allway;

Sr Will: Abernethy of Saltone;

James Douglas, Master of Dalkeith, with his 2 brothers, Heu and William;

George Lesley of Rothes;

William Erth of the same;

Heu Erth, his sone;

Johne Steuarte of Lorne

Sr Johne Setton of the same;

Will: St. Claire of Herdmanstone;

James St. Clair of Locarmacus;

Patrick Dumbar of Beill;

Alex: Hume of Dunglas;

Alex: Forrester of Corstorphine;

Robert Steuarte of Dusdeer;

Walter Bicartone of Luffnes;

Sr Robert Logan of Rastalrige;

Johne Ramsay of Crenock;

Helias Kininmonth of the same;

Laurence Ramsay of Clettee;

Johne Ker of Samuelstone;

Fergus Mackdouall of Garthland;

with diuers others gentlemen.



This zeire, Robert, Duck of Albaney, the Gouernour, releiued the castell of Cocklawes, beseidged by Henrey Hotspure, quho laitly befor had razed the castell of Innerwicke, by the treacherey of Johne Gledstans, laird of the same.



This zeire, 1404, James, Prince of Scotland, Earle of Carrick, in his woyage to France by sea, with Henrey St. Clair, 2 Earle of Orknay, is takin by the Englishe, neir Flambrugh head; and wes keipt in closse prisson till he should recall Johne, Earle of Buchan, with his Scotts shouldiours, out of France.

This zeire, Lang Hermistone feild was foughten betuix Dauid Fleming, Lord Cumernald, and James Douglas, sone to Archbald, Earle of Douglas, and Alexander Setton, therafter Lord Gordon, the 13 of Februarij. In this fight the Lord Fleming was killed, with most of hes followers.

K. Robert the 3d, hering of the taking of his only sone, James, by the Englishe, beinng at supper in his castle of Rothesay, in the Ile of Bute, was so surprissed with griffe and sorrow of heart, that he expyred within few houres therafter, one the 4 day of Appryle, being Palme Sunday, in the 16 zeire of his rainge; and was solemley interrid at Pasley abbey.



The 5 of Marche, the estaits of the kingdome mett at Streweling, in Ao 1405, quher with wnanimous consent, Robert, Duck of Albaney, is decerned Gouernour of the realme, wntill his nephew was reliued from the Englishe captiuity. This same day was streueling toune almost all brunt.

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