James the Second (1437-1460), King of Scotland, pp.166-189.


A PARLIAMENT holdin at Edinbrugh the 20 of Marche, 1437; and one the 26 day, was Prince James crouned King, with all requisite solemitey, in presence of his estaits, being a chyld of 6 zeirs of old, James Kennedy, Bischope of St. Andrewes, his fathers nephew, with the ioyfull acclamations of his people.

Sr Alexander Leuingstone of Calender chossen Gouernour to the zoung King, the day after the ryssing of the parliament, this same zeire.

27 of Marche, this zeire, the estaits makes choysse of thesse counsellers to assist the Gouernour in matters of gouerment, and ordaines him to follow ther adwysse. The counsellers elected wer,

Sr Will: Crightone, Lord Chanceler;

Archbald, Earle of Douglass;

Will: Lord Hay, Grate Constable;

James, Lord Lindesay;

Walter Halybrunton, Thesaurer;

James Kennedey, Bis: of Murray;

Mr Will: Turnbull, Keiper of the Priuey Seall. Archdeane of Louthean.

Thesse wer ordained at all tymes, vpone the Gouernours adwertisment, to attend the affaires of the realme, and aney 4 of the number, with the Gouernour, prowyding ther be one at least of eache estait, to be the coram.



This zeire, 1438, minaces the kingdome with ciuill warre, in respecte of the lousse behauiour of Archbald, 8 Earle of Douglas, in countenancing thesse of Anandaill, Lidisdaill, and Eusdaill, to oppresse the neighbouring shyres, and in stead of repressing ther insolencies, countenances them.

The 13 day of Marche, this same zeire, the Gouernour calls a parliament at Streueling, in wich it was enacted, that the leiuetenant of the shyre should raisse the countrey, and passe to the castells and housses of such rebells as interrupted the publick peace, and ather causse them find souerty for ther good carriage in tyme comming, wtherwayes to seasse vpone ther persons and housses, and present them to justice.

New jarres this zeire betwuix the Gouernour and Chanceler. The Quein mother stealls the young King out of Edinbrugh castell, and bringes him to Streuiling castell to the Gouernour, and so is the wysse Lord Chanceler circumweinid by a woman.

This zeire, also, imediately after the Gouernour had possessed himselue of the infant King, leiues ane armey, and beseidges the Chanceler in Edinbrugh castell; bot in the end they are, by the mediatione of some louers of the publick peace, reconcilled on thesse tearmes, that the Chanceler should retaine his office, and the keipning of Edinbrugh castell.

In August this zeire, Sr Thomas Boyde killes Sr Allane Steuart of Darnly at the thorne of Polmaies; and in reuenge of this slaughter, Alexander Steuarte, Darnlies brother, killed Sr Thomas Boyde, with 20 of her followers, wich kendled such a flame of ciuell discord in Kyle, Barronfrew, Carrick, and Cuninghame, that had not the death of the Earle of Douglasse quenscht it, it had consumed a grate pairt of the west of Scotland.



The 9 day of Maij, this zeire, deyes Archbald, Earle of Douglass, at Rastalrige, neire Edinbrughe, of a burning feuer; and to him succidit his sone, William, a zouthe of 14 zeires of age.

This zeire, also, Sr James Steuarte of Lorne, (called the Black Knight) marries the Queine mother, and is, with his brother, imprissoned by the Gouernour, bot shortly releassed by the mediatione of the Lord Chanceler and Sr Alexander Setton of Gordon.

Gods tuo mightey rodes of indignatione scorged this countrey extremly this zeire; for quhom famineee did spare, the pestilence cutt offe.

This zeire, also, the Chanceler, assisted by some of the nobility that did maligne the Gouernours gratnesse, with a cuning fetche, takes the King from him, being at hunting in the Torwood. At wich, the Gouernour extremly stormed, bot was forced to quyte the custodey of the King, to keepe the gouerniment and the castell of Streuelinge.

The Gouernour and Chanceler consult how to intrape the author of all the mischeiues of the kingdome, the Duck of Turraine, Earle of Douglas; quhom they cuningley inwitt to a meitting in Edinbrughe castell, accompanied with his brother Dauid, and Malcolme, Lord Fleminge, his most inward counseller, the 17 day of Julay, offe quhosse boddies they chopet off the heads one a beame in the grate hall of the castell. This same zeire the young King, with teares, beged ther liues from the Gouernour and Chanceler, quho told him roundly, he was bot a chyld, and did not know quhat he demandit, for the sparing of them wold be the ruine of him and his quhole kingdome. To this William, Duck of Turraine, in the earledome of Douglass, succidit James Douglas, Lord of Abercorne, as neirrest in blood.



The Gouernour calls a parliament to be holdin at Streuelin, the 2 day of Agust, 1440; in wich parliament wer enacted maney good lawes for keping the publick peace, and suppressing of thift, robberey, and murther.

In this parliament, justice heires and courtes of regalitey are ordanid to be haldin at least tuysse euery zeire.

Also, that rebellions, thifts, murthers, oppressions, and such lyke, be punished by the Shriffe, within his jurisdictione; and the barrons and countrey to ayde him; and if he should omitt the taking seuere order with such, then he to be punished by the King and his counsell, according to his trespas.



The zeire 1441 wes werey memorable for prodigies and wounderes. In Marche, the 17 day, appeird 3 suns in the firmament, at the nonnutyde of the day; and in Aguste, a fearfull comett, hauing a cround suord hinging from it. After wich ensued a grate murren of all kynd of bestiall, and famine of corne and wictuall.


The zeire 1442, Sr William Ruthuen, Shriffe of Perth, killed Gormacke, a notabell sorner and rebell in Athole, with threttie of hes followers, quho destroyed much of that shyre, and pretendit himselue a reuenger of the Earle of Douglas deathe.



This zeire, 1443, past away without aney matter wortey of commemoratione, saue that the Gouernour called a parliament to be haldin at Streueling, the 4 of Nouember; quherin the troublers and molesters of churchemen, in the peaceable inioying of ther goods, are ordanied to be punished by al judges, as persons excommunicat, wntil ather by restitutione they mak ther peace, ore obteine absolutione, in forme of law, from ther cursse.



This zeire, 1444, the young King takes the gouerment of the nation vpone his auen shoulders, in a conventione of the estaits at Streuelin.

The Legat of Pope Eugenius the 4, comes this zeire to Scotland, in grate pompe and brauery, and exacts a soleme othe of this churches obedience to the Roman sea, wich wes done in the Kings presence, one the holy Euangell; after wich the Legat returnes throughe England to Rome.

This zeir, Patrick Galbrethe, a follouer of the Earle of Douglasse, kills Robert Semple; ther quarrell was for the custodey of Dunbrittone castell, quherof Patrick, one Roberts death, does posses himselue offe, and mans it vith a stronge garissone.

The Earle of Douglas, this zeire, comes to Streuelin, quher the King was, falls prostrat at his feeit, and with tears craues pardon for hes bygane escapes, and solemly wowes and suears amendiment. The gratious King frely pardons al bypast fauts, and not only receaues the said Earle to his fauour, bot admitts him to be one of his priuey counsaill.

The Earle of Douglas, this zeire, possesis himselue quholly of the Kings eare, causses sumond the Gouernour and Chanceler to compeir befor the King and hes counsell, to anssuer to such poynts as was libelit aganist them; and one ther refussal, causses them to be openly declared rebells and traiters; and so with armes spoyles and depredats ther haill lands. They pay him home in his auen coyne, and so the land is distroyed by thesse fyrebrands.

The Earle of Douglas crydit this zeire was so grate with the zoung King, that he procures the ward and marriage of the younge Countess of Murray, Jeane Dumbar, for his 2d brother Archbald, with the tytle of Earle of Murray; and to his thrid brother Heu, he procures the tytill of Earle of Ormond.



This zeire, 1445, the Earle of Douglas layes the certaine foundatione of his auen destructione; wich was in solemly suering ane offensiue and defensiue league and combinatione aganist all, none excepted, (not the King himselue) with the Earle of Craufurd, and Donald, Lord of the Iles; wich was mutually sealled and subscriued by them three, the 7 day of Marche.

The Chanceler, this zeire, to be reuengid one Johne Forrester of Corstorphine, quho, in the preceding zeir had spoyled his lands, as one of the Earle of Douglas emisaries, issewes out of Edinbrughe castell, and by the secret helpe of the Bis: of St. Andrews, and of the Earles of Angus and Morton, his most assurid frinds, with fyre and suord destroyes all Corstorphins lands, with Abercorne, Strathbrock and Blacknes; burning ther cornes and willages: and so with much spoyle returnes to Edinbrughe castell.

This zeir the Earle of Douglas causses the Earle of Craufurd, and Alexander Ogiluey of Innerquharity, spoyle all the Bis: of St Andrewes, both in Fyffe and Angus, his lands.

In Januarij, this zeire, the batell of Arbroth wes foughtin betuix the Lindesayes and the Ogilueys, for the Balzirie of the regalitey of Arbrothe; in wich batell ther wer slaine one the Ogiluayes syde,

Jo: Forbes of Pitsligo,

Alex: Barclay of Cairtley,

Ja: Maxswoll of Telinge,

Duncane Cambel of Calder,

Will: Gordon of Borrowfeild,

Alex: Ogiluey of Innerquharitey deyed the nixt day at Fineuin;

and about 200 comon shouldiers.

None of note deyed this day on the Lindesayes syde, bot Alexander, Earle of Craufurd, and 100 of the comon sorte.

About this same tyme, Robert Boyde of Doughale, trecherously killed James Steuarte of Achminto, neir Kirkpatricke, and tooke hes wyffe prissoner to Dunbrittone castle, quher shoe wes brought to bed of a dead chyld: and within tuo dayes herselue also deyes.



This zeire, 1446, the Earle of Douglass causses the King beseidge the Chanceler in Edinbrughe castell, wich was randred to him after 9 mounthes continuall seidge, one honorable conditions.

This zeire, Sr James Steuarte of Lorne, that married the Queine mother, for speaking some rashe wordes aganist the present gouerniment, by the ouer reulinng pouer of the Earle of Douglas, was banisht to France; and in his woyage ther by sea, depairtes this lyffe in Flanders, being takin by piratts, wither of greiffe or hard wsage, it is not certaine.

This zeire, also, the Queine mother, heiring the hard fortune of her husband, deyes throw extreame griffe the 15 of Julay; and was royally interred by her first husband, amongest the Carthusians, in the subvrbs of Perth, leuing behind, by her second husband, 3 sones.

Johne, therafter Earle of Athole;

James, therafter Earle of Buchan;

Androw, therafter Bis: of Murray.



This zeire, 1447, produced no matter worthey of commemoratione, bot only consultations annent the Kings marriage, and framing of trapes to catche the Gouernour.



This zeire, 1448, William, Lord Crightone, laitly creat a barron of of parliament, with Johne, Bis: of Dunkelden, and Nicoll Otterburne, a chanon of Glasgow, by the procurement of Charles the 7, the Frenche King, are sent ambassadors to Arnold, Duck of Gelders, with especiall instructions of procuring the Ladey Marey, the Ducks daughter, in marriage to the King; shoe was neice to Philipe, Duck of Burgundy. The marriage being concludit by the Kings ambassadors, was shortly therafter consumat by the Ladey herselue, quho, noblie attendit by the Prince of Raueustein, the Marques of Berge, the Earle of Nassaw, and Lord of Campwere, with the Bischopes of Cambrey and Leidge, with a grate traine of knights and ladeys, sauly arriued at Leith, and from thence to Edinbrughe, quher sho was married to the King in abbey churche of the Holy Crosse, withe grate solemnitey.

The 8 of December, this same zeire, the prissoners, viz. Sr Alexander Leuingstone, once Gouernour of Scotland, Sr James Dundas, and Sr Robert Bruce of Clackmanan, are pute to grate fynes, and condemned to perpetuall prissone, in the castell of Dunbrittone; bot Sr James Leuingstone, the Gouernours eldest son, with hes tuo cousins, Sr Robert Leuingstone and Sr Dauid, had sentence of death pronounced aganist them, and lost ther heades one a scaffolde at Edinbrughe crosse. For this tragedey, the comons exclaimed aganist the King and Earle of Douglas, with opin mouthe.

The King, at the earnist sollicitatione of the Frenche King, lewies ane armey, and enters England, with fyre and suord, this zeire, bot returns home with a septeniall peace.



This zeire, 1449, beguns with the Queins bring fourth a chyld, 2 mounthes befor her tyme, leuing quhen it was borne, bot expyred within 2 houres.

Notwithstanding the septeniall speace, the Scotts borders infests England, and the Earle of Shrewsburrey, Warden of the West Marches, burnes the toune of Drumfreis, this same zeire; and the Earle of Northumberland, at this same tyme, makes ane incurssione one the east border, and spoyles the toune of Dumbar.

The 20 of Januarij the King calls a parliament at Edinbrughe. In this parliament, Alexander Setton, Lord Gordon, was creat Earle of Huntley, and George, Lord Lesley or Lewin, was creat Earle of Rothes.



In the begning of this zeire, 1450, happened the fearfull deathe of that wicked and godles prelate, John Camerone, Bischope of Glasgow.

The batell of Sarke, foughtin this zeire betuix the Scotts, comandit by Heu, Earle of Ormond, and the Englishe, comandit by the Earle of Northumberland, quherin the Englishe wer ouerthrowen, ther leieuetenant generall, Magnus, killed, with 3000 of his armey, and maney prissoners takin. The Scotts lost no man of note in this batell, bot only 600 comon shouldiours, saue that Sr William Wallace of Cragey, shortly after his returne home, deyed of his woundes receaued ther.

Hote warres this zeire betuix K. Henrey the 6, of Englnad, and the Ducke of Yorke, wich moued K. Henrey to bege peace one anney tearmes by hes ambassadors; so that a trienniall peace was concludit, and the artickells suorne and seigned by the King, at Edinbrughe, the 19 day of September.

This zeire, also, Sr Richard Colueil of Ochiltrey, hauing sustined diuers wronges and iniuries of Jhone Authenleck of the same, one of the Earle of Douglas familiars, quho, ryding on his iorney to Douglas castell, wes killed by Ochiltrey; quherat the Earle tooke such indignatone, that he came with a grate coumpaney and beseidged Sr Richard in his castell of Ochiltrey; and at the second assaulte tooke it, and kills him and all that was in it, sparinng nather sex nore age, and therafter, to closse vpe the tragidey with a horrible schene of fyre and suord, he spoyles Sr Richards haill lands and housses, and kills his tenants.



In the begining of this zeir, 1451, the Frenche King hauing recoured from the Englishe most of Normandey and Aquitane, sends hes ambassadors to Scotland to demand ayde, wich was granted, so that Charles the 7 ambassadors returned weill satisfied.

William St. Claire, Earle of Orknay, is sent this zeire to vplift the Earle of Douglas rents in Galloway and Anandaill; and although he was Lord Chanceler of Scotland, and had a reasonable armey, zet he returned without effectuating his deseing, being oppossed by the Earle of Douglass frinds and follouers, (the Earle himselue beinge in Italey,) quherat the King stormes extremly, and forthwith lewies ane armey, passes to Anandaill, takis Lochmaben castell of Douglas, and seuerly punishes all suche delinquents as had not conformed themselues to the lawes of the countrey; and with ther goods satisfied suche as they had wronged.

To the 5 day of October, this zeir, the Kinge calls a parliament to be haldin at Streuelinge, befor wich was the Earle of Douglas citted to comper, by a herauld, one 60 dayes, and hes 3 brothers and frinds one 15 dayes. They beinng oftin called, and none of them compeiring, they wer, by the estaits, all forfaulted, and condemned as persons giltey of heigh tressone, and ther quhole landes and moueables confiscat to the Kings wsse, and all hes maiesties good subiects commandit to proceid aganist them as aganist traitors.

In this parliament the King heighted hes money from 5 sh. the vnce, wich he did fund it at, to 8 sh. the wnce; and hes gold from 3 lib. to 4 lib. 19 sh. the wnce.

About the letter end of this same zeire, the Earle of Douglas returns houme, and is receaued to the Kings fauor one promisse of amending his former errozs; his forfaultrey is repealled, the Kings garissons recalled from his castells, and he so royndes himselue in the Kings bosome, that againe he becomes sole director of hes counsells, and is made leiuetenant generall of the quholl realme; wich place he did not long enioy.

About the latter end of this same zeir, also, the Earle of Douglas comitts tuo shamefull crymes; the first quherof was the hanging of Sr William Harries of Terregills, as a theiffe, he being a man of honor, and the Kings faithfull subicte. The 2d was the stricking the head off the Tutor of Bombie, nephew to Sr Patrick Gray, (one in heighe esteime with the King) quhom for the King had particularly wrettin for to be sent to him; zet after the resait of the Kinges letter, he willanously chopes his head offe.



The 20 day of Februarij, 1452, the King stabbs the Earle of Douglas in his closett window, in Edinbrughe castell; thus endit the father of all the insolencies and mischiues of thesse tymes: and to him succidit his brother James, formerly prowydit to the successione (by the Kings grant and confirmatione) in caisse of his brothers deceasse without heires mailles of hes auen bodey.

James, Earle of Douglas, hering how hes brother was killed, rages lyke a made man; and, amongest maney of hes made trickes, spoyles and distroyes all the croune landes.



The batell of Brechin, foughtin one the day of Assentione, betuix Alexander, Earle of Huntley, imediately after the batell of Brechin, marches north to opposse the proceidings of Archbald Douglas, Earle of Murray, quho had iwadit his landes, and brunt the castell of Strathbolgie; him he chasses out of Murray, and burnes the toune of Elgyne, and he againe defaitts his armey at Dinkintey boge.

The King calls a parliament of his estaits at Edinbrughe, this zeire, in the begining of Aguste, in the wich was forfaulted:

James, Earle of Douglas,

Archbald, Earle of Murray,

Heu, Earle of Ormond,

Johne, Lord of Balueney,

Beatrix, the relicte of William, Earle of Douglas,

Alexander Lindesay, Earle of Craufurd,

James, Lord Hamiltone.

And that the nomber of the nobilitey should not seime to be diminished, as also to grace this parliament, the King creatted William, Lord Hay, Grate Constable of Scotland, Earle of Erole; and George Crightone, quho was eldest sone to James, sometyme Earle of Murray, Earle of Cathnes.

James, Earle of Douglas, marries the ladey Beatrix Douglas, the widow and relicte of his deceassed brother William.

Alexander Lindesay, Earle of Craufurd, this zeire, seing the imenent runie of the Earle of Douglas, by hes obstinacey, casts himselue prostrat at the Kings feet for mercey, and obteins the same, with a repeale of his forfaultrey, bot the losse of his place of precedencey, and his heritable office of Shriffe of Aberdeine; wich wer giuen to the Earle of Huntley, with 200 lib lands of Craufurds, and that in recompensse of thesse landes giuen by Huntley to the Forbesses, Irwines and Ogilueyes, befor the batell of Brechin. The lands takin from Craufurd wer Badenach and Lochaber.



This zeire, 1454, was fatall to maney grate men in this kingdome, for in Februarij deyes William, the first Earle of Erole, Lord Grate Constable of Scotland; and in Marche follouing, George Crichtone, Earle of Cathnes, issewles; so that by his deathe that earledome returned to the croune.

William Lord Crightone, sometyme Chanceler of Scotland, deyed this zeire in Marche also; and in the end of Nouember, Alexander Lindesay, Earle of Craufurd, not fully 6 mounthes reconceilled to the Kings fauor, payes nature her dew, lykwayes, and departs this lyffe at hes castell of Phineuin, in Angus shyre, of a burning fewer, and was interrid in the Gray Friars churche at Dundie.

The King, this zeire, beseidges the castell of Abercorne, the strongest hold belonging to the Earl of Douglas, with ane armey of 60 thousand men, and taks it, and hanges the capitane therof. Then with his armey proceids aganist the rebellious Earle, quhom he defaits without blood, by the Lord Hamiltons deserting of him, wich moued others to doe the lyke, till he was left like a goose without fethers; the Lord Hamilton was first committed to the custodey of the Earle of Orknay, in Roslyne castle; bot shortly, by the mediatione of Bis: James Kennedey, of St. Andrews, he was sett at liberty, and restored to dignitey and landes.

The 16 of Julij, this zeire, the King calls a parliament of his estaits to meitt at Edinbrughe, quherin the inbringers of wictuall wer orained to be cherished, and to be free of custome; for the famine was grate this zeire, and diuers zeires befor.

The wniversitey of Glasgow foundit this zeire, by William Turnbull, Bischope of that citey, a learned and religious prelat.

This zeire, the Earle of Douglas, with hes brother Johne, Lord Balueney, fleis to England, quher he acquyeirs some forces, and with them, and all the pouer he could make, enters Anandaill, wher he was rancountred by the Kings general and cousin, George Douglas, Earle of Angus, neir the litle riuer Sarke, by quhom he was quyte ouerthrowen, and his haill armey ather routted, killed or takin; the traitor himselue narowly escaped through a wood, with hes brother the Lord Balueney: bot in this batell was killed Archbald Douglas, Earle of Murray, and Heu, Earle of Ormond, (was takin prisoner by the Lord Carlleill, and the laird of Jhonstone,) and was beheadit at Edinbrughe crosse, shortly therafter.



The King calls a parliament at Edinbrughe, aganist the 4 day of Aguste, 1455, quherin, amongest other bussines of importance, the forfaultries of James, sometyme Earle of Douglas, Beatrix, his wyffe, and of Jhone, Lord Balueney, are againe ratified, and the Lordschipe of Galloway anexed to the croune; with ane acte, declaring all the resaitters, and releiuers with aney necessars of the persons forfaulted, to be traitors, and guiltey of the cryme of lesemaiestie.

This same zeir, immediatly after the parliament, Beatrix, the relicte of William, Earle of Douglas, quhom James the rebell had keipt, seued the kings mercey one her beare knees, shewing how shoe was constraned to doe as shoe did, sore aganist her harte; her the mercifull King pardoned, and togider with the Lordshipe of Balueney, bestoued her in marriage one hes brother by the mother, Jhone, quho had by her issew 2 daughters: Jean, the eldest, was married to Alexander, 3d Earle of Huntley; and Marey, the 2d, was maried to the Lord Forbesse.

About the end of the zeire, Donald, Earle of Rosse, raisses ane armey, wastes the Ile of Arran, and burnes the toune of Innernesse; and by a herauld of hes auen making, causses proclaime himselue King of the Iles.



In the begining of this zeire, 1456, the wyffe of Donald, Earle of Ross, hering that the Countesse of Douglas had sped so weill, casts herselue lykwayes at the Kings feett. Shoe was the daughter of Sr James Leuingstone, married to him at the Kings earnist desyre, (by that vay thinking to continew him the better in his deutey); for her mantinence, the King alloued a certain competencey of estait.

About this same tyme, Patrick Thorntone (a courtier, and secret fauorer of the rebells,) kills Johne Sandelands of Calder, and Allane Steuarte, the Kings fauorite and cousin. Him the King causses with grate diligence to be apprehendit, and publickly execute.

The King, to be reuenged one England, quho, with the forfaulted Earle of Douglas, and Percey of Northumberland, had spoyled his borders, calls a parliament of his estaits at Edinbrughe, the 19 of October this zeire.



With the begining of the spring, 1457, the King, making preparations for leuing of ane armey to inwade England, at wich tyme ther arriues ambasadors at his courte from the Duck of Zorke and Earle of Warwick, quho had rissen in oppen rebellione aganist ther soueraing K. Henrey the 6, offering, if that the King will assist them, that he shall haue quhatsomeuer landes he or his predicessors had possesed in England, with restitutione of hes toune of Beruicke, and ane league of perpetuall amitey betuix the kingdomes; wich offer the King accepts, and promisses to aide Zorke, Warwick, Salisburrey, and ther adherents. So all conditions being muttualy subscriued, they returne home for England with grate ioy.



With the first of the spring this zeire, the King lewies a grate armey and marches towardes England; bot the Duck of Zorkes armey, conducted by the Earle of Waruicke, (without aney intelligence of the approche of the Scotts armey,) rancounters ther Kings neire Northampton, ouerthrowes it, and takes K. Henrey prissoner, and kills Humphrey, Duck of Buckinghame, Jhone Talbot, Earle of Shrewsburrey, Johne, Viscount Beumont, and Thomas, Lord Egermond, and aboue ten thousend gentlemen and comons, one bothe sydes. The Queine and Prince escapes, quhill the captiue King is, by Waruicke, led prisoner to the Touer of London; so that now the King with his armey spoyles all the fauorers of K. Henrey.



This zeire, 1459, the King hauing spoyled al the north of England that fauored K. Henrey the 6, and grately enriched his armey; bot in his returne home he resolues to beseidge the toune and castell of Roxbrughe, wich he does with a grate armey; and at that tyme comes to his aide, according to his promis, Donald, Earle of Rosse, at quhosse coming the King was exceiding glade, so that in 20 dayes, by strenth and walor, he gaines the toune, and resolues not to assault the castell till the cominge of Alexander, Earle of Huntley, quho came within 3 dayes, with 6000 galant men. Now befor the King wold giue ane assaulte, he commands the canoniers to oppin a larger breache; bot quhill the King, more curious then befitted the maiesty of a King, did stand too neire the guners quhill the artilierey wer in dischargning, his theighe bone was brokin in tuo with a pice of a gune that burst in pices in dischargning, quherwith beinge strukin to the ground, he deyed some few houres therafter, in the 25 zeir of his rainge, and 30 of his age, and of our redemptione the 1460.



Neuer the lesse of the Kings death, at the animatione of the widdow Queine, they gaue a generall assault to the castell, and toke it, the 20 day of Agust this same zeire; wich the nobilitey caussed to be razed to the ground, lest heirafter it sould become a cadge for suche rauenous birdes.

Then did the quholl armey dislodge the 26 of Aguste, conducting the bodey of the decessed King to the monastarey of the Holy Crosse, neir Edinbrughe, quher they royally interrid the same, with the tearres of his people and haill armey.