Map of Scotland (1767)

This is a map of Scotland from ‘A General History of Scotland’ by William Guthrie, the second volume. It had torn from the book and the top corner was still attached. It was super wrinkled so I used a pair of hair straighteners to flatten it some for scanning. I separated the top corner from the book with a scalpel and reattached it to the map with transparent acid-free paper tape. It was too big to scan in one go and ended up as six scans that I straightened and jigsawed together on Photoshop. It was scanned in at 800 dpi, so it’s pretty high resolution but I had to resize it as a much smaller image to allow for upload here.

Hi-Resolution Version

A General History of Scotland (1767) remastered 2

10 thoughts on “Map of Scotland (1767)

  1. Fantastic addition, it would be good to get a higher resolution of the map, as it is difficult to read the text when you zoom on the image. – thanks

    1. Would this be something you think might work as a print if we were to make a high res version available? I think the issue was uploading the super high res into wordpress. It crashed the computer a couple of times in the effort. But we could make it available in a different format?

  2. beautiful map – trying to think how I can scan it; think the school has a big scanner. 🙂

    1. It would be nice to have it scanned in 1 go. I don’t trust my photoshop jigsaw skills, though as far as I can see it’s turned out alright here.

    1. It had very much fallen out the book. I separated the wee ripped corner still in the book and added it back to the map with non-acidic transparent paper tape. Ironed it some, scanned it and jigsawed it back together again xx

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