Mercurius Caledonius (1861 Reprint of 1661 Edition)

[Caledonian Mercury Contents]

This is a disbound copy of the Caledonian Mercury’s celebration of its 200 years in the game. It begins with a ‘Fac Simile’ of the first edition of the first newspaper in Scotland, the ‘Mercurius Caledonius’, dated 8th of January, 1661, and is followed by a run-down of its history as a newspaper operating out of Edinburgh. It’s a fantastic wee thing and details the contemporary events of the Marquis of Montrose, having been previously hanged, drawn & quartered; his torso, limbs, and skull, being retrieved together from where they’d been distributed to and the reconciled whole having been reinterred in Holyroodhouse with full honours after the Restoration. It’s very strange reading it from a source writing as they witnessed the scene.