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“GOOD wine,” as the old saying has it, “needs no bush”; neither do the POPULAR TALES OF THE WEST HIGHLANDS, collected and edited by Mr. J. F. Campbell, need any eulogy to commend them either to those from whose race they come or to the student or reader of Folk-lore. The work is well known, and, though thirty years have now well-nigh passed away since the first two volumes were published, the popularity of the collection has gone on increasing. The volumes just alluded to have long been out of print, and are rarely to be met with. In re-issuing the work, the Publisher has deferred to the strongly-expressed opinion of Mr. Campbell that the stories ought to be given as they were gathered, in the rough. No attempt, therefore, has been made to alter the style or arrangement, or to interfere with the text in any way, so that, with the exception of giving effect to the long lists of errata, the present reprint is exactly the same as the original edition.

This edition is published under the auspices of the Islay Association. 

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