‘Tales of a Grandfather’ (1869)

My copy of Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Tales of a Grandfather’ as referred to in Campbell’s volume 4 Chapter, Popular Ballads. This is one of those books I’d want to upload after most of the non-fiction is available here so I’ve not yet had a chance to read it though I’ve heard good things. I’ve a few Walter Scott books I may upload scans of in advance of posting their contents.



Sir W. Scott (1869), ‘Tales of a Grandfather’, Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, Spine.


Sir W. Scott (1869), ‘Tales of a Grandfather’, Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, Front Cover.


Sir W. Scott (1869), ‘Tales of a Grandfather’, Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, Inside Front cover.


Sir W. Scott (1869), ‘Tales of a Grandfather’, Edinburgh: Adam & Charles Black, Publisher’s Page.

6 thoughts on “‘Tales of a Grandfather’ (1869)

    1. Good morning love! Thanks very much for giving us a visit. I have never considered doing that for a couple of reasons. The first being that it would be added hassle making sure I had the permissions to share others’ content. I’m a permanent night shifter and I like to get the majority of content done during those hours as even on nights off we live a night shift lifestyle to save on the stress that comes with constantly having to acclimatise to day shift schedules. Secondly, I have the resources to hand already. Any books that are a wee bit delicate or in precarious condition I take to my friends at Cameron’s Bookinders, Glasgow, and they take care of them in order that I may scan and transcribe them. It’s really become a 2-part project. On the one hand I love having the ability to share the valuable information I come across in my readings to every Scot who feels they were denied their country’s history at school and on the other it’s become a way of transferring my collection to an online searchable format. So if the house were to go up in flames the information would still exist in a form. I do, very occasionally, refer and link posts to other sites if I feel they add information my source lacks. It was very kind of you to think to save me some effort, I appreciate it. Time is something I have quite an amount of and I feel this is a somewhat valuable use of it. Let me know if I can help with anything. Take care.


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