24th of January

St Timothy, disciple of St Paul, martyr at Ephesus, 97. St Babylas, bishop of Antioch, about 250. St Macedonius of Syria, 5th century. St Cadocus or Cadoc, abbot of Wales, 6th century. St Suranus, abbot in Umbria, martyr, 7th century.

Born. – Charles Earl of Dorset, poet, 1637; Frederick the Great, 1712; Pierre A. Caron de Meaumarchais, musical composer, Paris, 1732. 
Died. – James Ralph, political writer, 1762.

On this Day in Other Sources.


In [24th of] January, this year [1445], the battle of Arbroath was fought between the Lindsays and the Ogilvys, for the Baillie of the Regality of Arbroath; in which battle there were slain on the Ogilvy’s side, 

John Forbes of Pitsligo, 

Alexander Barclay of Gartley, 

James Maxwell of Telinge, 

Duncan Campbell of Calder, 

William Gordon of Borrowfield, 

Alexander Ogilvy of Inverquharity died the next day at Finhaven; 

and about 200 common soldiers. 

None of note died this day on the Lindsay’s side, but Alexander, Earl of Crawford, and 100 of the common sort.

Historical Works, pp.166-189.


The same edifice was latterly, and until their removal in 1850 to a handsome and more spacious one, built in a kind of old Scoto-English style of architecture, on the opposite side, and on the site of a portion of Halkerston’s Wynd, and numbered as 6 in the street, the establishment of the old and well-known firm of publishers, Adam and Charles Black. The former, long a leading citizen, magistrate, and member of the city, was born in 1784, and died on the 24th of January, 1874.

Old and New Edinburgh, pp.334-340.

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