Map of Glasgow, Govan, and Partick (1650)

This map is really big and a bit of an annoyance to scan as it was a good third bigger in scale than the A3 scanner area provided for. It was scanned in 4 pieces and jigsawed back together again on Photoshop. It’s from ‘Charters and Other Documents Relating to the City of Glasgow’ (1897) and shows the greater Glasgow area as it was in 1650. The author states his intention as being,

I have attempted to sketch what may be regarded as the constitutional history of Glasgow from the foundation of the Burgh in 1175 or 1178, till the end of the reign of King Charles I., on 30th January, 1649.”

So I’m interested to see what gems this publication contains.


High-Resolution Version

Charters Relating to City of Glasgow (1897)a


4 thoughts on “Map of Glasgow, Govan, and Partick (1650)

  1. That is so fabulous! I love picking out all the names which are still recognisable. We live somewhere between Hillhead Ford and Garrioch so we’d have been real hicks from the sticks in those days.

    There’s a great exhibition in the Cathedral at the moment: Scotland from the Sky. We had fun with a 1988 aerial photo of Glasgow. Our house was still wasteland.

    1. It makes for an excellent contrast to the expanded city of 200 years later. To contrast to now is almost like looking at a completely different place.

      I, sadly, had to remove this map from its publication in order to scan, as I was set on providing it for the interested, but it was easily done & can be easily reattached🤞

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