13th of April

St Hermengild, martyr, 586. St Guinoch, of Scotland, 9th century. St Caradoc, priest and martyr, 1124.


Born. – Jean Pierre Crousaz, Swiss divine, philosopher, and mathematician, 1663, Lausanne; Philip Louis, Duke of Orleans, 1747, St Cloud
Died. – Henry, Duke of Rohan, French military commander, 1638, Switzerland; Charles Leslie, controversialist, 1722, Glaslough; George Frederick Handel, musical composer, 1759; Captain Hugh Clapperton, traveller, 1827; Sydney Lady Morgan, miscellaneous writer, 1859, London.


On this Day in Other Sources.


Having sent for Knox, to meet her, at Lochleven, he had an interview with her here, on the 13th of April [1563,] when she desired him, to endeavour to reconcile the Earl, and Countess of Argyle: On the morrow, he again met the Queen, at the hawking, on the westward of Kinross. 

– Life of Mary, pp.78-98.


The old Physic Garden, which had been [James Sutherland’s] own, eastward of the bridge, continued to be used as such till the time when the chair of botany was occupied by Dr. John Hope, who was born at Edinburgh in 1725, and was the grandson of Sir Alexander Hope, Lord Rankeillor. On the 13th April, 1761, he was appointed king’s botanist for Scotland, and elected a few days after, by the town council, Professor of materia medica, and of botany. 

Old and New Edinburgh, pp.359-363.

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