II. Oath of a Suffragan to his Archbishop.

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THE instrument bears that at Edinburgh, in the private chapel of the Archbishop, situate within the house of his usual residence in the said burgh, at two hours afternoon, on the 7th February 1530, in presence of a reverend and the venerable fathers in Christ and lords, – Robert Montgomery, bishop-elect, confirmed of Lismore; Alexander and Robert, by divine permission, abbots of Cambuskynnel and Kynloss; and Master John Colquhon, canon of Glasgow:

Henry, bishop of Whithern and the chapel-royal of Stirling, being absolved and restored against certain sentences of the Archbishop – and his protest concerning preserving the rights of his chapel admitted – on bended knees, and with his joined hands actually placed between the hands of the most reverend father the Archbishop, made and offered his due obedience and manual reverence to the said most reverend father, his Metropolitan, there present; receiving and admitting him, in respect of his bishopric of Whithern, really and in fact under this form:-

   “I, Henry of Whithern and the Chapel-Royal of Stirling, Bishop, now and henceforward swear and promise obedience and reverence for myself, as bishop of the church of Whithern, and for that my church of Whithern, and for the whole people and clergy of my see and diocese of Whithern, to you, Gavin, Archbishop of Glasgow, my immediate Metropolitan, and to your successors canonically entering; save, however, and remaining always uninjured, the privileges and exemptions and indulgences foresaid, grant4ed to me as bishop of the chapel-royal of Stirling and to that chapel. So help me God, and these holy gospels of God.”

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