VI. Family Jewels and Valuables of Glenurquhy, Entailed, 1640.

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… OF jewells left to ws be the said Sir Coline as said is, ane targatt of gold sett with thrie diamondis, four topaces or jacincts, ane rubbie and ane saphyre, enambled, given be king James the fyft of worthie memorie to ane of the Laird of Glenurquhey his predicessours. Item ane round jewell of gold sett with precious stones conteining tuentie nyne diamonds and four great rubbies, quhilk Queene Anna of worthie memorie Queene of Great Britane France and Irland gaue to vmquhill Sir Duncane Campbell of Glenvrquhy. Item ane gold ring sett with ane great diamond schapine lyke a heart and vther four small diamonds, quhilk the said Queene Anna of worthie memorie gaue to the said Sir Duncane. Item ane fair silver brotch sett with precious stones. Item ane stone of the quantitie of half a hen’s eg sett in silver, being flatt at the ane end and round at the vther end lyke a peir, quhilk Sir Coline Campbell first Laird of Glenvrquhy woir quhen he faught in battell at the Rhodes agaynst the Turks, he being one of the Knychtis of the Rhodes. Item of great gold buttons iiixx vi. Item mair of silver work and vthers following. Of silver plaittis, tuelff. Of great silver chargers, four. Item ane great silver bassone with ane lawer partlie overgilt. Item ane lesser silver lawer with ane basone partlie overgilt. Item ane dussone of silver trencheors and ane dussone of silver sasers partlie overgilt. Item ane great silver cupe with ane cover double overgilt wrought with reasit work. Item ane vther great silver cupe ingraven, with ane cover partlie overgilt. Item ane vther great silver cuppe partlie overgilt with the Laird of Duntrons airmes and name thairon. Item ane litle silver goblet double overgilt, with ane cover. Item ane vther silver cuppe partlie overgilt, with ane face on the bottome of it. Item ane vther midlen cuppe with ane cover partlie overgilt. Item ane vther lang schankit silver cuppe partlie overgilt. Item ane vther lang schankit silver cuppe not overgilt. Item mair ane vther great plaine silver cuppe with the Laird of Glenvrquhyes airmes on the bottom of it. Also ane vther plaine silver cuppe. Item ane vther silver cuppe and ane silver goblet. Item tua litle lang schankit silver cuppes for acavite. Item sex silver gobletts partlie overgilt that goes within other, with ane cover on them. Item ane silver saltfatt with ane cover partlie overgilt. Item ane vther silver salt fatt that standis vpone thrie round knops that hes tuo divisiounes. Item ane vther silver salt fatt. Item ane silver lawer for vineger partlie overgilt. Item vther tuo silver laweris for vineger. Item ane great maser with ane silver lip quhilk will conteine a quart, quhilk also hes ane silver foote. Item ane vther litle maser with silver lip and foote with ane cover double overgilt. Item ane round cope with ane silver lip. Item of plane silver spoones with the Lairdes name on theme, xi. Mair of silver spoones with round knapit endis overgilt, vi. Item mair of silver spoones in the pantries of Balloch and Finlarg, xxxviii. Item tuo silver footes for copes. Item mair ane vther silver spoone.

Item ane great feildine peice of copper and ane vther feildine pece of iron. Item thrie hakbutts of found, quhairof ii of copper and ane of iron. Ane long small feildine peice of copper and tuo iron peices with chalmers. Tuo hakbutts of found of copper that ar in Glenvrquhy in the castell thairof. Item ane muskett indentit with bane overgilt and graven vpone the ratch with lunt work. Ane vther long muskett with ane wark indentit having ane long blak lethron caise. Ane vther great long musket with the Lairds airmes gravin thairon. Mair tuo single musketts indentit with baine, quhairof the ane indentit with pearle, quhilk were gottin frae my Lord Burlie. Ane vther double muskett with lunt work. Thrie vther tuo handit suord with ane loose hand to be eikit thairto. Mair thrie cutthrott pistollis of copper, quhilk ar gravin, with new stokis and warkis. Item tuo steill targets and ane cork targett. Item tuo stand of horsmens airmes fyve corsletts with thair headpeices and ring craiges, tuo gauntlet gloves, ane murrion of pruff and conteining ane head peice, ane craig peice, ane beist peice, ane bak peice, tuo schoulder peices and ane gauntlett glove.

Item of silk bedis; ane conteining four curtaines of red Spanisch taffite fassit with rid and blew silk fasses, and ane curtaine of rid sessnatt taffite, and    ane pand of rid velvett brouderit with blew silk, with the Laird of Glenvrquhy and his Ladie thair names and airmes thairon, with ane reid steikit taffita matt. Ane vther blew silk bed, conteining thrie curtaines of blew Spanisch taffite and a curtaine of blew sesnat taffita, with ane fass of silk and ane pand of blew velvott brouderit with the Laird of Glenvrquhy and his Ladie thair names and airmes thereon, with ane blew steikit taffita matt. Ane vther bed of incarnatt London cloath embrouferit with blak velvott, conteining iii brouderit curtaines and tuo curtaines not brouderit, ane brouderit pand with the Laird and Lady Glenvrquhyes names and airmes thairon, with silk fasses and ane brouderit covering. Ane greine London cloath bed pasmentit with greine and orange silk laice, conteining ane pand with pasmentis and silk fasses and vi peice of pasmentit curtaines with ane covering of the same cloath pasmentit. Ane vther silk bed of changing taffite greine and yellow, conteining iiii peice of curtaines, quhairof iii of Spanisch taffite and ane of cesnat taffite, with ane pand schewit with silk and worsett with the Laird and Lady Glenvrquhy thair names and airmes thairon, with ane grein silk fass conteining ii peice with ane covering wrought with blue and yellow silk. Item of vther weill and sufficient common furnischt beds xvi, with all thair furniture requisite. Off arras work hingings, ii stand, conteining xi peices, and of common hingings, iiii stand, conteining xvi peice. Item of great cramosie velvott cuschiounes for the kirk, ii, with thair great silk knops at the nooks and silk fosses about them, with thair reid callico coverings. Mair of cuschiounes of Turkie work xii, and of cuschiounes schewit on gallis, vi. Of dames boordcloathes ii, and of dornik servitts, ii dussone. Of sufficient linnen boordcloathes, xxiiii, and of sufficient linnen servitts, thretteine dussone. Of Holland scheittes ii pair, quhairof i pair schewit with hollie work. Of gude linnen towells, viii. Of linnen cupboordcloathes, iii. Of greine chalmer countercloathes, vi. Of carpetts for chalmer tables, ii. Of greine countercloathes for the hall burdis, ii.

Of peutor plaittis, viii dussone, quhairof meikle plaittis, xix. Of tin trencheours, vi dossone. Of tin sasers, v.

Of brass pans, v. Of brassine potts, viii, quhairof i great acavite pott. Of speittes, iiii. Ane pestell and ane morter. Of raxes, ii pair. Of goos pans, ii. Of beiff cauldrons, i.

Item of pictures of the Kings and Queenes of Scotland, xxiiii. And of pictures of the Lairds and Ladies of Glenvrquhay and vther noblemen, xxxiiii. Item ane greit genealogie brod pantit of all the Lairds of Glenvrquhy, and of those that ar come of the house of Glenvrquhy. Mair tuo house knoks and ane chalmer knok. Item ane pair of litle organes in the chapell of Finlarg, and ane pair of harpsicords in Balloch.

Item tuo brewine leds with tuo great maskine fatts. Ane vther brewine vessell.

Mair tuo charter kists bandit with iron bands. Item ane litle schort hunting cuttles in the charterhouse. Mair Captane Gordon his suord.

Item of great ky in the Laird of Glenvrquhy his haill bowhoussis iiic xxiii. And of young ky and stirkis aught score and iii. Off wyld meires, xxiii. Of young meires xiiii. of staigis x, and of cursours, vi. Item of scheipe and wedderis, vc in the Laird his haill scheip houssis.

Item mair sevine chandlers.

And farder wee the saids Sir Robert and Johne Campbells heirby obleissis to mak… sufficient particular inventaris of the haill buikis, timber wark, trunkis, kists, loks of doores, and iron yeattis within the houssis of Balloch and Finlarg, Castell Calquhorne, Barchaltan, and Auchachallader… and farder it is heirby lykwyse declairit that thair is presentlie on the landis perteining to the Laird of Glenvrquhy within the Scherefdomes of Perth and Argyle and Steuartries of Stratherne and Monteith, of steilbow corne, sexteine chalders small aitiis; and of steilbow beir, fyve chalders; and of strenth silver and steilbow horss on the forsaids lands, estimat to be worth tuo thousand and fyve hundreth merkis, quhilk we also obleiss ws to mak furthcumand… Quhilk haill inventar abonewritten wee the saids Sir Robert and Johne Campbells… declaires to be the just and true inventar of the jewells, silver wark, insight plenisching, steilbow corne, beir, strenthsilver, ky young and old, and wild meires, left be the said vmquhill Sir Coline to ws… and obleissis ws… to mak the samyne… furthcumand… and… nevir to burdeine… nor dispone upone the samyne… vnder all the hiest paines contenid in the foresaid band… In witnes quhairof, writtin be William Meiklejohne noter publict, wee… hes subscryvit thir presents with our handis at Balloch the sevinteine day of September 1640 yeires, before thir witnessis, Sir Patrik Ogilvie of Inchmartine, Ardchibald Campbell fear of Glenlyon, Patrik Campbell of Edinample, Ardchibald Campbell brother german to the Laird of Laweris, Robert Andersone his servitor, and the said William Meiklejohne wreitar heirof.

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