27th of September

Saints Cosmas and Damian, martyrs, about 303. St Elzear, Count of Arian, and his wife, St Delphina, 14th century.

Born. – Louis XIII. of France, 1601, Fontainebleau; Jacques Benigne Bossuet, eminent preacher and controversialist, 1627, Dijon.
Died. – Marco Girolamo Vida, author of Latin poems, &c., 1566, Alba; St Vincent de Paul, eminent philanthropist, 1660; Pope Innocent XII., 1700; Dr Thomas Burnet, author of the Sacred Theory of the Earth, 1715, Cherterhouse, London; Admiral René Duguay-Trouin, French naval commander, 1736, Paris.

On this Day in Other Sources.

But, as soon as [Lennox] heard, from St. Andrews, that the Queen had departed for Holyrood-house, he repaired thither, and was, graciously, received, on the 27th of the same month [September, 1564]

– Life of Mary, pp.78-98.

The queen and her husband were obliged, immediately after their marriage, to set about the suppression of a rebellion. The measure they adopted for raising troops was according to the custom and rule of the Scottish government. The feudal mode of raising an army was felt as a serious burden, particularly in the larger towns, where industry had attained, of course, the highest organisation. For the Rothschilds of Edinburgh, such as they were, there was another trouble. The mode of raising money adopted by Henry and Mary was not quite what would suit the views of modern men of that class. Sept. 27, [1565,] ‘Our soveranes causit certain of the principals of Edinburgh to come to them to Halyrudehouse, and after their coming, some of free will, and some brought agains their will, our soverane lady made ane orison to them, desiring them to lend her certain sowms of money, whilk they refusit to do; and therefore they were commandit to remain in ward within the auld tower wherein my lord of Morray lodgit, wherein they remainit.’ Ultimately, the two difficulties were in a manner solved by each other. 

– Domestic Annals, pp.30-34.

The traitor Bothwell, on the 27th of September, this year [1591], besets the palace of Holyroodhouse, to have taken the King, and kill William Shaw, master of his majesty’s horses, but failed of his main enterprise; 8 of his followers were apprehended, and hanged at the Girth Cross [Canongate], against the palace gate, the next day, without any assize;..

– Historical Works, pp.340-416.



xxvij of September being Munounday passit out of 

Downbartane to Glesgow.

   Item giffin to Johne Caldar to pay for your hors being four in numbir quhilk came to Downbartane upon the xxij day of September and remanit ther till Munounday at ten houris the xxvij day of September, for ther stray  

xx s.

   Item giffin to Johne Caldar to pay for ther corne induring that space  

lvj s.

   Item for half pek of malt to your broun geldin  

iij s. iiij d.

   Item for braid to your geldin enduring that space  

v s.

   Item for candill  

xj d.

   Item giffin to Johne Caldar his wage fra the xxij day of September at none till Sonday in the morneing the xxvj of September  

xx s.

   Item the twa boyis wage that keipit your hors, Glassan and Michell, fra the xxij of September being Wednesday till xxvij of September being Munounday at evin  

xv s.

   Item giffin to Panttone his wage fra Satterday ay none the xxv till Mounounday at evin the xxvij day of September  

iij s.

   Item to James Deusour and his halk fra xxvj of September till Munounday at evin the xxvij  

xij s.

   Item the cuik Dauid for that space  

viij s.

   Item your chalmer fie for twa nychtis Satturday at evin and Sonday in Johne Boquhannanis hous  

xiij s. iiij d.

   Item giffin for oylling your buttis ther  

xij d.

27 of September 1591.

   Item quhen ye lichtit in Glasgow upon Munounday eftir none at twa houris ye came to your lodging in Androw Baillies hous the gude wyfe brocht to yow to your chalmer the lairdis Ellangirrik Barbrek Nether Craignes with uthiris money gentill men and refusit to drink na uther drink bot wyne Sak, of wyne Sack thrie pointis  

xxx s.

   Item ane quarter queyt braid  

viij d.

   Item for penis

xvj d.

   Item ane quart aill  

xx d.

   Item your collatioun at evin on Numounday the same persones with yow all ane point Spenis wyne  

x s.

   Item ane point of Frence wyne  

vj s. viij d.

   Item ane quart aill  

xx d.

   Item ane braid  

viij d.

– Sketches, Appendix VIII.

In 1674 the magistrates, with an equal regard to the advantage of the inhabitants in the matter of creature comforts, appointed one Michael Leiper to be made a burgess gratis, “and to be keeped frie of quartering and localitie, for his better encuradgment to tak ane guid hous for serving the leidges as ane commoune coock within the same.”1 This trade appears to have thriven, as some seventeen years afterwards we find “Margaret Hamiltone Widow” applying for leave “to keep ane common cookrie within this burgh,” and offering to pay a premium of fiftie merks Scots to the toune” for the permission.

– Old Glasgow, pp.276-289.

1  27th Sept. 1674.

A friend had suggested I look out for gravestones with seashells decorating them. He wasn’t sure if they had any particular meaning. I did make a point of asking on the tour but was told they probably really are just for decoration rather than indicating a seafaring link to the occupant.



Glasgow’s Cathedral & City Necropolis.

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