Drum-head Court-Martial and Sentence on Inchrory, p.330.

Dominie. – What a vain windy-wallets of a body the creature must have been! My humble opinion is, that he would have been much benefited by a gentle tasting of my tawse. 

Clifford. – Or the drummer’s cat-o-nine-tails, Mr. Macpherson. But come, gentlemen, who tells the next tale? I have nothing now on my book by old Stachcan, and Turfearabrad, both, as I understand, adjourned to time and place more fitting. Come, I must beat up for a volunteer. 

Author. – The circumstance of Mr. Macpherson having incidentally mentioned Ticonderoga, towards the end of his account of the adventures of Serjeant John Smith, has brought to my mind a legend of the family of Campbell of Inverawe, which I had from a friend of mine, the story of which is intimately connected with that most disastrous affair. If you like I shall be happy to give it to you. 

Clifford. – Andiamo dunque, Signore mio! – let’s have it without more delay. 

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