‘Scottish Review’ (1886-1898)

I’ll start this one with a wee bit about the Random Scottish History collection. I’ll choose a book to type up and upload in order to be searchable with scans of whatever related illustrations accompany the text, in order to make these old, sometimes out of print books, easily accessible to those seeking the information. This collection started with ‘Select Views on the River Clyde‘ (1830), but only really began in earnest with ‘Popular Tales of the West Highlands‘ (1890-1893). This is because its author, John F. Campbell, had written such an excellently compelling introduction that called on a number of sources. I very quickly took to trying to track down such publications, as contemporary an edition as I was able to find & afford. This has continued. Every book or article added to the site that cites a source that has me interested enough to find out more, I’ll go after.

Now, in saying that, there are, quite obviously, many  many publications, newspaper editions, &c., that are impossible for me to obtain, either through no extant copies being available for purchase or the price being beyond my paltry means. Random Scottish History is very lucky to have a Patron, who’ll still not allow me to out them (you’ll maybe have seen the “anonymous patron” cited as the source of a few books scanned into the site) who helps me out occasionally in this regard. I’ll either get a heads up that a publication exists and asked if it’s of interest or use or I’ll receive a query along the lines of, “I see you’ve still not linked the source in this article. Have you tried to find it?” To which it’s a case of explaining that either I didn’t feel it was of further additional interest to the post or that yes, I have, but that it’s beyond me for whatever reason.

This set of books is one of those cases. The article ‘Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union‘ from our ‘Treaty of Union Articles‘ (2019) cites both;The Union of 1707 viewed Financially,’ from the ‘Scottish Review,’ October, 1887, and Parliament in Scotland,’ from ‘Scottish Review,’ October, 1889. Both were of interest. Both had been looked for. Only the big libraries seemed to have copies and one seller was selling more than just those articles, which made the cost more than I could hope to afford. I advised our anonymous benefactor of this and suddenly we’re taking receipt of this full set (vols.1-36) of ‘Scottish Review’ bound publications. They are almost impossible to scan being in a somewhat delicate condition but the pages are whole, clean, present and entirely legible. That’s all we really ask for here at RSH! As long as we can get the info out there. Links will be added throughout the cite wherever we have ‘Scottish Review’ articles we’re now able to upload for you. I’ll also be uploading any other articles that catch my eye to its own Contents Page, within Miscellany‘s Extra Articles. Not all of them are related to Scotland, the one prior to ‘Parliament in Scotland’ being about America’s Helen Keller.



Scottish Review

‘Scottish Review’ (Nov., 1882-Oct., 1900), Vols.1-36, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, Front Cover.


‘Scottish Review’ (Nov., 1882-Oct., 1900), Vols.1-36, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, On Arrival – 24/28th May, 2020 respectively..



‘Scottish Review’ (Nov., 1882-Oct., 1900), Vols.1-36, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, Spines.

Scottish Review0001

‘Scottish Review’ (Nov., 1882-Oct., 1900), Vols.1-36, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, Library Sticker, Worcester, Massachusetts, June, 1890.

Scottish Review.jpg

‘Scottish Review’ (1887), Vol.10, p.213, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, ‘Art. I. – The Union of 1707 Viewed Financially.’ This Article is cited in ‘Financial Cost to Scotland of the Union‘ but the quote is too long to provide here.

Scottish Review1.jpg

‘Scottish Review’ (1889), Vol.14, p.399, Paisley: Alex. Gardner, ‘Art. VIII. – Parliament in Scotland‘ by the Marquis of Bute.


The quote taken from ‘Art. VIII. – Parliament in Scotland‘ with footnote.

Scottish Review0002

Possibly the weirdest thing I’ve received amongst a set of books. The back has the no.s 573385 & 245029 in pencil and differing hands, maybe previous lot no.s.


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