Blackburn (The), p.144.

[Gazetteer of Scotland Contents]

   BLACKBURN (THE), a small river of Liddesdale, in the parish of Castletown, Roxburghshire, celebrated for the romantic falls and cascades which are formed by its stream. One of the falls is 37½ feet in height, and 20 in breadth; and another 31½ feet in height, and 36 in breadth. In one part of its course a natural bridge of stone seemed to be thrown across the river. It was 55 feet long, 31 in span, and 10½ broad; and the thickness of the arch was 2½ feet of solid stone. The arch was not composed of an entire rock, but had the appearance of several square stones united together in the neatest manner. The height of the arch from the water was 31 feet. This bridge gave way in April 1810. The Blackburn is a tributary of the Liddel. 

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