Brora (The), p.170.

[Gazetteer of Scotland Contents]

   BRORA (The), a river of Sutherlandshire, which, with its branches of Strathbeg, and Skinsdale, springs from the south-east sides of Benchlibrick, Benvadon, and Benarmin, in the interior of the county, and takes a course in a south-easterly oblique direction, until lost in the Murray frith at Brora. The Brora and its branches are narrow and rapid. It runs through a level plain, and forms three lakes; the upper lake about a mile long and. half-a-mile broad, the others of less extent; the water seems deep and black, from the dark shade reflected on it from the mountains, and the rock of Carrol, a bold precipice upon the southern border of the lake, at least 600 feet high. The scenery at Gordon-bush is very romantic and beautiful. From Killend the river runs rather rapid over a pebbly bed for 3 miles through Strathsteven to Brora, whence it is rocky to the sea. In this river the pearl-mussel is found, and pearls collected. There is a good bed of coal in the strath of the Brora. The village of Brora, at the mouth of the river, has a good harbour, and exports salt and coals. It is 4 miles from Golspie. 

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