Castlecary, p.216.

[Gazetteer of Scotland Contents]

   CASTLECARY, a hamlet in the shire of Stirling, and parish of Falkirk; 8 miles west-south-west of Falkirk, on the line of the Forth and Clyde canal. Castlecary, according to General Roy, was one of the præsidia, or principal stations on the wall of Antoninus, as is evident from its dimensions, and the number of antiquities discovered there. A Roman way led out from it towards the south; and it seems probable that this place was the Coria Damniorum of Ptolemy, and the same which Nennius calls Caer Ceri. General Roy has preserved a plan of the ancient fort, and of the antiquities discovered here. The fort itself is now nearly effaced by agricultural operations. 

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