Dornoch Frith (The), pp.324-325.

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   DORNOCH FRITH (THE), sometimes called the frith of Tain, is that arm of the sea which divides the southern parts of Sutherland from the county of Ross. The entrance of this frith is nearly 15 miles wide, but gradually becomes narrower, till, about 3 miles west of the town of Dornoch, its breadth is not more than 2 miles. Here is a ferry called the Meikle-ferry. After this it becomes much wider, forming an inner harbour or bay where another ferry is established, called the Little-ferry. At this ferry is an excellent roadstead, where vessels of considerable burden can lie at anchor; but a bar runs across the entrance. On the Sutherland coast, too, in calm weather, vessels of small burden may lie in safety; but a formidable bar extends from this coast almost to the south side of the frith, called, from the incessant noise, the Gizzing Briggs. The banks, however, forming this bar, are not so closely connected but that vessels may enter with safety under the direction of a pilot. The shores produce shell-fish, and the banks abound with cod and haddocks; but no vigorous exertion has been made to render these fisheries an object of importance.