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   BERVIE, a small parish in Kincardineshire; bounded on the north and north-east by the parish of Arbuthnot; on the east by Kinneff; on the south-east by the German ocean; on the south and south-west by Benholme parish; and on the north-west by Garvock. The superficial area of the parish does not exceed 2,000 acres, whereof about 300 are under cultivation. The principal elevation, Bervie hill, is about 400 feet. The water of Bervie, which gives name to the parish, rises in the parish of Glenbervie, and falls into the sea a little to the north of Inverbervie, after a course of about 14 miles. It is a good trouting-stream and forms a small harbour at its mouth. Population, in 1801, 1,068; in 1831, 11,371. Assessed property, in 1815, £2,467. Houses 208. In 1831, the burgh of Bervie contained 757 inhabitants, and the fishing-village of Gourdon 238. – This parish, originally a part of Kinneff, is in the presbytery of Fordoun, and synod of Angus and Mearns. Patron, the Crown. Stipend £141 12s. 1d., with a glebe of the value of £18, and manse. Unappropriated teinds £1 15s. 5d. Church built in 1836; sittings 900. – There is a small Independent church here. There are six schools within the parish. The parochial schoolmaster has a salary of £29 18s. 9d., with about £20 fees. James Farquhar, Esq. of Inverbervie, left £500 to the poor of this parish. 

   The town of INVERBERVIE owes its distinction, as a royal burgh, to the circumstance of David II. being shipwrecked on the coast in 1362, and having been kindly treated by its inhabitants on reaching the shore. It has no natural advantages of site, and no manufactures except a little linen-weaving. The public funds do not exceed £150 per annum. In 1838-9 the income of the burgh was £118 5s. 7½d; the buildings are straggling; and there is little appearance of any speedy increase of the town. The true harbour of the place is at Gourdon, already mentioned, which is about a mile distant. At this latter place there are several granaries and warehouses belonging to Montrose merchants. The market-day is Wednesday; and for six months in the year is a good grain market. A good cattle-market is held here on the Thursday before the 19th of May in each year. There is also another of less importance held on the Thursday before the 19th of September; and there have recently been established hiring and cattle-markets on the Wednesday before November 22d, the Wednesday before Christmas, O.S., and the Wednesday before February 13th. The magistracy of Inverbervie consist of a provost, two baillies, a dean-of -guild, a treasurer, and 9 councillors. The old council choose the six magistrates and the remaining 9 councillors. It unites with the Montrose district of burghs in returning a member to parliament; and the parliamentary constituency is about 40. A little to the south-east of the burgh, on a rising-ground near the shore, is the old castle of Hallgreen, which is about to be thoroughly repaired by its proprietor James Farquhar, Esq. 

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