Obittes this Zeire (1638), pp.319-320.

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In the mounthe of Marche this zeire, 1638, deyed William, Lord Alexander, eldest sone to William, first Earle of Streuelinge, Principall Secretarey of Scotland, at London. His corpes being enbalmed, wer brought home, and priually, in the night, enterred in Boweis Ile, in Streueling churche. He maried Ladey — Douglas, eldest daughter to William, first Marques of Douglas; and him hes issew one onlie daughter, now liuinge. 

The 16 of Maij this zeire, 1638, deyed Ladey Dorothea Grhame, 3d daughter to Johne, Earle of Montrosse, and wyffe to Sr James Rollocke of Dencrube, knight, in Perthshyre; and by him had no issew. Sho was solemlie interrid at the abbey churche of Holyrudhousse, the 8 of Junij, this same zeire. 

In the mounthe of Julij, this zeire, deyed Ladey Anna Campbell, eldest daughter to Archbald, Earle of Argyle, and wyffe to George, 2d Marques of Huntley, beheadit at Edinbrughe, and had issew. Shoe departed this lyffe at Olde Aberdeine, and wes interred in the cathedrall churche ther, without aney funerall ceremoney. 

Aboute the midle of Aguste, lykwayes, this zeire, 1638, died James Steuart, Earle of Murray, Lord Doune, &c. at his castełl of Tarnuay, in Murray, and wes interred in his auen buriall ther, without aney funerall ceremoney. He maried Ladey — Gordon, eldest daughter to George, first Marques of Huntley, and had issew, James, now Earle of Murray, that succidit to him. 

In the mounthe of Nouember this zeire, 1638, deyed Ladey Isabella Setton, at Lithington castle, in Haddintonshyre, wyffe to Johne Maitland, first Earle of Lauderdaill, and daughter to Alexander, first Earle of Dunfermlinge, Lord Chanceler of Scotland, and had issew. Shoe was interred at the abbey churche of Hadingtone. 

Aboute the end of the mounthe of December, this same zeire, deyed Ladey Jeane Drumond, countesse of Sutherland, wyffe to Johne Gordon, now Earle of Sutherland, Lord Strathnauer, and had issew. Shoe was the onlie daughter and heire of James, Earle of Pearth, by Ladey Isobella Setton, his wyffe, daughter to Robert, first Earle of Winton, at the Canowgaite, neir Edinbrughe, of a hectick fewer; and wes interred at the collegiat churche of Setton, without aney funerall ceremoney, by night.

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