Hughie Consoles and Counsels Young Nannie in the Absence of Davie, pp.39-40.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Prima nocte domum claude, neque in vias 

Sub cantu querulæ despice tibiæ.” – CAR. III., 7. 

O DRY that tear that trickles doun 

For Davie owre the sea; 

The fates ‘ill keep him safe an soun’, 

An’ that for sake o’ thee. 

What pleasure wad it gie the fates 

To vex a hert like thine 

Whas’ only wish on Davie waits, 

Whas’ hopes roun’ Davie twine. 


An’ dinna wrang his faithfu’ hert 

By dootin’ if he’s true; 

Sweet Nannie! far owre fair thou art 

For him to brak’ his voo. 

Sweet Nannie! there’s nae fairer face, 

Nor mair bewitchin’ ee, 

In ony frem’d or foreign place 

For Davie’s een to see! 


To thee he turns, for thee he toils, 

O’ thee lies doun to dream, 

Or wauks the nicht to coont the miles 

Between him an’ his hame. 

O dinna doot that Nannie’s charms 

‘Ill draw him owre the main 

To Nannie’s fond an’ faithful arms 

An’ Devon’s banks again. 


But, Nannie, hearken in your ear – 

It’s kent to ane or twa 

That hielant Donal’ wad draw near 

Noo Davie’s far awa. 

An’ sweetly soonds his pipe, it’s true, 

When gloamin’ gaithers dim – 

‘Faith! Dave has mair to fear fra you 

Than you’ve to fear fra him! 

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