Hughie Thinks Himself now too Old for Love, pp.51-52.

[Horace in Homespun Contents]

Nocturnis ego somniis, 

Fam captan teneom jam volucrem sequor.” – CAR. IV. I. 

O HAUD awa’ thae lowin’ een! 

I canna bide their licht, 

I’m no’ sae young as I hae been, 

Nor near sae strong o’ sicht. 

I’m wearin’ near twa score an’ ten – 

It’s mair becomin’ me 

To think upon my latter en’; 

In pity, lat me be! 


There’s Sandie wad be liker ye, 

A dacent honest lad; 

He’s growin’ like his nowte awee, 

But, hoot! he’s no’ that bad. 

He’s a weel-daein’ chield, an’ douce, 

An’ wants a wife forbye, 

An’ mind he has a snod bit house 

An’ twa-three gude milk kye. 


He’ll busk ye juist as braw, nae doot, 

An’ cheaper than anither – 

He’ll hae a gude wheen claes aboot 

Belangin’ to his mither. 

Then dinna fling awa’ your smiles 

(Ye’d fling whate’er cam’ handy 

At ony o’ ‘s, I’ve noticed, whyles!) 

But keep them a’ for Sandie. 


For me, I howp the comin’ years 

Are calmer than I’ve seen yet; 

Yet why, ah! why will hidden tears 

Unbidden fill my een yet? 

Thee still in dreams by night I view, 

Thee flying o’er the plain, 

Thee, cruel Peggy! I pursue 

O’er rolling seas in vain! 

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